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November 23, 2022

How to Choose an Ideal Dining Table Set for Dining Room Space? 

However large a home and whatever furnishings it possesses, a home without a proper  dining table set  is incomplete. An attractive dining set can be very welcoming and lead to some of the best times over food. Family times spent over dining are memorable, not just about sharing food but the stories of the day. Thus  dining table set,  we choose ought to have a pleasing design and be durable too. 

Types of Dining Tables

Traditional table sets

A traditional concept can never go wrong with the artistic designs and flawless curvatures provided on a  wooden dining table.  Whichever wooden type you choose in the sets, it should match the surrounding furniture too. Venetian designs, mid-century designs, colonial concepts, etc., may be selected in the traditional  dining sets These sets are known for their sleek curves and shiny, smooth surfaces. Different bases are available in the sets with artistic curves and even glass layered tops atop the wood. Choose a   4 seater,  6 seater dining table or an 8 seater table based on the available space.

Metallic dining sets

If you want a dining set with the least amount of maintenance, then opt for the metallic varieties. They are least affected by the weather and seldom need upkeep. They may be used for generations without being affected by seasonal changes, whether hot or cold. There are cool designs available in the  dining  room sets  that offer a modern look to the dining area. Also, the  space saving dining table  sets are available in the most petite sizes that can fit into any small area. No pollutants, dust, or humidity can wear out these dining tables,  making them the most durable varieties you can opt for. 

Glass dining table

Some of the best dining tables that you can choose from are glass dining table since they are the most stylish variety available. The tables exude sophistication like no other with their open and clear surfaces. The clear surface is easy to clean and take care of and can be turned into a crystal clear tabletop. It also suits any background and goes great with some hanging wall art. A tempered glass surface is more durable than normal types of glass. Elegance and modern concepts are best offered in glass dining sets for your home. Also, if you want to add more light to the dining area, then the glass is the dining set to go for. 

  • Marble dining set

A marble surface promotes a different kind of elegance and can bring about an exquisite look to any surroundings. It can give a modern look with levelled, sleek surfaces or a conventional look with curved artistic corners. Since marble is easily moulded into any shape, the table can be given any furnished look. The white surface also adds to the beauty of the dining room all year round. 

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  • Laminated dining tables

The laminated surfaces of these tables give accentuated look to the dining area. Super shiny concepts are available in these tables that have many layers too. If and when the table surfaces get a scratched or worn-out appearance, a fresh laminate can be added for a renewed look once again. You may choose a different design in the laminates every time to give a different look to the table. The bases of the tables are typically made of stainless steel and are thus strong and durable. The chairs are also made of stainless steel in a matching concept. 

  • Farmhouse rustic designs.

If you live in a cottage in the countryside or a cabin in the woods, then a rustic-style woodendining table is what you need to install within the dining area. This gives an all-natural look that is complete with a rustic background. Thedining chairs are also made of wood and can be made plush with some cushions on the bases. Adding a  dining bench  will help accommodate more people on the table and give a homely look to the area. 

  • Modern dining set

Typically made of a super glossy colour concept with a mixture of metallic touches, the dining set is splendid to behold. Materials like plastic and fabric upholstery can be added to the chairs for comfort. Bold colours with shiny edges are a variety that is suitable for a contemporary-styled home. Couple the  space saving dining table  with a chic chandelier above to complete the contemporary setting. 

  • Tile concept dining sets

These sets are typically  wooden dining table  varieties that have been layered with tiles on the upper surface for an artistic appearance. The tiles lend a superior feel to the table surface that matches well with the conventional setting. Matching cutlery made of porcelain with fine designs can give a refined look to an otherwise sombre dining space. 

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  • Pedestal set dining sets

If you want a vintage look to the dining area of your home, then a pedestal base dining set s what you need. Not only does it give a heightened look, but it adds a spark to the dining room. Especially if made with a glass table top, the open concept brings more light to the surrounding. The strong pedestals are strong enough to hold any weight, whether glass or metal.


Whether you choose modern  dining room sets  or vintage style sets, selecting the desired variety also depends upon the setting available in the dining room. A tiled dining table may not suit a rustic dining room, and a glass dining table may not be the best type to be placed in a traditional home. Adding suitable furnishings to the dining room, like wall paintings, a rug below or a matching chandelier above can liven up the place. The capacity of the dining tables may be selected, like a  6 seater dining table  or a ten-seater dining set, depending on the dining area. Check out the various  dining table  varieties available atNilkamal Furniture and bring about a change in the dining room of your home.
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