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April 23, 2022

Unleashing your Wardrobe Style: Hinged vs Sliding 

Saw that perfect  sliding door online and was confused if it would suit your needs?. Don't worry; we have everything in store for you. Furniture plays an essential role in intensifying the interiors of a house. People like furniture pieces that are elegant, basic and provide the best functional value for their money, like a stunning  dresser table or  bedside table. Contemporary closet furniture, like a  queen size bed, forms an integral part of the bedroom area for storage utility and beautification purposes.

A perfect wardrobe design meets all of your demands and requirements. It aesthetically complements the layout and theme of your bedroom and represents your personality and style.

A modern wardrobe is no longer just a piece of bedroom furniture that serves a purpose. We know that it is to keep your personal belongings and accessories neat and organized, but this personal space has gone a long way from an aesthetic standpoint. This blog will discuss the two contemporary wardrobe furniture styles that are now immensely popular. But first, check out our huge range of  wardrobes to get a brief idea of the various types of wardrobes currently running in the market. 

What must you keep in mind when you head next to buy the ideal  3 door wardrobe?

Factors Determining the Choice of the Right Wardrobe Design 

The following factors determine your selection for the ideal wardrobe:

  • Your Budget
  • The layout of the bedroom and the total amount of space available
  • Wardrobe style (wardrobe with mirror, wardrobe with study,  3 door wardrobe, etc.)
  • Wardrobe Material (Solid wood, veneer, transparent glass, laminate, particleboard, and plywood) you want to use
  • What type of door opener do you want to have? (hinge door, no door, shutter door, folding door, sliding door)
  • The number of objects you want to store and the sort of goods you want to store in yourSliding Wardrobe Online. 

Now let's move to the two most happening designs currently dominating the market. They are namely - Sliding and Hinged Wardrobes.

Sliding Wardrobe

This is the most modern wardrobe design preferred by the majority of modern elites. It has sliding doors that move from side to side along metal tracks attached to the top and bottom of the wardrobe and are not held in place by hinges. Because their doors sway horizontally, they provide the greatest benefit in terms of space savings by not taking up the space in front of them. It may also serve huge rooms that require a magnificent wardrobe due to its sleek design. Apart from that, this type of wardrobe does not obstruct the room's view. As a result, this wardrobe design is ideal for compact and cramped places. You can have a look atsliding wardrobes by  clicking here. 

Hinged Wardrobe

The most prevalent wardrobe type, often known as Swing Door Wardrobes, is the one in which the shutter is hinged to the closet carcass. Hinged or swing doors are a traditional option that may be built to fit any plan – L-shaped, triangular, or pentagonal. These find of wardrobes are ideal for any kind of bare shell space, pre-painted and pre-floored spaces. It is particularly suitable for large and small width spaces.

When compared to sliding wardrobes, hinged wardrobes are simple to build, move around, and are also less expensive. Hinged wardrobes also fit into an L-shaped corner or asymmetrical spaces with ease. These wardrobes may appear modest, but they require more clearing room to open and close. To get a basic idea of what a hinged wardrobe looks like and how much space it can create, view our exuberant range of  hinged wardrobes. 

Key Comparision Between Hinged and Sliding Wardrobes 

Comparison Basis

Hinged Wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes


Less Expensive

More Expensive

Space Optimisation

Needs more space

Ideal Choice for Compact spaces


Lasts Longer

Requires Maintenance and Care for slider doors


Designed in such a manner that all items in the wardrobe can be viewed at once.

Designed in such a manner that one section of the wardrobe shall be visible at once.


In a nutshell, each type of wardrobe has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You must consider all of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of wardrobes before choosing and selecting one. It is also crucial to evaluate the wardrobe's aesthetics with the overall decor and style of the room. The wardrobe set you choose should not look out of place in your room.  

Steps after Choosing the Right Wardrobe Style

After you have made an ideal choice of your dream  3 door wardrobe, the subsequent steps to perfect its look are mentioned below: 

  1. Right after the design, you may choose the wardrobe's material. For standard wardrobes, you can choose from MDF, plywood, or wood. You can choose glass doors for sliding door wardrobes.
  2. After deciding on the base material, you can choose from UV, acrylic, laminate, and lacquer as finishing options.
  3. After you've decided on the key details, you may move on to the finer points, such as selecting wardrobe accessories. Pull -down drawers, multifunctional pull-out drawers, shoe racks, trouser/shirt holders, pull-out hangers are the various accessories you may consider to complete your wardrobe's functionality.           

Conclusion- OVER TO YOU 

Are you looking for modern wardrobe designs that are of the highest quality for your bedroom?  Nilkamal Online Store offers you a wide variety of wardrobe designs and  mattresses suiting your style and needs. Of course, elegance and practicality run hand in hand, and we have incorporated the same in all our designs. Choose the one that fits your needs as well as compliments your style. Select from our wide range of durable and budget-friendly collections. So, What are you waiting for?  Shop now!

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