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February 22, 2022

Here’s all you need to know about getting bunk beds for your home.

Thinking of getting a bunk bed for your kids bedroom? It’s a smart idea. Bunk beds help save space, make space for other bedroom furniture and can instantly bring a playful feel to the room. However, there are a few things you should know before you make your choice. So, here’s a quick guide to help you pick the right double decker bed for your kids’ room.

The good things about bunk beds

Double decker beds are great for small rooms

Bunk beds obviously save a lot of space. You can have two beds in the space of one. And that is why, bunk beds for kids are a good option when the room has limited space.

Another plus point is that bunk beds leave space in which you can fit other furniture in the room such as computer tables and WFH chairs.

For those who have more than one kid and a small house, this is a good option. Moreover, you can even arrange sleepovers for your kid if you have a bunk bed.


Buy this bunk bed in multicolor. Made of powder coated mild steel, it is given the perfect finish for kids bedrooms with bright yellow, red and blue finish. With a built-in ladder, it can also be separated and transformed into two beds.

A good way to create private spaces for kids

You’ll find a lot of different kinds of kids’ bedroom furniture. And it might look appealing. But does it tick out all that you need in your kids’ room? Probably not.

Even if they’re kids they require some level of privacy. It is an essential part of their learning process as well. One of the best options to create private spaces for your kids in one room is having bunk beds. These beds are together, and yet not so. Each kid will have their own private space.

Can be used for servants room as well

While bunk beds are most popular for kids’ rooms, did you ever think they could be a smart option for your servants room as well? Most houses that have servants' rooms, have them small. They might not be large enough to fit in two beds. But you can solve the space issue with the help of a double decker bed.

Bunk beds can help make rooms look cozy

Bunk beds are small, compact and designed in such a way that they can make rooms look cozy. Bunk beds are available in different designs and the designs can enhance the look and feel of the kids’ bedroom. Add to it, the charm of other kids’ bedroom furniture such as a single door wardrobe, study tables and chairs.


Check out this bunker bed made of mild steel with powder coating. In complete black and a built-in ladder, it carries a neat and simple look that can go with all kinds of rooms.

The drawbacks of bunk beds

Can be used for a few years only

Bunk beds are mostly used as kids’ bedroom furniture. Kids are going to grow up in a few years. This means the bunk beds in their rooms will be of no use once they grow up.

It can be difficult to make beds

Because of the way bunk beds are designed - one on top of the other - it might be difficult to make the beds. Kids might find it hard to tuck in the sheets properly and adults might be too big to neatly make the beds.

Kids could get hurt

Another drawback of double decker beds is that it could hurt kids. Kids might either fall from top or get hurt while climbing up and down. However, most bunk beds for kids are designed in such a way that there are minimal chances of accidents.

Wrap-up - are you ready to bring a bunk bed home?

So, are you all set to bring a bunk bed in your kids’ room? If yes, head straight to Nilkamal online furniture store to make your choice. And while you’re shopping for double decker beds, have a look at other furniture for the kids’ room as well.

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