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May 27, 2022

How to Choose the Best Plastic Chair for Your Outdoor Home Space

Come home after a long tiring day and get some fresh air while unwinding in your outdoor space. Amid the hustle-bustle of city life, the outdoor space at home is very close to each one of us. The furniture you choose should be special for an area close to your heart. Choosing the right kind of furniture for the outdoors is vital. With so many alternatives in the market, knowing what is best becomes important.  Nilkamal  has your back when it comes to quality. With top-quality material and stylish designs, you can  explore now  and choose from a wide range of  plastic chairs  from the brand’s website.  

Let’s Brush Up on the Basics First

The first step is to estimate the amount of space. According to the area available, you can  check out  suitable chairs. You can choose the colour of your chairs according to your surroundings and preference.Plastic chairs  make great  outdoor chairs, and you will get a wide range at Nilkamal. Let us get started with the attractive options. 

Why Plastic Chairs?

Plastic chairs, also called monoblock chairs, are lightweight and convenient and offer a modern and stylish seating arrangement at a very affordable price. These chairs have always been in demand among the masses. The chairs are durable and stay good for a pretty long time. You don’t have to bother about taking care of them as they are very low maintenance compared to wooden chairs that may develop cracks and require refinishing. Many plastic pieces of furniture are made from recycled plastic, and when you are done using them, they can be recycled again. It means that when you buy plastic furniture, it contributes little to your carbon footprint, and it also reduces the number of trees felled for wooden furniture. Unlike wood or metal,Plastic requires no painting and is rust-free. These outdoor chairs are the best water-proof chairs ideal for your yard or patio. 

Superb Plastic Chairs

Display your style with modern and contemporary designs of chairs from  Nilkamal. You can  check out  a wide range of  plastic chairs  that the brand offers. Starting from the basic seaters to trendy designs, you will be happy to find a huge variety on the website. You can never go wrong with the simple yet classic designed  plastic chairs  that are comfortable to sit in. There are both armed chairs for that extra comfort and un-armed chairs. You can pick the one according to your convenience. These chairs are extremely lightweight and can be moved around. Made with high-quality plastic, they stay good for a long time and are super easy to maintain. The slightly curved backrests of these chairs give you comfortable support to rest. You can add a pop of colours to your space and perk up your mood with stylish and colourful chairs in vibrant tones like lime green, bright red, pink, violet, etc. 

You can choose different shades like the classic earthy browns, beiges, tans, and dark colours like black, bright reds or vibrant hues. There’s a wide variety of patterns and styles. You can even choose  chairs that have rattan like weaving, patterned designs, orperforated styles 

that give an elegant look. There are  net structured backrests,  vertical slits, and  horizontal slits. You can go for  full plastic body chairs

 or choose chairs with a  plastic body and stainless steel legs . You can also add some cute kids’ chairs in vibrant colours to your outdoor space and enjoy the best time with your little ones. 

Commendable Plastic Sofas

If you have a slightly bigger space, a terrace garden or a patio, these  sofas  are great outdoor furniture to amp up your outdoor space. Sporting a stylish yet contemporary design, these seaters flaunt a sophisticated weaving style of rattan furniture in a versatile brown shade. The brand makes sure that the material is extremely durable and sturdy enough to withstand outdoor weather. You can opt for a single-seater, double seater, or a 3 seater arrangement according to your requirement and space.  

Useful Stools

Superlight and convenient, these handy stools are a great option to stack up in a corner. You can use them whenever you need some extra seats. They are durable and support heavyweight made up of high-quality plastic. They are available in different patterns and styles like the usual four-legged ones or attractive woven designs. You can pick them in  standard beiges and browns. You can add a pop of colour to your space with  vibrant floral patterns too.

Complete the Arrangement with a Stylish Coffee Table

Your  plastic chairs will be incomplete without a coffee table accompanying the seating arrangement.  Nilkamal offers a wide range of tea tables in gorgeous designs. You can choose to go for the high-quality  plastic tables  if you want to keep them outdoor. These simple yet extremely convenient tables are lightweight and can be moved easily. You can also find  plastic coffee tables  with a classy glass top.  


We hope this blog will help you choose the correct  outdoor chairs and tables you need to create a beautiful outdoor space where you can de-stress with utmost comfort. You can browse through the whole range on the website and  buy theoutdoor chairs  you like the best. You can place your order on the website and get them delivered to your doorstep without any hassles. 

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