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September 25, 2021

Re-imagine Your Work Desk To Inspire Productivity. Here’s How.

Whether it’s a home office or at your office, each of us has a designated space to work. We may not have control on the structure of the room or office, but we do have control on our work desk or cubicle.

Experts suggest that the way a work desk is organized impacts our engagement and performance at work. To spend time and effort on work desk organization is hence, a good investment of sorts. In this blog, we’ll discuss desk organization, desk decor ideas, home office organization ideas and more.

How do I keep my desk clean and organized?

The way your work desk is organized influences your work and productivity. While some like it cluttered with all the important things around, some like it clean. Clean desks, they say, creates room for clear thoughts.

Follow these work desk organization ideas to keep your desk clean and organized:

  • Keep only the basic requirements on the table - pens, diary, phone, laptop or desktop.
  • Keep all other things hidden in a drawer or cupboard and remove them only when you need to use them.
  • Keep your desk dust free at all times.
  • If you want, you can use some decor ideas for your work desk - a small plant, a lamp, or a photo frame.


Key features:

  • Made of particle board with PU paper lamination.
  • Drawer and shelves for storage.
  • Compact size and 3 colour options.
  • Plastic bushes on the edges touching the floor.

How should I organize my work desk at home?

Looking for home office organization ideas? These will help you. The best place to set up your work desk at home would be in your study/reading room. But not everyone has that luxury and so you can set up your work desk anywhere - bedroom, living room or the guest room.

You can place your work desk right in the middle of the room if you have that kind of space or you could place the table against a wall. You could even place it in front of the window so you can enjoy greenery, natural light and fresh air while working.

You can organize your work desk the way you like it. Add a personal touch to it by placing one or two of your favorite objects. It could be a table clock, a lampshade or your favorite photograph of your pet. All this, along with your work essentials such as your computer, chargers, stationery, files, etc.


Key features:

  • Stainless steel base
  • 1mm thick tube
  • PU foam inside. PVC Outer
  • 12 mm plywood in the back

How do I maximize a small work desk?

Keep your personal things aside, not on the work desk. For eg, your keys, wallet, trinkets, etc should go inside your work desk drawer. Don’t keep them anywhere on the desk.

Digital mess is also clutter. We’re talking about your chargers, desktop wires, CPU, etc. Make sure you keep all these electronics clean and organized neatly. Avoid making it look cluttered.

Wipe and dust your work desk daily. Do a cleansing daily. By that we mean, look at items on your desk everyday and determine if you still need them on your desk or if they should go inside the drawer or the cupboard. For eg., a file of a completed project. Don’t let it loiter on your desk once it’s not needed.

Work on one thing at a time. That way your work table and work space won’t get cluttered with multiple files, different papers, stationery, etc.

One way to keep your work desk clean is to go digital. Imagine having 20 files as opposed to everything organized digitally on your computer.

How do I organize a small work space?

If you know you have less space, it’s best to stick to the basics - a desk, a chair, a storage cabinet and at the most, a plant that adds some personality to your space.

If you do not have a marked space, go for a portable work cube. You can place it around your work desk and create a private space for yourself when you’re at work.

If you have a small cubicle, make sure you keep it decluttered, avoid digital clutter of wires, etc. Keep only the important objects on your desk.

Clean your small work space regularly so that you can maintain it. Otherwise you’ll keep gathering things and it’ll end up looking like a dumpyard in no time.

No matter the size of your workspace, it’s important to make it personal. How? You can add your favorite colors, or decor items such as a lampshade or a green plant. It will make your workspace look fresh, lively, and have an instant effect on your productivity and engagement.


Key features:

  • Table top material: pre-laminated MDF board.
  • Upto 40 Kg load bearing capacity
  • Workube walls laminated with sound absorbent PP Fabric
  • Pre Cut Hole for Cable Management
  • Available in : Full kube & Half kube

So how are you going to organize your work space?

No matter what your work space furniture is - whether it is minimal with a small work desk and an ergonomic chair, or elaborate with a large office desk, storage cabinets and a couple of fancy office chairs - you can keep it organized, clean, and productive. Whatever you do, make sure your work space and work desk look inviting and make you feel happy about working. For work furniture and work from home furniture ideas, look at hundreds of options on Nilkamal.

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