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March 01, 2022

King-Size Beds: Why They Are The Best For You

Sleep is important to maintain overall health and well-being, and a comfortable bed is crucial to sleep well. A comfortable bed should give the body enough support and comfort by keeping the natural alignment and posture of one’s body in place. There are different types of beds available, from king and queen size beds to single beds, kids size and bunker beds. Let’s look at what makes  king size beds the best to choose from.

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King Size Bed Dimensions

The most commonly used beds are King and Queen size beds as they provide enough space to accommodate two people easily. A king size bed would be a better option than a queen-size, especially if you have kids or pets or prefer having more space to help you sleep well. Generally, king size bed dimensions are about 80 inches x 76 inches but can be bigger. They are wider, taller, offer more personal space and are ideal for master bedrooms. If you have a bedroom measuring 10 x 14 ft or more, it can easily accommodate a king size bed, and you can enjoy maximum space and comfort.

4 Features Of The Best King Size Bed For Your Room

Although a king size bed can be the best option for you, it will only give the desired benefits when you buy the perfect one. So, these four features will help persuade you when you go to buy your next king size bed:

1. A structure perfectly suited to your room

When looking for a suitable bed, it is better to measure the floor length of your room before you buy one to make sure it fits in your room and to make sure there is enough free space around. In this regard, one crucial aspect to think about is the other furniture and décor in your bedroom. Anyone would prefer to have everything in their room to look equally proportionate. With a king size bed, the structure is suited to a bigger room, so you will have to balance out the other furniture to make the room look aesthetically pleasing.

2. Incredible variety of bed frames and material

One of the major aspects of choosing a  king size bed, or any bed for that matter, is the frame and material. There is a wide variety you can choose from, such as solid wood, engineered wood like plywood and MDF and metal frame beds. Solid wood furniture is known to last longer but is also prone to termites and other wear and tear. However, if the wood is processed, it can prevent pest problems to a certain extent. Some solid woods are teak wood, mango wood,shisham wood and several others. Solid wood furniture can be enhanced by carving out, engraving and polishing the wood. On the contrary, engineered wood is affordable and can be long-lasting, and is better suited for humid weather conditions as it is combined with high-quality plywood.


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3. Extra storage space

Nowadays, most beds come with storage. The storage is usually part of the design of the overall frame and is in the form of under-bed wide drawers or a headboard or box storage. Especially ideal for smaller bedrooms, some king size beds come with drawer options that are easy to pull out and give your bedroom a de-cluttered look. Box storage is also a convenient option and is helpful to store off-season clothes, blankets and bedsheets and even books. King size beds also come with Headboard storage or cabinets built into the bed frame. The Headboard storage can give your bedroom a more modern look without having a full bed frame. Hydraulic storage beds are also popular and can be a style statement. Thus, a king size bed with storage can be highly convenient as its flat surface provides adequate support to the mattress and is deep enough to store many things, making it a space-efficient choice.


4. Ideal for any design of bed frame or headboard you want

King size beds can also be made according to your liking. Instead of a plain bed frame, there are several options you can choose from to have a more designer or stylish look. Many people like to use upholstery which gives a very luxurious look to the whole room. Upholstered beds are a little more comfortable and have a cushioned headboard which helps you to relax as you can sit up and lean back and read a book or watch a movie. There is also the option of a four-columned Poster Bed. This can add to the décor of the bedroom. If you have a room with bright lights, it will pair well with a poster bed and can lift the vibe of your room as well. If you prefer to keep things simple, you can stick to the platform style bed. This type of bed is affordable and suitable for small apartment bedrooms. Platform beds are also sleek in design; thus, they require less floor space, making your room look bigger.

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To Conclude!

In conclusion, before you settle on what kind of bed you want to buy, keep the following points in mind when opting for aking size bed. Comfort and good sleep are vital for good health, so choose a bed frame that serves as the main support system for your mattress. Decide on a comfortable bed height since you need to  choose the mattress accordingly. A  mattress with more height is usually better for people with mobility issues. If you prefer something low leveled, then go for the platform type bed. You can get a custom-made bed frame according to your preferred height.  

Another point to consider is the overall style of your bedroom, so if you have a modern bedroom, a simple, sleek design will be suitable. If you have a traditional-style bedroom, a more ornate wood frame with intricate detailing may be suitable. For a more rustic look, you can choose an aged-finish wood frame. With all of these options, you can choose a  king size bed that suits your comfort level, style and budget.

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