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June 09, 2023

Living Room Furniture Care: Expert Tips to Take Care During Monsoon

Rains and dampness can spoil the elegance and shine of your costly home furnishings and  living room furniture.  The living room contains significant daily-use furniture like a  TV unit,  sofa set,  centre table,  shoe rack,  etc. Beautiful monsoon brings cosiness along with caution for your flooring and wooden furniture. Furniture during monsoon can absorb moisture, feel damp and get damaged easily. You can protect your  living room furniture  during the monsoon with proper maintenance and care to keep them intact and safe in the long haul. This blog will give you expert tips for  living room furniture care  and easy maintenance during the monsoon. 


Monsoon Hacks to Take Care of Living Room Furniture 

  • Use sealants to coat/seal the joints or cracks in your furniture before the monsoon arrives in full vigour.
  • Avoid drying your wet clothes on  sofa set,  wooden furniture and railings during monsoon. 
  • To keep the pests away, use naphthalene balls or camphor tablets and let them absorb moisture during monsoon. Alternatively, you can use natural deodorants like neem leaves and cloves.
  • Refrain from using a moist or damp cloth for cleaning your  living room furniture  during the monsoon. Moisture during rains can encourage mould growth that can degrade the wood quality over time. 
  • Walls accrue moisture and tend to damage your living room pieces of furniture during heavy rainfall. The rule of thumb is to keep furniture pieces like the  centre table  and  sofas  away from walls and windows to avoid susceptible damage and humidity. 
  • Before the onset of the monsoon, oil your  wardrobes  and doors to avoid last-minute surprises like jammed doors or creaky noises.
  • Avoid buying furniture or transportation during monsoon because even slight package damage can result in moisture seeping into them.
  • Try varnishing old types of furniture in your living room to shield against termites or ants and increase your furniture's durability.
  • Keep your rooms ventilated and your floors neat and dry to avoid any form of wetness seeping into your  living room furniture.


How to Maintain Upholsteries on Your Sofa Sets During Monsoon?


Below are steps for  sofa care:


  • Remove your upholstered  sofa set  away from walls and windows along the centre to prevent cushion damage during heavy rains. If they become wet, you can expose them to sunlight to dry them as part of  sofa care.  
  • Fix the leaking walls and balcony doors that can cause water to seep during a continuous downpour. 
  • Always use slipcovers to cover your  sofa set  during incessant rains because they help you absorb moisture keeping the quality intact. 
  • Hire a professional to clean your  sofa set  before the onset of the monsoon and once the monsoon ends because they use a hot water extraction method/ antimicrobial cleaning solutions and leave your upholstered furniture smelling better and clean.


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How to Keep Shoe Racks Spic and Span During Monsoon?


Often  shoe rack  and wardrobe becomes a breeding ground for pesky mould spores during monsoon. To keep your shoe storage rack clean and fresh during monsoon, follow the below tips:

  • Use old newspaper lining on the shelves to avoid the humidity.
  • Put some camphor or naphthalene balls in the closet to avoid the mud/rain smell in the  shoe rack.
  • Declutter your show stand during monsoon, pick those damp shoes and dry them under the sun before stocking them in the cupboard.
  • Clean your shoes with wax polish and duster brushes.
  • Put silica gels inside your shoes, and wrap them in a thin cloth to absorb moisture and odour.
  • If you can't dry your shoes under the sun, try applying a hair dryer to dry your shoes.


TV Units - Maintenance Hacks to Protect Them During the Rainy Season

Wall-mounted TV cabinets are essential pieces of furniture that are space saviours in the living area. But, maintaining them is a challenging task, especially during heavy rains. Below are tips to take care of your wooden  TV unit  hassle-free. Extended exposure to moisture during rains can harm your  TV unit.  Use over-the-counter furniture polish/homemade furniture polish with lemon oil to wipe and buff the surface to protect them from moisture. Whether you have a  TV unit  with/without storage or a wall-mounted one, clean them regularly with a microfibre cloth and dusting spray during the monsoon. If you have leaky walls, use crinkled newspapers to absorb dampness.

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Wooden Furniture Care After Incessant Rains


Below are a few tips for  wooden furniture care:

  • Remove the drawers of your wooden furniture and dry them under the sun. 
  • Open all the cabinet doors for air circulation and close them after ensuring zero dampness.
  • Use baking soda for odour removal from your upholstered furniture.
  • Vacuuming can help drain the remaining water left in the corners of your wooden furniture pieces.


How to Keep Your House Free From Dampness?

  • Use water-resistant paints for the walls and ceilings to avoid rainwater penetration or leakages. 
  • Repair your leaky ceilings before the onset of the monsoon, and prevent furniture damage.
  • Use a de-humidifier in your rooms and say goodbye to pesky moulds.
  • Apply lacquer to fill the minute pores on the furniture and protect them from swelling up with moisture.
  • Keep your rooms breathy and airy to minimise moisture levels in the rooms.


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The comfort and luxury a piece of good furniture in your living room offers are unmatched. To reap the maximum benefits, maintaining them is necessary.  Living room furniture care  before monsoon and restoring water-damaged furniture post-monsoon is quintessential to prevent moulds or termites and to sustain the material quality intact in the long haul. Follow the easy steps mentioned above to avoid moisture build-up during monsoon. Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  online and buy your favourite  living room furniture  pieces without worrying about their maintenance in the monsoon. Explore different wooden cupboards, wardrobes,  recliners,  TV cabinets, and sofas to meet your needs during the monsoon from Nilkamal.

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