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January 27, 2023

Things to Consider Before Buying the Ideal Mattress for Back Pain

 Finding a suitable mattress may be daunting if you have severe back pain. A mattress is essential in providing comfort and support while sleeping. But, a wrong mattress may create a worse scenario for those suffering back pain. Therefore, you should be very careful while buying a mattress to relieve back pain. Many people ignore the fact that a mattress can impact their back pain. But, instead of changing their mattresses, they keep consuming medicines which results in bad repercussions. If you want a  mattress for back pain  relief, you should consider certain important things so you won’t regret it later. 


Tips To Buy Mattress for Back Pain Relief 


If you get awakened at night after feeling stiffness in your back and want a permanent solution, you should consider the following things while buying a  mattress.


  • Find the Most Suitable Mattress

    If you want the  best mattress for back pain,  you will have to pick one which you find the most comfortable. Firm mattresses are considered to be the best for back pain. Because these mattresses keep your spine in the proper alignment. A blend of firmness and softness can be a more suitable choice when buying a  mattress online.


  • Suitable for Providing Support to Your Spine
  • As you age, your spine starts getting pressure and strain, which leads to severe back pain. In addition, our spine and back lose support while doing heavy work during the day, and it causes pain during sleep. Your mattress impacts you a lot while providing support during your sleep. If your mattress fails to provide enough support to your spine and keeps it in the natural curve, consider changing it. In addition, you should check your  mattress firmness,  so your spine remains in the correct alignment.


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  • Thickness Should Be Proper

    You should check well the thickness and mattress firmness. Because the thickness of a mattress also affects your back pain. If you fail to choose a mattress with the proper thickness, it may worsen your back pain. Those who suffer from back pain should have mattres with a thickness between 6-8 inches. But you should check more than one mattress of different heights to pick one suitable.

  • Check the Durability

    You should check the lifespan of a mattress so that you won’t have to invest in the mattress after every few years. Although some mattresses appear perfect from the outside, it loses their capacity to provide the same amount of comfort. Therefore, you should ensure that the mattress is suitable for many years without losing its capacity to provide support. 

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  • Consider Your Budget

    Try to find a mattress that meets your needs and budget limit. No matter how good a mattress is if it can not meet your budget expectation. But, you should emphasize the quality of the mattress that can meet your requirement of getting relief from back pain. You should maintain quality even if the price of such a mattress is slightly higher than other mattresses. It may be challenging to stick to your budget when you have to decide to keep your back pain at the centre. 


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    Types of Mattresses Available in India


    To find a suitable  mattress for back pain,  you should be aware of different mattresses and their properties. When you are aware of these mattresses, you will be able to make the right choice for you.


  • Coir Mattress

    The  coir mattress  is made of a natural material derived from coconut coir. These mattresses have the option of ventilation due to easy air passage. It is considered the  best mattress for back pain.  However, all people do not prefer this mattress because it is stiff. Although this stiffness is comfortable for someone, it may not be suitable for others. Another benefit of using this mattress is that its comfort remains intact for a longer period as its shape does not change easily. 


  • Orthopaedic Mattress

    An  orthopaedic mattress  is also one of the best mattresses for those suffering from back and joint pain. This mattress allows us to sleep comfortably on its firm surface. The doctor recommends this mattress to those with arthritis, back pain, joint pain, spondylitis, etc. This mattress also allows us to correct our body posture. This mattress is also helpful for those without any medical condition if they want to improve their sleeping posture.


  • Memory Foam Mattress

    The  memory foam mattress  is considered the best  type of mattress in India  due to its comfort. It aligns with the shape of the body by providing a cosy feeling. It reduces the gap between the body and the surface of the mattress by relieving the pressure points. Therefore, a  memory foam mattress  is also considered one of the best choices for those suffering from back pain. The  foam mattress  also helps to keep your spine in the proper alignment.

  • Smart Profile Foam Mattress

    The  Spine Health Technology  in India’s first-ever creation by Nilkamal has included the Smart Profile Foam in mattresses to evenly distribute your body weight and enhance the level of comfort while sleeping. The technology in the foam mattress improves your sleep quality and helps you get rejuvenated, relaxed, and refreshed after each night.


    When you decide to buy a mattress that can relieve back pain, you should check all the properties of the mattress. You should check the properties of more than one type of mattress. Although some mattresses may work best to relieve back pain, they may not suit you. You should check  mattress firmness,  thickness, and other essential details to find one that can fulfil your need. You should examine the mattress well before you  buy mattress online.

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