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February 24, 2023

Reasons to Invest in the Best Suitable Mattress for Spine Health

It is known that we spend about one-third of our lives either sleeping or attempting to sleep. The essential part of each day is the need to pause and recharge yourself. The  mattress  on which you let your body rest plays a vital role in determining the energy level you experience after you wake up. Studies have shown that sound sleep improves attention, behaviour, memory, and overall physical and mental well-being. 

Spine health is one of the most critical aspects which has been ignored. Spine-health mattresses are specially engineered to improve spinal alignment and posture. Nilkamal furniture has launched the  best mattress for spine health.  There are various types of mattresses available to meet the needs of different people; let us look at a few of them

Amazing Spinal Health Mattresses

Below are some efficient  spinal health mattress:

Nilkamal Accube 6-inch Smart Profile Foam Mattress

The advanced five-zone cube grid technology in  Nilkamal Accube  contributes to comfortable sleeping. The  spine health mattress  provides optimal posture alignment and muscle relaxation, which aids in efficient blood circulation. The combination of high resilience and elasticity gives it perfect bounce, which is essential for the user experience.  

Various issues are faced by sleepers like uncomfortable sleep, body soreness, backache, muscular pain and other general complaints that are all related to wrong posture alignment and poor blood circulation. The five-zone cube grid technology has aimed to address these interrelated issues.

 The  Nilkamal Accube  Mattress is a reversible  mattress  that either side can be used. The foam-based Smart Profiling System on both sides improves the life of the mattress, making it more durable. So now you will have two fresh, usable sides of this new reversible mattress.

Further, the fabric of the mattress is infused with natural Aloe Vera. It is very beneficial for people facing allergies to synthetic material or other chemically treated fabrics. It makes the mattress skin friendly as Aloe Vera is known for removing dead skin cells, rejuvenating skin cells, and providing healing comfort to the skin.

The Aloe Vera treated fabric intends to protect the freshness and elasticity of the skin.

Nilkamal Ultrabliss 8-inch Smart Profile Foam Mattress

Nilkamal Ultrabliss  is categorised as a Medium Firm mattress; it is firmer than the Nilkamal Accube. The mattress layers are made up of a combination of Pro Ecological Hybrid Ortho Foam, Ultra Soft Spring foam and High-density HR foam, providing even distribution of body pressure and correct posture alignment, making it the  best mattress for back pain.  The specially shaped anatomical zones ensure proper posture alignment and optimal support to the body.

The perfect balance of support and comfort creates an overall relaxing experience. The mattress's top layer is made of Visco Elastic polyurethane foam that relieves pressure points and promotes more restful sleep. The bottom layer has an Ultra soft foam quilt providing firmer support so you can use both sides of the mattress. This 8-inch reversible mattress provides dual comfort. The top is smooth, and the bottom side is medium soft; you can choose the desired level of comfort and support with the  Nilkamal Ultrabliss mattress. 

Another feature that promotes comfortable, blissful sleep is the advanced thermo-regulating fabric. The mattress has smart temp technology that regulates the temperature, so you do not sleep hot. It is capable of adaptive cooling; it activates when it comes in contact with a high body temperature and deactivates once the cooling is complete. Smart Temperature Fabric keeps the body cool and comfortable, allowing you to fall asleep naturally.

Nilkamal Rejuve 5-inch Smart Profile Foam Mattress

As the name suggests,  Nilkamal Rejuve  aims at replenishing your lost energy. This Medium-Soft Premium Mattress is designed with three-zone smart profile ortho foam, which allows excellent airflow and body temperature regulation, providing needed support for those relaxing, uninterrupted sleep.

This mattress has Single Convulated stripe design that keeps the perfect balance between softness and firmness, making it child-friendly and an ideal choice for consumers who like their bed medium-soft.

Advanced Anti-Static And Anti-Stress properties of the mattress fabric absorb static electricity and tension from our bodies aiding in relieving stress and exhaustion. This innovative fabric can keep you energised in the morning. Further, it keeps the mattress dust free, and the anti-static feature is long-lasting; it stays intact long the lifespan of the mattress.  

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Nilkamal Aeroluxe 6-inch Smart Profile Foam Mattress

Nilkamal Aeroluxe  is the most suitable mattress for those who are facing frequent backaches or other spinal issues. High-density 4-zone profile supportive foam provides optimal spine alignment and relieves pain.

4 Zone profiles are made from high resilience convoluted active foam that ensures even weight distribution and pressure release. A layer of Floating foam is used on top, distributing body weight equally throughout the mattress. The mattress design effectively implements temperature management; the air circulates easily and eliminates trapped heat keeping the mattress cool. 

Further, Nilkamal Aeroluxe has Anti-microbial fabric that protects the mattress and improves durability. Here is an opportunity to free yourself of proliferating microbes, fungi, odours, discolouration, and stains. So you enjoy a mattress that is fresh and clean. 

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Different people have different spine issues; a perfect combination of softness and firmness creates a whole new experience. A mattress that provides the right support and comfort to the user is essential for spine health. Nilkamal UltraBliss could be better for some, and Nilkamal Aeroluxe might be the best suitable option for others. The  best mattress for spinal health  is unique to everyone. Various factors, such as sleeping position, the weight of the user, and other preferences, including climatic conditions, also impact the decision to pick a mattress. So before choosing your  best mattress for back pain,  try the different mattresses and select the one which provides the most comfort and support. At  Nilkamal Furniture  are designed on Spine-health technology to deliver perfect spine alignment.
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