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May 18, 2022

Intelligent Space-Saving Wardrobe Design Ideas

Our wardrobe is an important aspect of our daily lives; it decides what we can wear for every occasion. The first impression is often the last; this goes for the dresses we wear and the wardrobes we arrange. Not everyone has the budget to buy a spacious room, so we try to make the most. We can save a lot of space by managing it efficiently. You can check out wardrobe designs on Nilkamal Furniture.

This article will highlight the importance of saving space in a wardrobe and the ideas as to how you can manage this space efficiently. Hopefully, you will be able to apply some of these ideas to your home. Keep in mind that your interior design choice has a major impact on the overall look of your home.

Modular floor-to-ceiling, with a TV

This is one of the best ways to manage wardrobe space; you can insert a TV in between the wardrobe. This increases the space where you can put other appliances. Wardrobes and TVs go well together; they both belong to the bedroom, it is no surprise if you put the two of them together, and they add more comfort to your life.

After a long hectic schedule, chilling in your bed with snacks and watching TV is something everyone wants and enjoys. The entire unit saves a lot of space in your room by helping in making it less cluttered. Besides, you can use other storage space in the wardrobe to arrange more items without making it look crowded and disorganised.

By the doorway, by the theme

This idea will not only help in saving storage space for you but also will beautify your room. Using the entire space of your room is always a good idea. The basic idea behind the theme is to utilise the space near the door and create a wardrobe. Adding a theme can create wonders for your room. You can decide on any theme according to your choice.

For example, if you decide on the theme for your kid’s room, you can go for a fairy-tales theme, anime theme, or any other exciting theme for your child. This will make them feel good in their rooms, and they will enjoy spending time in their rooms doing all sorts of activities.

A small wardrobe for the study

If you are a single occupant of your room and do not have much stuff to carry, then this is the ideal wardrobe you can go for. These wardrobes not only give a subtle look to your room but also occupy very less space in your room so that you have a place to keep other necessary stuff. These wardrobes are ideal for people living alone in small apartments or rooms. These are less expensive and easily available in wide ranges in markets as well as online shopping websites.

Mirrored wardrobe

This wardrobe will totally change your living experience. You can add reflecting surfaces or mirrors to your wardrobe and trick your room’s perception. This will enhance your room’s experience.

The best part about this wardrobe is that not only does it help in organising your clothes and other important items but can also serve as a dressing mirror for you. Special attention must be given to the size of the mirror. The mirror size shouldn’t be too large or small; otherwise, it can affect the look of your room. A double bed in front of the mirror can give the room a sense of a larger size.

If you want to find out the best wardrobe collection available, feel free to check out the wardrobe collection on Nilkamal Furniture.

Blend it with the room

This wardrobe idea is also perfect for your room. This will not only make your room look beautiful but will also give you a subtle look to your room. This wardrobe is perfectly blended with the other furniture, ceiling, and floor of the room. You can choose the colour of your choice and add mirrors to your wardrobe.

You can colour the wall accordingly and create a wonderful experience for yourself. You can also include a double bed in the room beside the wardrobe to make it look aesthetically pleasing and well-designed.

The transparent almirah

If designed and planned well, these wardrobes can add beauty to your room and provide good storage space for your clothes. The presence of lights and transparent glasses can provide beauty to your room and give a spacious look.

This system of wardrobes provides an elegant look to your room. The wardrobe is painted with light colours that can make your look even more spacious and organised; however, dark colours make the room cluttered and crowded.


To sum up, to buy the best wardrobe, you should conduct thorough research of the upcoming inexpensive and latest wardrobes that suit your room and help organise your things properly. A few points must be kept in mind while purchasing the wardrobe for your room, such as the wardrobe must be spacious, made up of strong material, and budget-friendly.

Wardrobes are available in many new designs and colours to choose them according to the theme of your room. Make sure they don’t use much of your room space and have a good capacity for carrying your articles in an organised way. Make sure to buy wardrobes from Nilkamal Furniture, the best of what the market has to offer.

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