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April 05, 2023

Reasons You Should Choose a Modular Bed as a Wedding Gift

Finding the best wedding gift is a tedious task. If you need clarification about finding a premium and high-quality wedding gift,  modular beds  can be the best choice. These beds are the perfect pieces of furniture to create a comfortable space in a bedroom. When a new couple dreams of building a new house, they face many challenges. But, the proper choice of furniture makes it easier for them to place everything in order. Therefore, you should also ensure that the wedding gift you present to a new couple becomes helpful in creating the home of their dream. Amodular bed can be one of those gifts that can help your favourite couple to build a perfect bedroom. 


Benefits of Modular Beds

There are many benefits of  modular beds,  and one can get the ultimate comfort and space-saving option by incorporating a bed in one's bedroom.


  • Help to Save Space
  • Due to the less space in the home, people prefer furniture that helps to save a lot of space. A  modular bed with storage  can save a lot of space in your bedroom. Thus you can utilise the spare space to incorporate other pieces of furniture. You can also store many valuable belongings in your bed with storage capacity. A  modular bed with storage  capacity is available in various designs.


  • Require Low Maintenance
  • A  modular bed  requires low maintenance due to its high-quality materials, and you can also clean it easily. Despite the low maintenance, it will be durable for a longer period. You also don't need to spend a lot of money on the maintenance of this bed. 


  • Modern Design
  • If you are fascinated by the  modular bedroom design,  you can also opt for a bed of modular design. These beds are available in modern designs and appealing looks. The bed of modular design is suitable to coordinate with the modular design of the bedroom. Coordinating the bed with the modular bedroom will improve the bedroom decor. You can also upgrade the bed's look by coordinating its design with other  bedroom furniture.


  • Customisable Option
  • A bed of modular design allows you to adjust your bedroom as per your requirement. You can customise it as per the requirement of your space. The customisable option will enable you to decorate your bedroom as per your choice. A customisable option is suitable for a  modular bedroom design,  and the customisable option is also convenient for space-saving options. 


    Check out modular bed without storage at Nilkamal Furniture.


  • More Functional
  • A modular bed is more functional. You can create the exact adjustment as per your choice. Some beds are also attached with LED lights in the headboard to illuminate your bedroom. Such a bed also serves many other functionalities, including storage capacity, an appealing headboard, a robust mattress panel, etc. When you opt for a  king size bed with hydraulic storage,  you can accommodate a lot of belongings in the storage. You can use the storage capacity to store many valuable belongings. Thus, it helps you to save a lot of space in your bedroom. 


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    Features of the Modular Bed of Nilkamal

    There are various features of a modular bed at Nilkamal. Some of these features are discussed below:


  • Appealing Design of the Headboard
  • The marbled design on the headboard adds a magnificent look to the entire bed. The headboard's LED lights help illuminate the bed and create a bright space in the bedroom. The MDF construction makes the headboard strong and sturdy. Such a stylish headboard becomes a focal point in your bedroom by adding an elegant look to your bed. A strong headboard also helps you create a good sleeping environment by supporting your head and  pillows.


  • Box Storage Capacity
  • The Nilkamal modular bed features box storage that allows you to store your belongings. The boxes are wide enough to store many belongings at the same time. Thus you can save a lot of space using these storage boxes to store your valuable belongings. The box storage also adds an aesthetically pleasing appearance and an organised look to your bedroom. With the help of these boxes for your bed, you can keep your bedroom organised by storing your belongings. In these boxes, you can store them from the pillow cover to a blanket.

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  • Robust Mattress Panel
  • A robust mattress panel of the bed offers a comfortable sleep by improving stability and support. It also makes your mattress more durable and comfortable. Thus you can get a good quality of sleep. A robust  mattress  panel also helps distribute your body weight equally, elevates your pressure points, and saves you from body pain. Your mattress gets a vital placement and does not shift quickly from its place.



  • White Walnut Shades
  • The white walnut shades add a classic and attractive look to the bed and a natural look to the entire bedroom. The eye-pleasing look added by the white walnut shade improves the visual appeal of the bedroom. Proper care of the bed with walnut shades can make it last longer. But you need to save it from possible scratches and dents.


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    Presenting a modular bed to a newlywed couple can be one of the best gifts. It will help them to redesign their bedroom with the customisable option. It becomes easy to decorate one's bedroom with modular beds. But you should be careful while choosing the right type of bed. You should check the material's quality and the bed's size. Make sure that the bed lasts longer. One of the essential benefits of a modular bed is functionality. Even if you must shift your home often, you need not worry about carrying a modular bed due to its functionality. Even if you have a modular bed of considerable size, you need not worry about carrying it due to its functionality. If you are searching for a  king size bed with hydraulic storage,  you can visit  Nilkamal Furniture.

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