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February 24, 2023

Is Coconut Coir Mattress Perfect For Back Pain? 

A mattress is a vital part of your lifestyle. Good mattresses provide a relaxing, soothing sleep, so you wake up fresh and energised the following day. Firm mattresses are considered best for people suffering from back and joint pain. A  coconut coir mattress  is one of the famous firm mattresses. Being made up of naturally sourced raw materials, coir mattresses are environment-friendly. It is made of coconut husk, threaded and converted into coconut fibre. The material is highly durable and doesn't lose its shape under weight. Its ability to stay firm is helpful for people with back pain. No doubt  coconut coir mattress  has many qualities, but it has its downside too. Read along to determine whether a  coir mattress for back pain  is good. 

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Why Is a Coconut Coir Mattress Good for Back Pain?

The hard surface doesn't sag and keeps the body straight, resulting in back pain relief. The continuous use of firm mattresses has long-term health benefits. Let's check out the following reasons to  buy coir mattress.

Keep Spine Straight

The backbone is the main support system of the body, and it provides the structure that holds the complete body and helps in body moments. A slight injury or pain to the spine can make normal moments difficult. In most cases, it is observed that sleeping on hard surfaces or  mattresses  that are compression resistant helps the person. Even these mattresses help in the recovery of people who have gone through surgeries. The  coir mattress  is made of husk, a durable and stiff material. With little to no softness, it provides a strong base for the backbone. Sleeping straight on it helps with back pain. 

Even Weight Distribution

When the mattress doesn't evenly distribute the sleeper's weight, the person wakes up with a stiff back or neck in the morning. The mattress you choose to sleep on mustn't dip down and form curves under the body. The night spent on an uneven surface will ruin the sleep and the next day. Under the  coir mattress,  you will find firm and  medium-firm mattresses.  No matter the person's weight, a  coir mattress for back pain  evenly distributes the weight so that when you sleep, the body gets proper support and peaceful sleep. 

Posture Correction

Working hours adversely impact body posture; your backbone bends, and the shoulder stoops. The same routine slowly, with time, alters our natural body structure and disturbs spine alignment and posture. A soft mattress might feel comfy but will not keep the body straight and doesn't help posture correction. At the same time, a coir mattress will stay stiff and will not bend as per the bone structure. The coir mattress will not take the form of the body, and lying straight on it will help correct posture and spine alignment. 

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Sleeping in one posture might suffocate the body; the body will sweat a lot, and your beautiful bliss will slumber and become irritating. But this might be different with a coir mattress. The coir is a natural fibre made into a thick layer of coconut husk mesh. They are dense but provide sufficient space for airflow and circulation. Even in hot climates, coir mattresses stay cool. So even if you sleep in one posture due to back pain, you won't feel hot and sweat on it. 

Eco-Friendly and Budget Option

The coconut husk used in the coir mattress is 100% natural, and it is a sustainable option. Being natural, it is hypoallergenic, and thus it is less likely to cause allergy. It provides support to the back without burning a hole in the pocket. You can check out the  coir mattress price  on Nilkamal Furniture. 

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Why should you avoid coconut coir mattresses?

The grass is not always green. Coir mattress has many benefits in general and for people with back support. But there are downsides, too, that might makes the coconut coir mattress an unfit mattress option for you. Let's look at the reasons to avoid buying it. 

Difficult to clean

After a considerable time, the coir accumulates dust and dirt and is a natural material; it is tough to clean. You cant use water or any liquid to clean the mattress, and a strong vacuum cleaner might pull out some fine dust and husk particles. 

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Heavy to handle

There are lots of options available in the market that are lightweight and can easily be carried from one place to another. At the same time, coir mattresses are bulky and heavy, which makes them difficult to shift or move. If they are handled carefully, the coir layer might stay intact and complete the helpful mattress. 


More painful than support when it losses shape

Over time, the mattress sink due to the weight of the sleeper and loses its original shape. Other mattresses take the shape of the body structure. But the coir mattress unevenly sinks, which creates moulds and lumps on the surface. Instead of supporting the back, the hard surface turns into painful curvy land. The resistance to compression is initially advantageous, but it might lead to more disturbed sleep as soon as it loses its form. 

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A coir mattress is a natural pocket-friendly option for people with back pain. But it is essential to remember that it will support you till it is in good shape. There are hybrid options available in the market. These hybrid mattresses combine coir, memory foam and latex, which are more durable and provide the proper support to the back. You can check out  Nilkamal Furniture  for the  coir mattress online  and its hybrid forms. 

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