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June 10, 2023

A Handy Guide to Find the Perfect TV Unit for Your Home

TV is an essential and integral part of our living rooms serving as a centrepiece. The addition of a  wooden TV unit  offers many storage functionalities letting you enjoy your favourite Netflix shows online.  Living room TV units design  change every year, giving you different buying options. You should select your  living room TV units design  with ultra care because they enhance your decor and illuminate your living room. 


Buying a new  TV cabinet online  can be an overwhelming experience given the space constraints, variety of designs, types of  TV unit,  specifications, maintenance, etc. Whether you are looking for shopping advice, thing to know before buying your favourite  TV unit,  or feature specifications to look for, this blog has all you need for a stylish and profitable buying experience.  Buy TV unit online  to benefit from amazing offers and hassle-free doorstep delivery.


Insight Into Living Room TV Units Design Types


Are you aware of different  living room TV units design?  TV furniture is crucial to uplift the living room aesthetics. Living room  TV unit  is a giant attraction piece with lots of shelves to display and cabinets for massive storage. If your home has an open living room, you must pick a suitable  TV cabinet online  utilising the dominant space availability. Check out the below  TV unit  types and pick the ideal one that suits your preferences and living room.


Wall Mounted TV Cabinet

If your living room isn't spacious and you don't want to congest it, you can opt for  wall mounted TV cabinet  that allows you to hang the TV panels on the wall. They provide ample storage space for storing old newspapers or keeping grab-on-the-go items.  Buy TV unit online  with different designs for  wall mounted TV cabinet,  letting you pick the colour according to your living room decor. 



A freestanding TV panel has drawers and cabinets for storage and lets you place your TV on the top. Depending on your storage needs and space requirements, you can choose from different sizes available in the market. 



The TV console is large than a regular TV table and comes in different materials like wood, glass or metal. The TV console is ideal for your  living room  if you want open shelves, closed cabinets or a combination. You can store your crockery, favourite books and display art to enhance the room decor. 


Open/Closed Wooden TV Units 

Open and closed  wooden TV unit  is ideal for large areas with storage functionality. Add decoration elements in empty spaces or shelves to improve the living room's overall look.


Entertainment Zone

If you want to create an ample entertainment space for your family, like a mini-theatre or large hall, go for a TV entertainment unit with vast storage for various gadgets, CDs, books, etc.


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Significant Factors to Check Before Buying TV Units

The next step is considering significant factors before buying and investing in a  TV cabinet online.  Some critical factors to look for are:


Analyse the Size of Your TV

If you want to choose the ideal  TV cabinet  for your living room, measure the size of your TV because your  TV unit  should accommodate your TV without overpowering your living room. The thumb rule is to select a size slightly big than your TV size to avoid bumping/overhanging. 


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Measure Your Living Room Space

Tracking the space you already have is necessary to avoid buying  TV cabinet  that give a cramped feeling. Calculate width, height, and depth before choosing your  wooden TV unit  for your living room. Before buying a  TV cabinet,  measure your living room to determine the space availability.


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Consider Your Style Preferences and Living Room Appearance

Does your living room mimic a mid-century style, then choose colours like walnut or black. If your living room is more contemporary, check out modern  TV cabinet  collections. Choose floor or  wall mounted TV cabinet  depending on your style preference and space constraints. Decide on the placement of your  TV cabinet  and choose one with a bold design if they go at the focal point of the room, or choose one with a more subdued design to blend in with the existing decor.


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Look for Storage Functionality

Do you need open shelves or prefer large storage with closed cabinets? Do you need ample space for your games console or other electronic items? List your storage needs and buy a  TV cabinet  that supports your needs. A gorgeous-looking  TV unit  will not suffice when you cannot satisfy your storage needs. Go for moderate TV storage if you have few things like DVDs, magazines, newspapers or speakers. 


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Consider the Material

A  TV unit  come in many materials like glass, wood, and metals. Choose  TV cabinet  that best work for your living room. For instance, select  wooden TV unit  to add texture and warmth while buying a glass unit for a contemporary and unique look for your living room. Opt for a sturdy material that can endure the TV heavyweight if you cannot mount it on the wall. Invest in high-quality materials and pick water-resistant, stain-resistant and easy-to-clean units for your living room.


Look For Your Budget Constraints

Finally, choose the bestTV unit  for your living space, depending on your budget.  Buy TV unit online,  which offers a varied price range according to your needs. 


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A  TV unit  grabs everyone's attention and is an asset in your living room. Select a  TV unit  that matches your style, complements your preference, considers your space availability and fits your budget.  Nilkamal Furniture  has different  TV cabinet  at an affordable price range, offering doorstep delivery.

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