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December 02, 2021

Must-Have Furniture to Get Your Home Winter Ready

Winters are upon us. Temperatures are dropping. Warm clothes are getting out from the trunks. Fireplaces are being set up. But what about the furniture that you need in your home for winters? We discuss all about what furniture is a must in your home this winter.

Living room furniture

In winters, we tend to spend more time indoors. Family members gathering in the living room for soup and chitchat is a common occurrence in all homes. And that’s exactly why you need a good sofa set` in your living room.

A wooden sofa with fabric upholstery over soft cushions is perfect for any living room. If you want something more elaborate, go for a complete sofa set or a sectional sofa. Again, you don’t always have to go for a complete set, you can make your own set of one two seater sofa and two single seaters.

The key to giving your sofa a cozy look and feel is to add in cushions and accessories such as a throw. These are essential to create a warm space for sitting around on cold winter nights.


Here’s a classic sofa that lends itself well to modern living rooms. The fabric upholstery on soft cushioning is perfect for the winter season.

Furniture for get togethers and house parties

Winter is also a time when there are a lot of festivities and holidays. This means parties and get-togethers are a regular affair. And for that, you’d need the right kind of furniture. Here are some essential furniture pieces to make your house party ready.

Lounge chairs: A couple of lounge chairs in your home can come handy when guests arrive. You could keep them in your living area or take them to the garden. Make them more comfortable by adding cushions and throws.

Coffee tables: Parties means a lot of finger food, munchies and drinks and for that, you’d need tables. Make sure you have at least one or two coffee tables in your home. Additionally, you could have small side tables and stools that can be used as tables to lay out snacks.


Here’s a coffee table that can add a lot of charm to your living room in the winter. Made of solid wood, it's dark wood tone makes it a warm addition to the living room.

Dining table: Another key area of your home that will be used a lot during parties is the dining space. So you have to get it ready with a good dining table and dining chairs to go with it. Don’t forget a dining table bench - a quintessential in modern homes.

Outdoor furniture for garden and balcony

Chairs: Winters also make it important and enjoyable to sit out in the sun in the balcony or in the garden. For that, you’ll require some garden chairs. You can choose from plastic chairs, metal or cane chairs. If need be, pull out your lounge chairs into the open.


Check out this one seater made of plastic and made to look like cane. Perfect for the balcony or the garden, get one or two or three to create a cozy winter corner.

Folding chairs: One of the best kinds of chairs for the outdoors is folding chairs. These are chairs that can be easily folded and taken to any place in the house - in the balcony, on the terrace and in the garden.

Tables: Next, if you don’t have them, buy a table that you can use outdoors. You can use the table to lay out hot drinks and snacks, books and board games and enjoy the sun when the weather’s cold. You could get coffee tables or simple plastic tables.

Over to you

Are you ready with all your winter furniture? If not and if you’re looking to buy new furniture, head to Nilkamal online furniture store. You'll find a wide range of living room furniture, sofas, chairs and tables of all designs, shapes, sizes, and budgets.

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