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February 28, 2023

Pick the Right Choice For Your Home Revamp: MDF vs Solid Wood Furniture


At its emerging stage, MDF had less durability than classic solid wood. However, technological and manufacturing progress has made engineered wood more reliable and budget-friendly. This made flat-pack furniture more popular among manufacturers and consumers. Due to the technical evolution of MDF and related materials, new businesses such as flat pack deliveries and assembly is emerging along with the flat pack hackers community. Both MDF and solid wood come with their advantages and disadvantages. This article will give you a comprehensive guide on the advantages and disadvantages of MDF furniture  and  solid wood furniture  that will help you understand  MDF vs solid wood furniture 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid Wood Furniture


  • Benefits of Natural Wood
  • Natural wood is a classic material used in building furniture from ancient times. The reason behind choosing natural wood are many- 



    Forest-grown wood, due to its sturdiness, has exceptional  durability. Natural wood is the traditional material used in building bridges, houses and infrastructure. Even with the emergence of new technologies, solid wood is the primary choice for withstanding years of wear and tear.


    Classic Appeal

    Even though you paint a flat pack with absolute precision, it will lack the charm of solid timber. The MDF manufacturers often mimic the desirable wooden texture in popular demand. Some popular choices are white oak, teak, walnut, mahogany, Oregon, red oak, and ash. 


    Increased Property Value

    Solid wood furniture like a  table,  wardrobe,  king bed , traditional  sofa , or  bookshelf  can improve the overall worth of a house you want to purchase or sell. Unlike flat-packs, these are considered investments with a solid return. Due to its durability, experienced property resellers and property developers prefer solid wood furniture while selling any property. 


    Varied Styles and Shapes

    Even though solid wood timbers are not easily customisable as flat-packs, you can find furniture pieces that match your home aesthetics. You can even hire a carpenter to construct the exact model you prefer. Most solid wood can be customised easily, making them a preferred option for DIY projects. 


  • Disadvantages of Solid Wood

    Even with its classy appeal, solid wood can come with certain downsides. Some disadvantages of solid wood are-



    Solid wood furniture is mainly prone to moisture. Even if your unit has an excellent finish to seal the furniture, in case there is an accidental scratch on the surface, mould and fungi in your precious furniture might grow.


    Vulnerability to Temperature

    Humidity and rapid temperature change can negatively affect solid wood furniture. Amplitudes are bound to cause contraction or expansion of wood despite high-end manufacturing and technological advancements. Thus it would be best if you never exposed wooden inventory to scorching heat or cold weather. 


    Vulnerability to Infestation

    Solid wood always carries the risk of infestation. Thus, your investment will be fruitful with chemical treatment for your new or already-built units. Woodworms, common furniture beetles, longhorn beetles, moths, bark beetles, carpenter ants, bark beetles and wood wasps are some common infests that can damage your wooden furniture.



    Most solid wood comes with a hefty  price  tag. Walnut, white oak and cherry wood are as pricey as Mahogany and Teak due to scarcity of supply. The pricing varies depending on its availability, aesthetics and  durability 


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    Advantages and Disadvantages of MDF Furniture

    MDF consists of recycled leftovers of solid wood mixed with resin and wax. It is more compact than plywood when it comes to consistency. Here are some  advantages and disadvantages of MDF furniture


    Advantages of MDF



    MDF home furnishing has a different structure than solid wood. Engineered wood is resilient to any moisture and infestation. Exposing an MDF to airborne moisture will shrink and expand while maintaining its shape and integrity intact. 



    MDF boards are readily available and start from a lower  price  point than natural timber. The price range can be higher for more high-end finish engineered wood but still lower than white oak, maple, and other pricey woods. 


    Easier to Seal and Paint

    MDF does not have a specific texture or grain, making it easier to prime and sand, reflecting a sleek finish.


    Best for Cabinetry

    MDF is best for cabinet doors. You can find yourself flat-panelled, inset, fully overlay, euro-style and raised designs with resistance to moisture that is necessary for bathroom and kitchen furnishing.


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    Disadvantages of MDF


    Easy to Damage

    Even though the external surface is the same as its core, MDF is over-compressed, and thus if you sand it, you can reach the fibre-waxed centre hurting the integrity of the board. Repainting MDFs can be difficult as any damage caused during the sanding can be permanent. 



    MDFs weigh more than solid wood. Thus fitting a flat-pack kitchen might require extra support and anchors while wall-mounting shelves and cupboards. The heavy weight makes it problematic for people who move frequently and live in a rented place.


    Vulnerability to Heat

    Due to its structure made of wax and resin compounds, MDFs should not be left near radiators, heaters, ovens, fireplaces, stoves and scorching eat. 


    Not Supportive Enough

    MDFs are used to carrying only a small load. If you put heavy objects on MDF boards, they can sag, unlike solid wood. A smart solution is to use both MDF and solid wood for assured support. 


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    For kitchen renovation, engineered wood might be a better choice for design and looks. However, if you prefer an ample sturdy wardrobe to support many clothes, you should opt for furniture made of solid wood. You can go for natural timber if you are fond of traditional designs. Although solid wood and  MDF home furnishing  have advantages and disadvantages, you should choose the one that suits your size, budget, shape and placement. Check out all types of furniture made of solid wood and MDF online only at  Nilkamal Furniture .

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