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May 27, 2022

Fun Ways To Set Up Your Kid's Study in the Bedroom

A kid's study room is one of those places where they explore the whole world. Learning is an integral part of every child's life. All parents want to give their children a perfect space for learning. Through the furniture offered by Nilkamal Furniture, you can do just that! However, most kids do not want to sit at a table and study.

While you cannot magically change that, you can provide them with a fun space to study by buying a cool computer table online. Thus, a study room can change a lot. Below we have made a list of fun ways to integrate a kid's study room into the bedroom. So, you can both save space and make learning fun!

Be bold

Your child's study space can be a learning experience in itself for them. Thus, making bold and unique choices for your kid's study space can help in enlightening curiosity and creativity with them. Moreover, as your child grows, it is recommended that you start giving them the autonomy to choose pieces for themselves.

This may sound like a bold decision, but a child is more likely to study in a space chosen by them than by their parents. So, don't be afraid to go bold when integrating your kid's study space in the bedroom. Also, don't shy away from the interactive decor that can boost your child's creative skills.

Include digital natives

Yes, most parents want to keep their kids away from digital smartphones, laptops, etc. However, that is not entirely possible since digital devices are a crucial part of everyone's life. Today's date demands a kid to know the basics of technology. Moreover, since it is getting more and more integrated into the curriculum. So, make sure that the study space includes digital natives that you can place near the single bed.

Since you are integrating the space in the bedroom, remember to opt for wire organizers and other equipment that will help in keeping the space clean. Don't worry! You can still keep a watch over your kid's online time.

Keep it cool

The study space of your kid should radiate a cool and calm vibe. If it looks too overwhelming, it will make your kid not want to go there at all. A cool space is easily one that is properly organized and clean. So, while integrating your kid's study space in the bedroom, make sure the room does not look too cluttered up.

You can place the study table opposite a single bed. Along with that, you can add storage to the top of the study desk. This will help in balancing the overall look of the room. Also, remember to go for a calm colour for the desk. Moreover, make sure that they match your room.

Set a space for you

The thing is, you need to watch over your kids and help them with their studies. However, adjusting a space for you in a study space and bedroom combo sounds impossible. Well, you don't need to worry because several designs can smartly adjust a study space for your child and one for you in a bedroom.

One of the options that you can consider is going for a horizontal connected slab table with an adjustable chair for both you and your kid. Explore such chairs at Nilkamal Furniture! This will help in both minimizing the space and adjusting a place for you as well. So, all you need to do is design smartly.

Add the greens

An effortless way to elevate any space is to add greens, by which we mean plants. Moreover, bonding with nature should be an essential part of your kids' growing-up years. By placing small indoor plants, you can transform any space that looks dull. Moreover, adding plants is the best option to decorate a small space.

Adding plants to your kid's study space also has a learning advantage. You can teach your kids about how they can take care of their plants. It will help them in learning some sense of responsibility. Also, it will help them build a connection with nature.

Add style to the small

You may not have a lot of space to work with, but that does not mean you need to sacrifice style. If you still think you cannot decorate small spaces well enough, you carry a big misconception. There are a lot of ways in which you can add more style to even the smallest spaces:

  • Add different colours from the same palette to create better contrast and appearance.
  • Don't go overboard with items. Keep minimal items on the desk to avoid mess.
  • Go for innovative designs that concentrate storage spaces in smaller spaces.
  • Consider different designs for the desk and the adjustable chair before you settle for one.

Keep it calm and efficient

With the competition of today, studying is a stressful task for all of us. Kids feel this pressure whenever they sit down to study. Thus, it is crucial to integrate the spaces in a calm and efficient way. One thing that you need to make sure of is that the study space should be away from the bed. To add an element of calm, you can experiment with different types of wallpapers and more.


That was all! Now you know how you can integrate your kid's study space in the bedroom in a fun yet effective manner. Remember to include your kid in the process, so they can design a space where they would like to be. If you are looking for furniture items like a computer table online, check out Nilkamal Furniture, as they have a specialized collection for the same.

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