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December 30, 2022

Stunning Space Saving Furniture Concepts for your Home

Everybody likes to have their space, no matter the size of the home. Whether it is a single-bedroom or a double-bedroom home, we all love a spacious area to move around with ease. This is especially true for couples living with kids in the house or older people who only need a little clutter. Single people living alone are also inching towards more space-saving concepts in home furniture to cut costs on daily spending. Read on to know more about  space saving furniture that can be used in the home, such as a  space saving dining table, bunk bed, benchesand more. 

Astounding and Realistic Space-Saving Furniture Concepts

Basic furniture is an absolute requisite in every home. As we all need to have the necessary furniture items in our homes, making the most of the space within the home is another issue. In fact, it is essential to think of the space available first before buying the furniture. Some practical  space saving furniture ideas are listed below concerning different furniture items. 

1) Tables

Tables  are essential household furniture items we rely upon to perform different tasks. Whether using the computer on a working table or eating food on adining table, we all need to have some form of a table in the home. A  space saving dining table  can be a real space saver as dining tables often occupy a lot of room. Therefore, a collapsible  dining tableis a practical idea that can be used in every home. Once used, it may be folded and stacked neatly into a corner regardless of how much space it occupies. They may be  4 seater or  6 seater expandable  dining tables  that may be collapsed with an easy mechanism and refolded to be set up again.

Whilst collapsible dining tables are a great commodity inside homes, they may also be used outdoors, in balconies, gardens, terraces, etc.  Coffee tables  combined with nested stools are another fantastic innovative space-saving concept that may be used indoors and outdoors. The stools may be conveniently placed under the table once used to save immense space. One can choose  stools  with cushioning above or without, whichever is preferred. 

2)Wall Mounted Shelves or Desks

  • Corner floating shelves

Since the corners of the home are rarely used, wall-mounted corner shelves are an excellent way to use up unused space. The same area on some table or desk elsewhere in the house can be used on the corner  shelves. Decorative items, photographs, souvenirs, etc., usually kept atop spots that may be used for other purposes, can be used through floating corner shelves. Such corner wall-mounted shelves are a great convenience in bathrooms,  bedrooms and kitchens besides the living room to store many handy items required. 

  • Wall Mounted Shelves
  • These have revamped the look of many homes with their excellent space-saving concepts and easy-to-use practicality. Instead of using primitive showcases that occupy too much ground space, wall-mounted shelves are a fantastic way to display the same decorative items. Whether you want to display souvenirs, family photographs, cutlery, etc., wall-mounted shelves make an excellent display spot. 

    Such shelves are a fine addition to kitchens and bedrooms, too, in order to store various essentials. Handy items such as toiletries, cooking requirements, personal items, electronic items, etc., can be neatly stacked atop, such as floating shelves. The required size may be chosen on the shelves according to the types of items to be placed. They may also be covered with transparent glass so as to protect the collectables from dust. 

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    • Floating Desks

    These work as an excellent desk or table replacements as they may be adjusted to different heights. Lightweight items such as laptops may be used atop floating desks easily by setting a  chair  below for sitting. The size of the floating desks is restricted to just 3 by 2 or 2 by 2 as larger desks will not hold onto many items over the long run. The best part about floating desks is that they may be conveniently lowered when not in use.

    3) Bunk bed Varieties

    Bunk beds  have always been a great addition to bedrooms thanks to the space-saving concept they are made in. With a convenient stacking design in which onebed is neatly placed above the lower slightly bigger  bed, two or more persons can be easily accommodated. These beds are a great space-saving concept for kids, as the same space can be used as a play area. 

    4) Sofa Cum Beds

    Sofa cum bed  is two-in-one furniture options that can be opened up and used when required as beds. Once the cushions are removed, the sofa turns into a spacious bedroom one or two can easily use. They are ideal furniture options to be placed in the living room and may be used as last-minute sleeping spaces for overnight guests. 

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    5) Space Saving Benches

     A  space-saving bench  can be a great addition to the furniture in the living room, kitchen, balcony, terrace, garden, bedroom, etc. The fun part of using  benches is that it may be placed in any spot indoors as well as outdoors. A bench with a storage capacity that may be opened either from the top or front side is a highly versatile furniture option. One may store any household items that are needed where the bench is placed. 


    Living with minor household items is challenging for any era and age. Keeping the most required items and discarding the furniture that is not being used is one way of saving space. Also, having space-saving beds like  bunk bed varieties,  sofa cum bed, floating shelves, etc., is the most accommodating and doable practice regardless of how big a house one lives in. Explore the space-reducing furniture options available online on  Nilkamal Furniture and choose accordingly.
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