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March 04, 2022

Great Colour Combinations That Work For Every Bedroom Size

Let us all begin by admitting that waking up early to leave a cosy bed is not always fun. However, making a bedroom that is mood-boosting and energizing can make the task of waking up a lot easier. You can also jazz up your bedroom with a 3 door wardrobe. Read on to discover some of the best colour combinations for the bedroom.

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Best Colours for Small Rooms

Light colours work best with small bedrooms as they open up the space and make the room appear larger. Below are the best combinations for small bedrooms:

  1. Crisp White

The colour white reflects light making the walls retreat which helps to make a small space appear larger. This is the safest choice, and you can never go wrong with this colour. Add a wooden 3 door wardrobe, and your room will look beautiful. While going for beds, we recommend a queen size bed with storage.

  1. Purple

Loud and wild colours, such as purple, may work better in small spaces. This choice adds a pop of colour minus the overwhelming effect.

  1. Bright Red Accents

You could also opt for crisp white walls with bold red bedding and artwork. This gives your room some high impact energizing feel. 

  1. Pearl Grey

The colour grey can be a dull choice for some, so one must choose a grey with luminosity. This colour fluctuates and oscillates with the time and shadows of the day, making the room look unique and sophisticated.

  1. White with Wooden Tones

The combination of white on wood soothes the eyes and is a classic choice. We know that white works well in small spaces; however, a contrasting shade of wood provides the room with a touch of warmth. If you are looking for wooden beds, you can buy a queen size bed online.

Check out the excellent decorative pieces of furniture available in the market to jazz up your pearl grey room.


Best Colours for Medium-sized Bedrooms

When it comes to mid-sized bedrooms, one has the flexibility of selecting many colours. However, you must note that dark colours should be used moderately, as such colours may make your bedroom look cramped and intimidating. Following are some of the best colour combinations for mid-sized rooms:

  1. Pink and Red Twist

Pink and red are a contemporary, in-trend combination. You could also insert a touch of grey to give this scheme a more grown-up and sophisticated look. This combination is a great twist to the classic grey and pink bedroom schemes that we are so used to. We recommend checking for queen size bed with storage or a 3 door wardrobe for this room.

  1. Tone Down Yellow

Yellow, in general, is an uplifting colour that adds a touch of happiness to any room size. The size of the room does not matter. However, you could opt to bring into those sunny yellow hues with a headboard or a feature wall, too, for a more subtle look. The tone down yellow colour combination is an excellent choice for a 3 door wardrobe.

  1. Forest Green with Layers of Neutral Tones

The colour green is known for its calming yet refreshing qualities, and it is the perfect colour for a medium-sized bedroom. Also, in certain shades, green can almost work as a neutral colour when combined with beiges, creams, and whites. This colour adds earthiness to the palette. 

  1. Mix of Blues

Various tones of blue provide a layered and soothing look. Tone-on-tone is a method used to layer a room with various shades of the same colour, and using different blues makes the room look appealing to the eyes. 

  1. Coral

Nothing quite reflects like joy as the colour coral. The colour looks brighter under direct light, adding a refreshing feel to the room. You can add a queen size bed with storage to add to the comfort of the room.


Best Colours for Big Rooms

There is no shortage of choice when dressing up your large bedroom in colours. However, we recommend doing your large bedroom with different colours to get a balanced feel. A 3 door wardrobe looks great in large bedrooms. Following are some of the best colour combos for large bedrooms:

  1. Pastels plus Wooden Tones

A room automatically gives out a cheerful and content ambience with pastel colours and wood together. A queen size bed with storage is all you need to complete the look.

  1. Go bold with Greens and primary Hues.

Green yields the power of growth in nature, but you will also induce feelings of calm, reassurance, and security by selecting this shade. It is an excellent colour to put your mind at ease. An incredibly powerful colour to put the mind at ease.

  1. Ground pale Blue with Deep Pink

Pale pastel shades look great in large spaces. The key to getting the look right is simple – plenty of texture and pattern. You can search for various queen-sized bed designs with the keywords buy queen-sized beds online.

  1. Teal 

Both eye-catchy and calming, this colour is an all-time favorite. For large bedrooms, having a centrepiece is essential to provide it with a theme. 

  1. Cream

Dependable, warm, versatile, and subtle, the cream shade is one of the best paint colours for a large bedroom. A 3 door wardrobe is equally easy to find online as the perfect accessory for this room.

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The most relaxing colours that work for a bedroom are the ones that do not overwhelm the room. Remember that the bedroom colour you choose can break or make the entire room’s look.

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