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June 07, 2022

Sliding wardrobes: Why they're here to stay

The  sliding door wardrobe  is a rather recent and much more contemporary solution for storage requirements. It is a modern trend that is not frivolous but a very desirous one. This type of  wardrobe  is a hugely appreciated solution for rooms, no matter what the size. People have applauded and embraced this type of  wardrobe  for several different reasons, and this trend is here to stay; you will see why as you read on. Check out an amazing collection of wardrobes from  Nilkamal  today.

 1. The Feeling of More Space

Be it a small room or a large one, with a  sliding door wardrobe you can add a room to your space as you do not need to leave an area for the opening of hinged doors for the cupboard. You could use a mirror on the doors of the almirah and make the room look larger and more spacious. So, why would people not embrace it and ensure it stays?

 2. Optimum Use of Available Space

Let us take an example. In your bedroom, you want a  king-sized bed  and  side tables  on either side of the bed. But, placing a side table on the side where your cupboard is will be in the way of opening the 2.5 feet doors of the cupboard. This is where you can use a wardrobe with sliding doors and place your side table next to your bed, plus a floor decor piece next to it! 


At times there is just enough space for the hinged door of an  almirah  to stand open, and it is difficult to first open the cupboard because there is not enough space for you to stand in front of the cupboard and easily pull the doors open. This could be, for example, the space between the underside of a staircase and the wall of the stairwell. Again, a great solution is a  sliding door wardrobe  that you must check out before taking your storage decision. 

Sliding door wardrobes go all the way to the floor and make use of that space which in traditional cupboards generally went totally waste. The floor space in the  wardrobe  is a great area for storing footwear, boxes, stuff you do not use on a regular basis, and such.

 3. Fits Anywhere

For installing a  wardrobe  with sliding doors, it is not essential to have perfect lines at a right angle. It could be the space under the staircase that you wish to utilise for storage. A sliding door can easily be used there. 

 4. Customised to User Preference

The sliding door wardrobes available in the market come with a variety of shelves and storage options. Everyone’s requirement from their cupboard will vary in some aspects, and this type of  wardrobe  provides the flexibility to customise the interior and the exterior of the cupboard to exactly suit your requirement. Build in an option for hanging up shirts, another for long coats, hooks that hold scarves and ties without wrinkling them, a shelf to hold clutches and purses, get shallow bins for undergarments and socks, and insert a small safe to keep your precious stuff safe, and so on. Check out the various options available for the inside of  sliding door wardrobes

 5. Better Organised

Take advantage of the fact that the entire contents of the almirah will not be visible at the same time if you are using a sliding door wardrobe. Use this to organise your things, for example, into summer and winter stuff, so that only one category is in front of you when you slide open one door. Keep an area for bags and shoes. It is up to you to organise as you will. 

With a hinged door  almirah,  over-stuffing it and pushing the door closed is an act that people often commit and the next time the cupboard is opened, things come tumbling down. This is something the  sliding door wardrobe  will not let you do. It will force you to be organised and to arrange your things neatly inside the space provided.

 6. Adding Style to Space

Compared to hinged door almirahs,  cupboards  with sliding doors provide a contemporary, modern design that is timeless and aesthetically extremely pleasing to look at. The wardrobe fittings are without hinges (unlike the traditional hinged almirahs), which help it to seamlessly blend into any interior, space, and wall to up the style quotient of the space. You can hide your wardrobe behind mirrored doors, behind simple colours that blend with the rest of the room or have the door look like wooden panelling, or whatever else you want. It does not have to look like a wardrobe in the room. It could just be a wall! You choose the colours, finishes, etc., to look exactly as you want your room to appear. There are so many options available that if you are wondering what will suit you, just explore the various options now and shortlist your choices from  Nilkamal.

 7. Easy use Mechanism

No need to be pulling hinged doors open that have been closed tight with magnets and have large handles that often scratch arms as you walk by. The sliding door wardrobe has an easy to use, smooth mechanism, no sticking out handles and glides open or close with a gentle push. It is noiseless, unlike the hinged door, whose hinges squeak after a while and must be oiled and replaced. 



Sliding door wardrobes are a thing to own and cherish. They add style and glamour to the space in which they are placed. No matter the size or shape of the area, such a wardrobe will easily fit to provide ample storage and space-saving. A smooth door mechanism is a pleasure to use, and the sliding door ensures that you remain neat and organised in the space inside. Use the sliding door to add a touch of your style and liven up the room. There are various options available that you can choose from and buy at  Nilkamal  today. Go bold, go contemporary, go surreal, go minimalistic, go oriental, go traditional, or whatever type you prefer. 


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