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November 29, 2021

Decorating your house for the winter? Here are some awesome tips.

Winter’s here. A time to spend more time indoors. And so, your home needs special attention during this season. So let’s jump straight into how you can deck up your home, what kind of furniture and home decor accessories you could get, and other useful tips.

Get comfy, cozy furniture for the living room

Winters are the perfect time to put your feet up on the sofa and sip a hot cup of coffee any time of the day. That brings us to one of the key things - your living room furniture.

If you’re looking to set up your living room for the winter, the first thing you need is a good sofa. You could go for a single seater sofa or a bigger sofa like a sectional sofa.

Sofas made of wood and soft and cushy seats are more comfortable in cold weather. Not only do the seats offer warmth, you can add extra coziness with the help of cushions and throws.


Here’s a sectional sofa perfect to warm up your living room - made of solid wood and fabric upholstery. The sofa includes a three seater sofa and a pouf which can be placed on either side - left or right.

Set up the bedroom for winter

Another place where you’re going to spend a lot of time during the winter season is your bedroom. And the first essential in this room is a good bed and a quality mattress that can keep you comfortable all through the season.

Choose a bed that is the right size for you depending on the number of people who are going to sleep on it. Wooden beds not only feel more cozy, they also look more cozy during the winters. Don’t forget to get a comfortable mattress for your bed.

Complete your winter sleep ensemble by getting comfortable blankets and duvets as well. To give you bedroom a more cozy feel, add some more bedroom furniture such as a nightstand and a dresser.

Other winter home decor essentials

Curtains: Winters are cold, dark, and can get gloomy. One way to get the mood right is by changing your curtains for the winters. Depending on the region you live in and the kind of winter you experience, get dark and thick curtains if you want to keep cold winds at bay. Conversely, get thin and light shade curtains if you want to make your home interiors look brighter.

Rugs: There is never a better time to use rugs than in the winters. You can place rugs in almost all rooms. For example, place a rug in your bedroom next to the bed, or a large run under your dining room table.

Lounge chairs: Winter is a time to cozy up in chairs and sip a hot cuppa. Or sit in the balcony to soak up some sun. That’s why you will need a couple of lounge chairs in your home, which you could have in different rooms.


Check out this cozy lounge chair made of solid wood and fabric upholstery. Place it by the fireside or in your bedroom near the window. You can enjoy the winters like no other on this chair.

Accessories: Think lampshades, candles, warm lights, throws for your sofa, small mats, and all those things that can add warmth to your home in the winters. Make sure all these are a part of your living room furniture and accessories list for the winters.


So now you know the basics that you’d require in your house to make it winter ready. From your living room furniture to dining room table to beds, there’s a lot that needs to be done. Winter’s almost here and you better get started. Head to Nilkamal online furniture store to get your winter furniture delivered to your doorstep.

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