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June 19, 2024

Ready-Made vs. Custom Furniture: Deciding Which Is Right for You 

You may feel that there is empty space in your room, and you have to fill it in with a specific kind of furniture. Ready made vs custom furniture: what should one use? Furniture manufactured beforehand is called ready-made furniture since firms manufacturing furniture create them before they are ordered. Custom furniture is specially designed to fit one individual, and everything from design to the material used in the making process is given consideration. In today’s blog, let us guide you through the steps of how you are going to get to know which of the two fits your needs best.



Suppose you have made up your mind one day to redesign your bedroom. You have a great idea of what your design looks like according to your favourite colour and look. You empty the room, you paint it, and then fill it with your desired bedroom furniture. But how can you find the perfect furniture pieces?

Generally, you have two options. You can browse for bedroom furniture in stores or online. Alternatively, you can get your bedroom furniture made to order. 

The battle of ready made vs custom furniture can only be settled by understanding both the options and their pros and cons. 


What Is Ready-made Furniture?

Manufacturers produce home furniture pieces in bulk based on their own designs. This pre-made furniture is known as 'ready-made furniture'. You don't get to choose the design, material, or the make. You can only browse through the furniture catalogue and choose the designs that you like. You can easily buy furniture online because it is already made. You can also go to a nearby store to  buy your bedroom furniture,  living room furniture, and so on.



Here are the benefits that you can get when you buy ready-made  living room furniture.

  • Quick delivery: There is furniture made in factories, which has every part of the furniture already assembled and cut and waiting for firms to send it to their clients. When you buy furniture online, it facilitates the accessibility of the furniture since it can be transported to your home within 3-4 days. For instance, you may urgently need an  office chair  before your new job starts.
  • Low cost: As ready-made furniture is produced in large quantities, the manufacturing costs are low. As a result, you can get home furniture at a low cost.
  • Variety: Companies like Nilkamal Furniture have hundreds of ready-made designs available on their website.


Feeling good about buying ready-made living furniture? Consider these potential drawbacks of getting ready-made furniture first.

  • Lack of personalisation: Are you looking for furniture pieces that express who you are? You may not get a personalised touch when you buy ready-made furniture. For example, you may prefer a  bookshelf  that is custom-made for your books.
  • Size and dimensions: Sometimes, you may love a ready-made furniture piece, but its size and dimensions would not be suitable for your space.
  • Quality: Sometimes, ready-made  home furniture  seems to be low-quality because you cannot control how it's made. However, you can overcome this by choosing a trusted and reputed brand.

Before we settle the debate of ready made vs custom furniture, let's take a look at what custom furniture is.

What Is Custom Furniture?

Custom furniture, on the other hand, encompasses furniture that is only made to your order with your preferred style and materials. You can get a carpenter in your area to make the furniture for you, or you can just order the furniture from a speciality store that deals with custom-made furniture. You give the outside design that you prefer alongside the measurements and materials that you wish to use.

For example, if you are a big family of 8 people. You may not get dining furniture that will accommodate your entire family. You can get a large  dining table  or other dining furniture custom-made for your family.


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What benefits can you get from getting your furniture made from scratch? Here are the advantages of custom-made home furniture.

  • Choose your own design: You can design custom furniture yourself according to your vision. You can design custom furniture yourself according to your vision. If you want a specific type of design that no one else has, get your living furniture custom-made.
  • Control over quality: This is, perhaps, the greatest benefit of ordering custom furniture since it means you get to decide on the quality of the material being used. You can ensure that you are getting high-quality furniture.
  • Size: This makes it possible for you to make your furniture in precise sizes and proportions that will be ideal for the layout of your home. For instance, if you are rather tall, you could buy a bed of a longer size or other items of bedroom furniture specifically suited to your height.


  • Expensive: Getting your furniture made can be very costly. You need to pay the carpenters for their dedicated services, plus the cost of material piles up because you buy it in smaller quantities. For example, getting a  metal bunk bed  made from scratch is going to be extremely expensive.
  • Mistakes in crafting: Your carpenter could make errors while creating the furniture. You may end up with furniture that's different from what you had in mind.
  • No returns and refunds: When you buy furniture online, you can return it if you are not happy with the results. You cannot return furniture and get your money back when it is customised.

Ready made vs custom furniture - which is the better choice? To answer this question, we need to consider several factors.


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Ready-made vs Custom Furniture: Which One To Choose?

Consider the following factors when deciding on ready made vs custom furniture for your house.

  • The design:What design do you have in mind? If the design is simple or commonly found, you can probably find it in a ready-made furniture shop. But if you have a unique or unusual design in mind, go for a customised piece instead. For instance, you can buy a good, sturdy  king-sized bed  online because you don't have any unique design in mind.
  • Quality concerns:If you want to buy your furniture pre-made, choose only trustworthy and reputed furniture vendors. If you are obsessed with quality, you can get your furniture customised.
  • Time:This is a key concern in the debate of ready made vs custom furniture. Customised furniture needs a lot of time and patience as opposed to ready-made furniture.


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It is a common debate whether to choose readymade furniture or opt for customised furniture- which one is best? The answer to ready-made vs custom furniture is going to be different for each person that’s going to read this blog post. Choosing any of the options depends on individual needs, as both are excellent if properly selected. If fashion is what you are interested in and you are keen on getting a design that you might not get anywhere else, then go for the customised design. However, if you are not particular about a design, you can also check the furniture stores and get an immediately available design that you prefer.

Explore hundreds of furniture designs on  Nilkamal Furniture,  and place your order today! 


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How do I choose between ready made vs custom furniture?

Consider factors like available time, exclusivity of design, and quality expectations before choosing between ready made vs custom furniture.


Is customised furniture more expensive than ready-made?

Yes, customised furniture is expensive because the material is purchased in smaller quantities, and labour time is devoted to just one furniture piece.


Is readymade furniture good quality?

Yes, it can be of good quality if you buy from a trusted brand like Nilkamal Furniture.


How long does it take to make custom furniture?

It depends on your design and the availability of resources. It can take anywhere from 7-10 days.


Can you buy custom furniture online?

Yes, you can look for websites that deliver custom-made designs. However, those are quite rare.

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