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December 06, 2022

Simple Tips and Ideas to Style Your Bookshelf Like a Pro

Every bibliophile dreams of having a beautiful  bookshelf  to display their precious books. Being a book lover, you might have seen attractive  bookshelves  in other people's homes or pictures and dreamt of having one. So, why wait, look out for the  book rack designs for bedroom

But several times your beautiful  bedroom bookself  might look like storage for your books rather than an appealing showcase. You may wonder whether you purchased suitable  book rack designs for bedroom.  Or the other people hired some professional designer to style their  bedroom bookcase.  The secret of a beautiful  bookshelf  lies in the way you style it. And you can quickly master the art of styling by following these simple decorating tricks and ideas. 

Bookshelf styling tips and ideas

Decorating a  bookshelf  may feel like a mammoth task. To make your  bedroom bookcase  look attractive, you need books with beautiful covers, costly books, or expensive artefacts. However, you can style your bookshelf like a professional designer without breaking the bank and with the books you have. Follow the practical tips and ideas mentioned below for decorating your  bedroom bookshelf

Organise your books

The first step of a stylish bookshelf is well-organised books. You can organise your books in any manner you want, and there are numerous ways to manage them. You can go by genre, author, fiction vs nonfiction, colour, size, alphabetically or by segregating hardcovers and paperbacks. It is your bookshelf, so go by whatever works best for you. You can start by segregating your books by genre and then sub-segregating them by author, colour, size, hardcovers, paperbacks, etc. A segregation pattern in your books makes them look systematic rather than haphazard. 

Ground large books

If you have some books that are larger or heavier than others, it's a good idea to place them on the bottom shelves. Placing large books on the bottom shelf creates a pleasant and balanced visual. If you have a few closed shelves in your  wood bookshelf,  you can keep them there too. Placing large or heavy books on top shelves may make your bookshelf look weird. 

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Play with stacking

An entirely vertically stacked bookcase can feel monotonous. Play with the stacking to create an exciting and appealing bookshelf. You can stack some books horizontally to break the vertical stacks. Or you can stack your magazines or paperbacks horizontally and vertically place your hardcovers. And display some books facing outwards, leaning against the back of the bookcase. For this, use books that have attractive covers. This will create a visual interest in your bookcase.  

Add-in pretty baskets and storage boxes

We all have some books that we don't want to display. They could be of risqué genre, tattered or with ugly covers. For such books, use a pretty basket or storage box. In these boxes or baskets, you can even store odd items, such as notebooks, diaries, notes, etc. Remember to go for baskets and boxes of the same colour palette and similar material. Too many colours and mismatched baskets can disrupt the cohesive and organised look. Keep the basket and storage boxes on the bottom shelves for a balanced look. 

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Leave breathing room

You may have a lot of books, and your  wood bookshelf  may seem small for all of them, or you have a  small bookshelf.  Still, only fill it up partially with books; it will look stuffy and overloaded. Leave empty spaces or breathing room between your books for a visually appealing bookshelf. To store your remaining books, find another place or get another bookshelf. By cleverly arranging your bookcase with empty pockets, you can make your bookcase look professionally styled. 

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Introduce artwork/decor/artefacts

After arranging and organising the books in your bookcase, you can introduce a few decorative items amongst your books in the empty pockets. However, remember to use only a few things. Many artworks or décor items can make your bookcase look stuffy and cluttered. Follow the orange thumb rule when choosing the size of decor items or artefacts. Anything smaller in size than an orange will make your bookcase look cluttered. So, choose things that are larger than an orange. You can also opt for a mix of statues, artwork and decor items or stick with one theme. Just remember not to overdo it and go by the orange thumb rule. 

Skip excessive display of your family pictures

You have preserved beautiful memories with your family in numerous pictures. But displaying many family photos on the bookshelf is outdated and can make it look cluttered. Instead, place your family pictures on your walls, mantlepiece, or  side tables.  You can display one or two images that are your favourite. 

Use bookends

Bookends raise the style quotient exponentially of your bookcase. Stylish bookends speak volumes about your book love. However, instead of the usual bookends available in the market, you can also opt for unexpected items as bookends. You can use a stuffed toy as a bookend for your kid's storybooks or colourful planters for your cooking books. 

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Add natural elements

To make your bookshelf look inviting and lively, add in natural elements such as plants, flowers or driftwood. A beautiful vase with fresh flowers or a live plant will instantly enhance your bookshelf's look. 

Arrange and rearrange

Styling your bookshelf is an ongoing process. You can always rearrange your bookshelf in a few days or weeks. Add in a few items, and remove others as you switch the look of your bookshelf. Your style will evolve naturally. Just remember to have fun and go with what feels suitable for you.


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