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May 03, 2022

Living Room Ideas for Sofa cum Beds

Whether you are designing the interior for your new home or remodelling and making it look brand new,  sofa cum beds not only help you save space, they are convenient, and there are lots of options to choose from. Whether you want extra seating space in your living room or have guests coming over suddenly to stay the night, sofa cum beds are your saviour. This piece of furniture is now among the must-have furniture designs that every home should have, adding an element of elegance to your home depending on the style you are going for. A multi-purpose furniture option that would help you stay organised. Explore Nilkamal  for their wide range of sofa cum beds. Here is a detailed guide on sofa cum bed ideas best suited for your living room. 

What Is A Sofa Cum Bed?

Sofa cum bed is a versatile furniture piece that is a must-have for any home now, especially for ones that are short on space. During the day, you get to transform it into a relaxing and comfortable sitting area where you could give your friends company, spend time with family, read a book or relax at the end of the day. By night, it will be transformed into a cosy sleeping space. There are so many versatile designs to choose from; some come with storage space, providing you with extra storage that is considered a bonus in a small house.

It is impossible that you have not come across a sofa cum bed until now or have not slept on one; its benefits have been attracting homeowners to transform their space into a noteworthy one. Having a small living room, just having a sofa is not enough because you will not be able to accommodate guests at night. With a sofa cum bed, making a sound decision is not that difficult anymore, and with so many options, you will surely find something that fits your budget. 

Millennials are now always on the lookout for minimal furniture designs and are attracted to the concept of 'more for less', and sofa cum beds fit that notion perfectly.

The Major Benefits Behind Going For Sofa Cum Beds

  • Saves You Space: This is one of the biggest benefits of going for sofa cum beds. You can use them both as a sofa and bed; therefore, you do not have to invest in a sofa or  lounge chair  separately for your living room, helping you save space and making it organised and convenient for you.  
  • It Can Be Moved Easily: People love furniture that can be easily moved or which could be easily organised. Sofa cum beds come with storage space, helping you keep everything organised and increasing the aesthetic look of your home. People in small houses should always be on the lookout for multi-purpose furniture as they offer both storages alongside aesthetic value.  
  • It Is Evergreen: The main purpose behind going for multi-purpose furniture designs would be the storage facility. People invest in multi-purpose furniture because of its design as well as durability. Also, when made using the right quality material, they would add elegance to your home and make it look more opulent. 
  • You Can Easily Host Gatherings: Often, hosting a party in a  small space  can turn out disastrous. There is not enough seating space, and that would be the last thing you would want your guests to face. Whether you have an uninvited guest coming over who will be staying overnight or want to host a party in your small space, a sofa cum bed is the best option. Even inside a small home, your space will not look cramped or overcrowded. Check out  Nilkamal  for their variety of kid's furniture and bedroom furniture options.  

The Different Living Room Sofa Cum Bed Ideas You Can Go For

  • Modular Sleeper Sofas: In a small house with limited space, a modular sleeping sofa is a bonus as it could be rearranged in so many different ways. A sofa bed is a perfect option if you want a minimalistic and chic look. If you can be a bit flexible, you could also team up modular stools and one-seaters, which could then be arranged into a bed depending on need.  
  • Fold Out Sofa Beds: This is another popular  sofa cum bed furniture  design that is the closest to any conventional bed design. This sofa cum bed comes with a pop-up mattress covered in a thick fabric that is held by springs. You could go for innerspring or other mattress variants. However, this requires a bit more space and should only be considered after taking exact measurements.  
  • Futons: This is a trendy option that is streamlined as well as lightweight. You could easily turn them into full-fledged beds by bending the joints between the seat and the backrest, forming a completely flat bed within minutes, perfect if you do not have a spare bedroom and have guests coming over. 
  • Contemporary Daybeds: A daybed is the perfect amalgamation of sofa and bed; however, for this one, you do not have to go through the process of transforming a couch into a bed at night every day. It comes with a surface large enough where you could sit or sleep, and having this in a living room is a convenient option. However, know it could eat up a bit of your floor space. 
  • Divans: The most common sofa cum bed type is perfect as a seating and sleeping option. They are versatile, and you could choose from different sizes, colours, and materials. An ideal place for having long conversations as well as long naps.
  • Pull-Out Pop-Ups: In this kind of arrangement, there is a rolling bed stowed at the bottom of the sofa, making the sofa two-layered. You would require a bit more floor space to accommodate this; however, this is a really fitting option. 

Wrapping up, these are some of the sofa cum bed ideas you could use for your living room. Do not forget to explore  Nilkamal  and go through their extensive sofa cum bed,  recliner sofa  designs and other furniture options. 


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