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June 06, 2022

Is your living room/ sitting room small, and does it feel overstuffed and uninviting? Do you feel there is not enough seating for all the guests who come? Do not worry. No matter how small the living room space is, there are various strategies to make it appealing, make it look much bigger than it is, and at the same time do it all in a smart way. All you need to do is use  living room furniture  that will open up the space rather than be bulky and take up a lot of room, use a smart layout, and use smart styling. 

If you embrace the smallness of the space, it becomes quite easy to make it inviting, cosy, and more than just functional. Read on to get inspiration for making your living room lively and making it look much bigger than it is, and check out a collection of fabulous furniture from  Nilkamal  today! 

Main Seating

The first thing that anyone wants in a living room is generally a  sofa set.  Pick one in a light colour, and it is a good idea to pick a  corner sofa  rather than an individual 3 seater, 2 seater, and single-seater (these take up more space). Set your corner sofa in one corner, preferably where there is light coming from the back, so that you can tone down the effect of the large piece of furniture being in that space. 

You can even check out some L-shaped sofas and the snoozer sofa. Both will look great in a small space for the same reason as the corner sofa.   

Furniture with armrests will also take away something from the feeling of space. In your living room, place such  sofas  and chairs that are either without arms or very low arms that rise just 5 inches above the seat height. 

Stools and Ottomans

If you want to place foot  stools  or ottomans in the room, ensure they are low and can also be used as seating. Another idea could be to have them high and square so that they also serve the purpose of an occasional table. You can even purchase such ottomans that open at the top to provide storage space. All great ideas for a small living room.

Single Seating Arrangement

One thing you must remember is to not divide your room into small sections by making two or more separate seating arrangements. This will only badly clutter up the room rather than make it attractive.

Light Weight Accessories

If you get yourself a smart and functional Sheesham finish plastic dining set, you can use the lightweight  chairs  as additional seating in your living room. They will be easy to carry, easy to maintain, and stylish, too. Do not forget that the dining table can also double as a work table when you have paperwork to do or for studying, crafting, and any other activity.

De-cluttered Space

Place a  sleek entertainment unit  against a wall and place your television on it, or hang it up right above the unit. An entertainment unit will keep all your TV and gaming accessories organised and out of sight when not in use. It will help you to keep your space de-cluttered. The unit itself will add style and be multifunctional. Use its top to put your crockery, cutlery, food, beverages, etc., when you entertain guests. A good idea is to place an attractive table runner on it before placing food-laden dishes on it.  

Open Shelving

If you need to place a book rack in your living room, a good idea is to pick one that does not have closed doors. Closed doors in large cabinets add heaviness to the room and make it look small. There are several different types of  open shelves  available to choose from. You should explore now before picking something you might regret later.

Using a Mirror

Besides the furniture that you place in the living room, you can also make the room look bigger by hanging up a large mirror on the wall. A good place to put it up is on the wall across from the one where you have a window or a door that you will keep open. When this is reflected in the mirror, it will give the impression that the space is much larger. 

Soft Colours

It is a good idea to not use dark colours for  upholstery  and curtains if you have a small living room. Dark curtains in a small room make the room feel hemmed in and stuffy. White is a great colour if you can maintain it. 

Bold is Out

Don’t go in for bold patterns and prints. A self weave cloth will be great for upholstery and drapes if your room is small.

Sleek Lines

Do not use frills and ruffles or even a curtain cornice. A good idea is to use a sheer curtain or a valance. The thought should be to keep sleek, smooth lines everywhere.

Minimal Decorations

Do not keep decorations on the various surfaces in the living room. If you have to, then just one or two, and these should have a purpose. Otherwise, keep the surface clean. It is meant to hold plates, glasses, etc., when you entertain, or your teacup while you watch TV or a book as you snooze in the afternoon.


To make a small living room an invitingspace, you should, first of all, buy seating that will let you make an arrangement that is intimate and close together. Go for neutral, light tones for a rug, upholstery, drapes, runners, and whatever else you will use in that room. Anything that can go onto the wall must be moved off the floor. Do not clutter the wall with pictures, paintings, etc. Just like the wall, also keep your table tops and other surfaces clutter-free and with a minimum number of show pieces. Place attractive light fittings that go with the rest of the décor (get your light fixtures last of all) and choose a warm yellow light to make the atmosphere relaxed and inviting. Buy furniture and decor pieces from  Nilkamal  today.

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