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September 20, 2023

Expert Ideas For Mix-n-Matching Bedroom Furniture Pieces For A Coordinated Look

Decorating your bedroom is a tricky job, especially if you want to get unique aesthetics. Deciding to do your bedroom décor is easy, but it can be intimidating when you actually do it. From choosing the right wall colour to cohesive  bedroom furniture,  choosing everything to your unique taste and displaying your distinct personality is essential. The most important decision to make while decorating or decorating your bedroom is the design of your  bedroom furniture.  Do you want to  buy bedroom furniture  set or select individual  bedroom furniture  pieces? In this article, you’ll learn how to effectively mix and match your  bedroom furniture  to decorate your bedroom beautifully. 


Why To Select Individual Bedroom Furniture?

A bedroom with carefully selected furniture pieces gives the impression of a  designer bedroom furniture  set. A  bedroom furniture  set is not the issue, but the absolute symmetry in design must have character. When creating an inviting and cosy bedroom space, a matching furniture set can appear formal, like it's straight from the  designer bedroom furniture  catalogue. Therefore, the main aim is to create a warm and inviting bedroom space through a cohesive mix of furniture. By selecting furniture pieces and mixing them to create your unique space, your bedroom will reflect your personality. 


Ideas For Coordinating Your Bedroom Furniture

Here are some ideas and tips for coordinating different  bedroom furniture  pieces:


Choose a Décor Theme

The first of decorating is selecting the décor theme. Do you want your bedroom to look contemporary or prefer a more traditional look, or is minimalism your style? Whatever it is you prefer, decide on the design theme first and then choose the furniture pieces. Remember, the design theme first chosen is not fixed. It can be modified or changed as you move on. So, start with a broad concept of the décor theme and then refine it as you select furniture pieces. The decor theme is the guideline to create a cohesive-looking bedroom.


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Select the Main Pieces

Every bedroom has a few main furniture pieces and then a few pieces for accessorising. The basis of coordinating different furniture pieces is to start with a few main pieces. Once you have selected the main pieces, you can build on them to expand the décor theme. Starting with the main pieces and working around them is also easier. To start decorating, you can start with the  bed,  select a complementing  bedside table,  get a complementing  dresser  to match the  bedside table,  and so on. It is always better and easier to start with the  bed.  You get all the designs and styles of beds here, ranging from a  queen size bed  to a  king size bed online


Select The Bed Design

Your  bed  is the main furniture of your bedroom and the place you spend the most time in your bedroom. It will be the focal point of your décor. So, start with selecting the  bed  size. What  bed  size will be suitable and adequate? Should you buy a  king size bed online  or a  queen size bed?  The  bed  size will mainly depend on your bedroom space and number of people sleeping on it. After deciding on the size, pick the  bed  design. The style or design of your  bed  is extremely important. It will determine the theme of the rest of your furniture pieces.


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Decide The Remaining Pieces

After selecting your  bed,  you must move on to the rest of the furniture. The rest of the pieces will depend on the space you have left and your preference. Suppose you have a walk-in closet; then you won’t need a cabinet or a dresser. Otherwise, you will need a cabinet for your clothes and a dresser to get ready.  Wardrobe  size will depend on the available space. Then do you need abedside table or a nightstand? If you work from home too, will you need a work table? If you love reading, what about a  recliner  or  armchair  in your bedroom? You need to analyse your needs and decide the furniture you want in your bedroom.


Mix- Match Furniture Pieces

Now you have your  bed  and know what furniture you need. The next step is to select their styles to create a coordinated look. There is no one right way to get the coordinated look. You can experiment by following the basic steps and match your  bedroom furniture.  The simple ideas for mix-and-match are:


  • Repeat Styles, Colour, Tone, Or Texture-  To maintain cohesiveness, you need furniture with repeating design elements. If you have chosen a wooden or metal  bed,  you can match other furniture pieces in similar colour tones, in similar textures or with some parts in the same material. Like a  bedside table  with metal legs and a to go with your metal  queen size bed.  Or a dresser in a wood tone similar to your wooden  bed  or an accent chair in a matching fabric to your headboard. Repeating design elements throughout your bedroom will create cohesion and a sense of consistency, and you will give the impression of  designer bedroom furniture.


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  • Add in Some Contrast-  Creating a consistent décor theme is good. But, to make your bedroom pop, add in some contrast. You can go for a contrasting texture or material in one of the furniture pieces. For example, with a wooden  bed,  you can opt for an eclectic metal or chrome  bedside table.  Contrast will also create a visual element in your bedroom space.
  • Add in Colour/Texture/Material Variations-  With a similar furniture style, create a unique décor by varying the materials or colour/texture tones. Remember to keep a dominant colour tone when mixing colours and select different tones of that colour for your décor. When mixing materials or textures, fix a specific colour theme and add materials/textures in the same colour theme.


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Follow these simple tips to create your dream bedroom by mixing different  bedroom furniture  pieces. Just remember to purchase stylish and superior-quality furniture to last several years. To  buy bedroom furniture  of high quality and durability in trendy designs, visit  Nilkamal Furniture.

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