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March 29, 2022

Gudi Padwa Home Décor Ideas 2022

India is a country of festivals, rituals, and celebrations. With lots of beliefs come lots of celebration, and when we talk about celebration, comes along ample colours, lights, & decoration. With years of growing up as an Indian, the one importance of festivals related to colours & decoration is the abundance of positivity & inclusivity that it brings with them in trucks & loads.

So on that note, let's focus our light on one such festival of Gudi Padwa 2022 celebrated in India and the importance of rituals and traditions linked with it and how we can take extra efforts in bringing in that positivity with various home decor ideas for our homes. You can also explore Nilkamal for more home furniture ideas.

Importance of Gudi Padwa:

Gudi Padva is a Marathi festival also known as Samvatsara, marking the beginning of New Year. As per the Hindu calendar, Nav Samvatsara begins from Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra Month, i.e. the first day of Chaitra. It is the traditional New Year for Marathi & Konkani Hindus and the end of the "Rabi" season. It also commemorates the celebration of Ram after his return to Ayodhya from exile of 14 years. During this day, people clean their houses, make Puran poli as their traditional dish to be eaten of this day and wear traditional clothes & jewellery. It falls between late March and early April and is celebrated in the name of Cheti Chand in North and Ugadi in South.

Significant of Rituals

Many observe this day by erecting a Special Gudhi flag consisting of a silk banner with a garland of flowers and leaves and topped with an upturned drinking pot. The Gudhi is displayed on windows, roofs and trees. The Gudhi is said to represent the flag of Brahma, who has created time and the universe. This setup is usually thought of as a symbol of good luck and warding off evil and bringing prosperity. On Gudi Padwa 2022, it is customary to visit friends and family and do some spring cleaning and dress up in new clothes. Maharashtrian often prepare Puran Podi as their meal on this festival & they relish the delicacy with friends & family.

Home décor ideas for Gudi Padwa:

  1. Decorating the Gudi: It is a flag like procession with a silk banner with a garland of flower and an inverted pot on it. It is often hung on windows, terraces or trees. This beautiful structure is a symbol of prosperity & good luck. Decorating the house with such a traditional setup provides a perfect festive feel as well as accomplishing the ritual belief of the gudi padwa festival.
  2. Rangoli: In an India Household, rangoli is a symbol of prosperity and wealth; thus creating a colourful rangoli at the doorsteps or any corner of the house will be a good idea to light up the mood of the function and add an abundance of colours in the festivity.
  3. Decorating with ethnic upholstery- Using ethnic & traditional upholstery is my personal favourite home furniture décor idea suitable for all celebrations. We can decorate the sofas, tables & chairs with traditional fabrics used as wooden furniture covers and add them with ethnic cushion covers.
  4. Decorating with Toran – As gudi padwa festival symbolizes the beginning of New Year, traditional households welcome it with a door hanging or toran made up of mango leaves & flowers. Such traditional decoration truly won the festive mood.
  5. Lightning the corner or space - Use of good warm or bright lighting in the corner of the house or at the entrance, balcony or puja area is also a good idea to bring that pop of brightness to the household.
  6. Colour coordinating & theme-based table setting- Decorating the dining table with theme-based artefacts, flowers, vases & traditional cutlery is also a very good idea for that little extra that you want to put into the festivity.
  7. Use natural flowers instead of artificial ones – Use of natural flowers in corner vases, table vases etc., is always a good option over artificial flower decoration. The fragrance of natural flowers adds to the aroma of good vibes only, thus adding to the festival mood.
  8. Use natural fragrance instead – As the natural flower, so are the use of natural fragrance can be a good option in a traditional household. Also, a fragrance plays an important role to remind us of those older days of our childhood & days of our upbringing, which is always very dear to any individual.
  9. Spring Cleaning – Cleaning the house during the festival time is always a good idea to manage & redecorate spaces and get rid of that extra unwanted stuff lying underutilized for long in some corner of your house. Adding this one point to the home décor idea of cleaning the house, I think, brings you halfway where you want to reach.
  10. Flower planters – In a world full of pollution & cutting trees to add with it, bringing some air purifiers in the name of natural planters is always the best idea when it instantly adds to the décor of the house. Bringing in some natural planters will highlight the corner, purify the air inside the house, and bring greenery. Who does not like a little green inside, though?

Decorating the house, celebrating a festival with all its traditional beliefs and customs & doing that little extra to add to the light in the festivity are some of the many joys that make life beautiful. May we celebrate many more such festivals with the same enthusiasm and positivity because such celebrations are the only means to remove hatred spread long across. Decorate your home on this special occasion with furniture only from Nilkamal!

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