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June 16, 2022

Kids spend most of their time in their beds indulging in fun activities. The bed is one of the most common places for kids where they spend time playing during the day and spend nights dreaming about quirky things. Therefore, the bed for kids should always be as per the requirement of their own needs. Since a kid's room is filled with toys, books, and other belongings, a bed with extra storage capacity gives the room an appealing look. There is a variety of  single-bed  designs for kids. First, you must decide what kind of bed will be perfect for your kids. Then, you can explore beds for kids of different designs from  NIlkamal.  10 single bed design ideas for kids have been mentioned below:

Bed With Box

Kids' beds having a box to store various items is one of the best ideas to purchase. Kids have different types of items that are required to store. A bed with a box help to store a lot of items and save space in the room besides giving an attractive look. Whether the size of the item is small or big, all will fit in such a box. 

Bed With Cushion Headboard

A kid often gets excited and boisterous while playing a game, and he may jump on the bed itself. A cushion headboard attached to the bed will save your kid from getting hurt. Besides giving comfort, a cushioned headboard will also provide protection. Moreover, a headboard with a stylish cushion will make the room more aesthetic. You can even purchase such a bed in a customised design. It is also a preferable single-bed design for kids.

Bed With Drawers

A bed with drawers can also be one of the best kids' room furniture pieces. To keep the belongings used frequently, drawers attached to the bed are the most convenient. Drawers can also save space in the room, providing the storage capacity to keep the stuff. Thus the room will look elegant as these drawers add a beautiful look to the bed. 

Bed Without Storage

If your kid's room has enough storage capacity and doesn't require an extra storage facility, you can prefer a bed without storage capacity. A bed without storage will make it look more spacious as it is open to the floor. In addition, a bed open to the floor provides convenience for cleaning the space under the bed. Therefore this single bed design is preferred by many. If the room is smaller, a bed without storage will help the room look more spacious. You can check a  single bed without storage  that will add an elegant ambience to the room. 

Bed Attached With a Table

Kids often require an extra space near the bed to place belongings, including water bottles, books, toys, etc. A table attached to the bed can be a good idea to make the belongings accessible. If you purchase a bed already attached to a table, you don't need to think about buying a  bedside table  separately. Thus you can save money as both are available at a single price. You will have to spend more price if you purchase them separately.

Ladder With a Bed

Many a time, it is noticed that kids often fall and get hurt when the bed is a little high. A ladder with a bed can be a relief for your kid. With the help of a small ladder, your kid can easily get on top of the bed or get off the bed as well. There will be no scope for falling from the bed while getting into it. A ladder can be an additional kids' room furniture that will be convenient for your kid.

Upholstered Bed

Injuries are common with kids. Due to their boisterous behaviour, they often get themselves in trouble. To avoid injury, a bed covered with upholstery is recommendable. It will also improve the look of the room. Upholstery with an elegant single-bed design can fill the room with an excellent ambience. An upholstered bed will also provide ultimate comfort to your kid while sleeping. Such a bed will relieve you since it protects your kids from injury.

Single Bed With an Additional Bed

A bed with an extra bed underneath it can be a great choice as this type offers you two beds in a single frame. You can use the additional bed when you have a guest. You can keep it underneath the main bed when you don't need that additional bed. This single-bed design idea can be perfect for you if you often have to receive guests having kids. It will save space in the room and provide you with two beds in one space. Due to being flexible in size, you can also shift one of its beds to another room.

Single Bed With Desk

Sometimes, kids prefer to study on the bed itself; a desk with a bed can fulfil your kid's needs. A desk is also useful for keeping belongings like books, school bags, and other essentials. A desk with a bed will also give a unique look to the room. Instead of purchasing a bed attached to a desk directly from the shop, you can go for customisation. Customising will help you to prepare it as per your own choice. But purchasing from the shop directly will compel you to choose only amongst the limited design.

Canopy Designed Bed

Canopy beds are perfect for offering a good night's sleep with warmth and comfort. These beds are available in different amazing designs. It will make your kids feel like they are in dreamland while sleeping. Apart from providing comfort, these beds will also add an attractive look to your kid's room and improve the personality. Canopy beds are recommended for large rooms with high ceilings.


Single beds for kids' rooms are available in different designs. You must make the right choice to fit perfectly into the room. You should do research well before purchasing one. Many single bed design ideas are popular and suitable for any size room. Some of the design ideas mentioned above will help you make the right choice for your kid's room. You can explore single beds for kids of different designs from  Nilkamal.

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