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March 21, 2022

Sliding Door Wardrobes: Why They Are The Best Option For You

Sliding Door Wardrobes are not only the modern storage solution but also look classy due to their unique designs. As their doors slide from one side to the other using a slide rail, the wardrobe can fit in even at the end of the bed as there is no space required to swing open the door outwards. The extra space can be used to increase the storage size of the wardrobe thus making more room to store your belongings. They are also more stable as they do not use hinges to support the door. Hence, if you intend to give a makeover to your bedroom, Sliding Door Wardrobes can be an attractive and stylish option. Let us look at the various designs ranging from 2 doors, 3 doors to 4 doors Sliding wardrobe and choose the best that suits your bedroom.

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6 Distinctive Designs Of Sliding Door Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

Although a Sliding Wardrobe can be the best choice for your bedroom, it will only give the desired look when you buy the right design. Below mentioned is a list of 6 unique and latest designs of Sliding Door Wardrobe that will give you an idea to select the right one as per your taste.

1. Mini Sliding Door Wardrobe For Small Bedrooms

This is suitable if you have a small bedroom, a studio apartment, or a 1 BHK with less carpet area. The mini sliding door wardrobe is customised to occupy the space above the bed headrest area thus saving space. It is covered with a white laminated door that gives a look of a headboard when closed. The colour of the door can be customised as per your taste or the room colour. The inside of the wardrobe is built with a combination of shelves and a section with a hanging rod that can be used to hang T-shirts and shirts. The rail is made of aluminium and is sturdy. The shelves can be used to store bedsheets and other items.

2. Rustic Style Sliding Wardrobe

If you are a lover of wardrobes with a coarse finish, then this is for you. They are usually built with two doors, are sturdy, require less maintenance, and come with more storage to fit in your stuff. They are provided with a section of full-length space with a hanging rod to organize jackets, shirts, and T-shirts. The drawers are built with glass shutters so it is easy to spot what we need. The dim light coming from the LED strip lights fixed all over the inside of the wardrobe is attractive.

3. Contemporary Sliding Door Wardrobe

This brown coloured sliding door wardrobe comes with a glossy laminated finish and is suitable for those who like sophisticated designs. The wardrobe comes with large storage space along with twin drawers having glass shutters, an extended study unit to place your laptop, and a bookshelf. This design will be highly recommendable if you are working from home most of the time and need to have an organized life along with modern taste.

Check out other bedroom furniture to match your sliding wardrobes for stunning bedroom decor.

4. Glass Sliding Door Walk-In Wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe with glass sliding doors will be suitable for spacious bedrooms. This design is loved by people who prefer a fancy look. But in this kind of design, it is required to keep the stuff neat as the doors are transparent. Alternatively, you can go for tinted or coloured glass which will not reveal what is inside the wardrobe but will still look like glass.

5. Sliding Door Wardrobe With A Mirror Pull-Out

If you are looking for a 3-door wardrobe with a built-in mirror, this is the one for you. Apart from saving space by providing multiple drawers, hanging rods, and sections to store stuff, the in-built mirror acts as a dressing unit thus saving space required to have an additional dressing table in your bedroom. The mirrored closet has several shelves to store cosmetics and other style articles, all in one place.

6. Sliding Door Wardrobe In Dual Finish

Dual finish wardrobes come with sliding doors having a combination of laminated and glass finish. The colour of the door can be customised as per your taste, wall colour, and room décor. It is built with several hanging sections, multiple drawers, and shelves with a lot of storage space. If you are looking for more storage space along with a classy look, this is the one for you.

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A wardrobe is the most required furnishing in a bedroom. Now that you are checking to upgrade your wardrobe, considering the latest trend and your storage requirement, you can go for the Sliding Wardrobe. Depending on the colour and design of the other furniture that is already present in the room and the available space, you can make a smart choice. Please visit the Nilkamal website to check for the wide range of designs and types available and choose the one that suits your style, space, and budget.

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