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June 04, 2022

4 Luxurious Double Bed Design for Every Bedroom

An ideal bedroom can change your mood after a strenuous day. It is one of the most comfortable relaxing zones of your home. Thus, buying the perfect bed that serves your preference, style, and vibe is crucial to ensure a good night’s slumber. Before purchasing a luxurious double bed, one must decide on the material, aesthetics, price, and size. Moreover, some double bed designs include storage capacity, which can make your bedroom appear smaller. Thus it is important to choose a bed according to the size of your room. Check out  luxurious double bed designs  in your trusted Nilkamal Furniture Store to find your dream double bed. However, before buying, consider the following things to ensure what exactly serves your purpose.


  1.     Spatial area of your bedroom: It is important to know the dimensions of your bedroom or the area where you want to place your bed apart from the other belongings of the room. It is important to keep some space to move around your bed and therefore consider the dimension accordingly. Moreover, if you have a small bedroom, beds with storage might make your room appear smaller and, in that case, consider purchasing beds with a sleek appearance without storage facilities.
  2.     Bed size: Bed size has to be comfortable enough to serve your height and weight. The double bed size can perfectly serve people of average height. The shape also determines the size of a particular bed. For example, round beds look royal and appealing, yet they have a smaller capacity if compared to rectangular beds.
  3.     Material and colour: Choose a material that can stand years of wear and tear. Mostly solid wood beds are sturdy and can stand generations of use. If you choose a wooden double bed with storage, ensure it is moisture resistant. Similarly, a steel bed should be rust-resistant. The colour of the bed should merge with the vibe of the room.
  4.     Storage: If you have a small house with space constraints and your bedroom is of a moderate size you can choose a bed with storage to keep your valuables, clothes, and beddings. 


Depending on these factors choose the right bed frame that can meet your needs. Explore a large range of king size bed designs,  queen size bed designs,  double beds with storage and double beds without storage available for you at  Nilkamal.  Here are the four luxurious double bed designs that will transform your bedroom.

Nilkamal Czar 2 King Bed Box Storage (Beech/Walnut):

Crafted from solid engineered wood, this  Nilkamal Czar 2 King Bed Box Storage (Beech/Walnut)

Is designed to be a statement piece. The spacious under-bed box storage is ideal for storing your winter clothes, beddings, and necessary items and dealing with space constraints in your home. This bed comes in a solid headboard accompanied by shelves and space to keep books and other bedside essentials tucked away within an arm’s reach. Manufactured from a 15 mm thick pre-laminated particle board, this bed ensures superior quality and durability. The attractive beech hue with a wooden exterior and walnut shelves elevates the look. The contemporary and minimalistic appeal can upgrade any bedroom, no matter how small and simple it is. This king-size bed with a width of 190 cm and a height of 89 cm is perfect for a comfy slumber. If you are low on storage space, this is the ideal go-to bed to serve your purpose. Sleep easy with this high-quality Czar King Bed.

Nilkamal Willy King Bed (New Wenge & Sonama Oak):

Add royalty to your bedroom with this exclusive  Willy King Bed (New Wenge & Sonama Oak) by Nilkamal.  The sleek dark exterior in the wenge hue radiates an aristocratic vibe. The designer structured headboard is crafted with a solid Sonama oak fashioned with a wooden pattern. This outstanding bed can sufficiently store all your winter essentials along with mattresses, unused clothes and other objects to save space in your room. This king-size bed is sure to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. The dark exterior can match up to the contemporary vibe of your room and can soothe the mood. Enjoy your sleep in this sturdy engineered wood bed which is durable for a long. 

Nilkamal Tristar New King Bed (Brown White):

4 Luxurious Double Bed Design for Every Bedroom

Crafted from traditional solid wood, this chic king bed comes in a striking modern design. The design is set to match the contemporary and luxurious vibe of any house. The massive hydraulic storage space makes it an ideal choice, especially for houses with space constraints. You can store extra household items or winter clothing in this King Bed. The spectacular contrasted headboard comes in a geometric pattern which can stand out against any wall. Finished off with a high gloss coating, this bed is made of 15 mm thick MDF. The dual colour combination suits muted colour patterns as well as dark wooden furniture. Grab this  Nilkamal Tristar New King Bed (Brown White)  to elevate the ambience of your bedroom as well as save space and money.

Nilkamal Morocco Queen Bed:

This wenge finish aristocrat  Nilkamal Morocco Queen Bed  can transform your room with its contemporary vibe. This ideal queen bed will provide you with enough space to laze around while fitting in compact places. This distinct looking bed is a worthy addition to your bedroom. The hydraulic storage has easily accessible drawers where you can store your extra pillows, bed linen, quilts and other essentials. The mid-rise headboard gives you enough support to read books or watch your favourite shows. This prominent queen size bed with a lustrous dark brown tone and 15mm and 18mm thick pre-laminated particleboard is durable for years to come. Be ensured to wake up refreshed the next day with this state of art queen bed.


Every double bed design is unique and serves different purposes. Find your style and vibe and give your room an eye-catching decor with  Nilkamal Furniture.

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