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June 19, 2024

Complete Guide to King & Queen Size Bed Dimensions in 2024

Understanding the Sizes of King and Queen Beds

Bed dimensions are an important factor to consider when choosing a bed that affects our comfort and quality of sleep. Most people prefer king-sized beds due to their large space and flexibility. Understand these factors before you buy bed online.


King Size Beds

A  king-size bed  is the very embodiment of luxury with convenience that offers enough room for two people to sleep together without disturbing one another. The standard measurements for king-size beds are 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. This can fit well into master bedrooms that still have enough space for additional furniture or even walking across the bed. This is great for couples with children who occasionally share a bed, as well as those with some pets.


Queen Size Beds

Though not as big as a king-size, a queen-size mattress provides ample room to move around. A queen-sized design has bed dimensions of 60 by 80 inches. For example, if you want to sleep closer together or someone likes stretching out in his sleep, these are suitable because they offer extra space while one sleeps. Guest rooms, smaller master bedrooms, and even bigger kids’ rooms are where  queen size beds  fit well.



Different Sizes King & Queen Bed

There is a pool of a range of king-size and queen-size beds for different tastes and room spaces. Here are some options available:


Nilkamal Riva King Size Bed (with storage)

Bed Dimensions:

  • Width (cm): 192
  • Depth (cm): 221.5
  • Height (cm): 110
  • Weight (Kg): 135


Description: This is a  modern king-size bed  that provides maximum space and comfort. Ideal for a large bedroom and an extra sleeping area. This is a perfect choice for you if you need storage space as well.


Nilkamal Mozart King Bed With Storage (Walnut)

Bed Dimensions

  • Width (cm): 192
  • Depth (cm): 185
  • Height (cm): 100
  • Weight (Kg): 128.97


Description: The  king-size bed  is a modern king-size bed made of engineered wood with storage compartments and shelves. It boasts a timeless walnut finish and is designed to fit a standard 78" x 72" mattress comfortably.


Nilkamal Willy King Bed With Storage (Wenge & Sonama Oak)

Bed Dimensions

  • Width (cm): 188
  • Depth (cm): 203
  • Height (cm): 86


Description: This  king-size bed with storage  features a distinctive dual-tone curved headboard and durable particleboard construction. It offers six spacious storage compartments and comes in sophisticated new wenge and sonama oak shades.


Nilkamal Arthur Queen Bed (Walnut)

Bed Dimensions

  • Width (cm): 187.6
  • Depth (cm): 204.5
  • Height (cm): 79
  • Weight (Kg): 122


Description: The popular choice among queen beds, the  regular queen size bed  delivers both enough room and comfort, making it suitable for most bedrooms and accommodating two persons easily.


Nilkamal Riva Queen Bed With Storage (Wenge)

Bed Dimensions

  • Width (cm): 162
  • Depth (cm): 221.5
  • Height (cm): 110
  • Weight (Kg): 118


Description: Crafted from premium engineered wood, this  queen size bed  offers durability and spacious storage compartments. Its elegantly designed headboard includes storage shelves. The new wenge shade provides a warm, welcoming vibe, and a queen-size mattress fits perfectly.


Nilkamal Willy Queen Bed With Storage (Wenge & Sonama Oak)


  • Width (cm): 158
  • Depth (cm): 203
  • Height (cm): 85
  • Weight (Kg): 115


Description: This  queen size bed  features a standout dual-tone curved headboard and strong particleboard construction. It includes six spacious storage compartments and comes in sophisticated wenge and Sonama oak shades. A queen-size mattress fits perfectly.




How to Choose the Perfect King or Queen Size Bed

Selecting the best king or queen-size bed involves considering several factors to ensure it meets your needs and fits your space well. For you to make an informed decision, we have compiled some useful tips:


Size of the Room

Measure your bedroom so that you can find out what is the maximum size of bed which will fit in without overcrowding. Also, think about where other furniture items are located and the place where your  new bed  will stand.



Sleeping Patterns

You should also consider how you and/or your partner sleep before choosing a particular kind of bed. A king size bed design may be ideal if both parties need their own sleeping space. On the other hand, if you prefer sleeping next to each other, a queen-size bed would be better. 

Height Levels

Consider how tall both you and your spouse are when selecting a California queen or king. 

Price Range

The cost of buying a king-sized mattress is usually higher than that of purchasing one with queen measurements. Set a budget and explore options within that range that deliver maximum value for money. 

Long-term Considerations

Think about what might happen in the future as far as this choice is concerned, especially if you are planning to have children who might end up joining their parents’ beds more often than not. This means a larger king-size bed would be more economical. 

Style Preference

What design and style does the piece come in? Try modern minimalist designs as well as traditional ornate ones. Make sure that whatever type chosen matches perfectly with the interior décor theme within your bedroom area.





To choose between a king-size or queen-size bed, consider its suitability for space availability at home, personal habits during sleep hours & specific preferences overall. At  Nilkamal Furniture,  there are various types of beds available in different sizes, including kingsize and queen-size ones that can be well suited for your home just in case you are still struggling with what to choose or how to buy bed online. You will make a wise decision if you consider factors such as the size of your room, the amount of money you are ready to spend on it and even some future needs. 



How does a king-size bed differ from a California king-size bed?

King-size beds measure 80 inches by 76 inches, while California King is narrower (84 inches) but longer (72 inches). For taller individuals who need more legroom, this is the preferred choice.


Can a standard bedroom fit a king-size bed?

A standard bedroom can accommodate a king-size bed. Nevertheless, measurements must be taken to allow for other furniture pieces and movement around it.


Which is the most common bed size?

The queen-size mattress is commonly used because it offers enough space without taking up too much floor area. It fits well in many bedrooms, and whether you’re alone or married, this one will do just fine.


Can split king beds work for couples?

Yes, these are perfect for couples who have different sleeping preferences. This type has adjustable sides where each person’s comfort level can be met independently.


What should I consider when choosing bed frames for queen or king sizes?

When selecting a frame for your queen/king-sized mattress, think about the material used in its construction, design, and durability. Confirm the strength of supports beneath so that they don’t give way under pressure due to heavy mattresses on top of them.

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