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June 15, 2022

Guide on How to choose perfect wardrobe for Bedroom

Wardrobes are the most frequently used furniture piece in your house, and it is essential to organise all your clothes and accessories properly and showcase your fashion. The wardrobe looks good and provides storage space for all your clothes and accessories. It stores all your accessories like long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, leather belts, shoes, ripped jeans, work pants, shorts, sarees, baby frocks, blazers, etc., that you shop from your preferred stores. Considering its repeated usage and the load it holds, opt for the design of your  bedroom wardrobe  that meets your needs and storage requirements. To buy a  durable and stylish bedroom wardrobe,  visit Nilkamal right now.

Different wardrobe designs

Here is a list of different wardrobe designs that help you to purchase:

  • Hinged door wardrobe: It is the old and  conventional wardrobe  found in most houses. In this type of wardrobe, the shutter or door links to the closet using strong hinges. Its doors can open widely outwards, allowing you to view the full cupboard and help you find things easily. It comes with hooks on the back of the shutters and provides space to hang lightweight accessories like sling bags, ties, belts, scarves, etc. Based on your requirement, you can also fix pockets, racks, hangers, and a pair of drawers inside this wardrobe to accommodate all your accessories separately. You can make it a  bedroom wardrobe  with enough space in your master bedroom.
  • Free-standing wardrobe: It is an ideal option for those who wish to change their interiors or shift their house frequently because of office or school commute. It provides storage space inside and above the wardrobe if the ceiling is high. The  free-standing wardrobes  are available in various colours, finishing, and door types, and it is a good choice to accommodate in less space.
  • Sliding door wardrobe:  Sliding wardrobe  is a modern design found in most recently built houses and flats. It features sliding doors that move from side to side, along with the metal tracks incorporated at the top and bottom of the wardrobe. These doors don’t depend on the hinges to hold them.  Sliding wardrobe  has the benefit of saving room space in front of them and doesn’t hinder anyone from doing their routine work simultaneously. It is suitable for both small and big rooms. The  sliding wardrobe  closes one side of the cabinet and doesn’t allow for a full view of the accessories at once.  
  • Walk-in wardrobe: This type of wardrobe is suitable when you have plenty of space in your bedroom. It provides enough space for keeping all your items, i.e. from shoes to a jewellery collection. It includes flexible shelves and innovative storage spaces wherever you want. You can create enormous spaces and keep all your accessories neatly. It helps to sort and organise your items more efficiently without needing to search for anything. 
  • Customised wardrobe: Customised wardrobes can be made per the space available in your house. It is suitable for compact homes where the area is less. It helps transform oblique walls and corners from waste spaces to work ones. If you are fashionable or require natural lighting in your bedroom, you can fix the dressing mirror for the door of the customised wardrobe as it helps you dress smartly and saves the dressing table space. They can even convert the small corner of the bedroom into a functional area to store all your belongings. It is a perfect choice of wardrobe and does not need compromise in any aspects such as number of shelves, number of doors, wardrobe colour, design, etc. To shop for a trendywardrobe with a mirror, visitNilkamaltoday. 
  • Wardrobes with drawer storage: These  bedroom wardrobes  feature several compartments like drawers, cabinets, etc., to keep all your items properly. It also has locks for drawers to store all your valuable accessories. 
  • Modular wardrobes: They are available in various designs and suits for modern houses. It matches your bedroom interiors and offers an appealing look to the bedroom.
  • White wardrobes: It suits those who wish to give a good look to their bedroom. The  white wardrobes  also enhance the calm and tranquillity of the bedroom interiors.  

Points to be considered before buying different wardrobes

Here we have listed a few key tips to be considered while buying a suitable wardrobe for your house:

  • Size: It is important to purchase a cabinet that easily fits your bedroom. For this, take measurements of the length and width accurately and do accordingly. 
  • Determine your storage space: Consider the type of clothes or accessories you want to organise in your wardrobe. It helps to decide the kind of wardrobe you need for your bedroom. For ex., for keeping sarees, you need more hanging areas, and to store kid’s accessories, you need more drawers than the hanging area.
  • Type of material used and colour: Ensure that you opt for a durable material for the  bedroom wardrobe.  Choose the solid wood material if you want to buy a  wooden wardrobe.  It looks aesthetic if the colour finishing of the closet is based on the décor of your bedrooms, like the cot, side table, and dressing table.
  • Design of the wardrobe: After deciding on the size, colour, and material used, determine what design suits your bedroom interiors, traditional or modern.   
  • Wardrobe prices: Fix your budget before purchasing  bedroom wardrobes.  Don’t compromise on quality and your requirements to fix the budget. Choose generously and value for money wardrobes. 

To explore a wide range of  bedroom wardrobes,  Visit  Nilkamal  any time.


Finding the right  bedroom wardrobe  requires a lot of planning and research. Choose the proper wardrobe that matches your bedroom interiors and satisfies your requirements. It also helps to create the perfect ambience for your daily routine and relaxation. Also, make sure you are shopping for good quality, durable products.  



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