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April 04, 2023

Entertainment Unit Vs Wall-Mount: Which Is Better For Your Home

Every homeowner faces the  entertainment unit vs wall mounted tv  dilemma whenever they purchase a new tv or decorate their living rooms. The sleek and slim tv design makes it more complicated. Earlier, the bulky tv needed a tv stand or tv unit. But now, the slim tv can easily be hung or kept on a tv cabinet, whatever suits the homeowner. Choosing between wall-mounted  tv and entertainment units  is not easy to make. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. So, deciding between the two ultimately lies with you. However, to help you make an informed choice, we have made an  entertainment unit vs wall mounted tv  comparison. After reading it, you can decide, which is a better display option for your home. Read on!!


Entertainment Unit Vs Wall Mounted TV

To decide whether wall mounted tv or a  tv entertainment unit  is better for you, you need first to understand the features of the two. After knowing their features, you can compare them and decide what works best for your home. Let’s know the key features of a wall-mounted set-up and a  tv entertainment unit.  


Tv Wall Mounts

Wall mounted tv means the tv is mounted on a wall with the help of wall brackets or a tv mount. It is easier and more compelling to prop up your thin and lightweight tv is easier on your wall. 


Here are some advantages of wall mount tv:


  • Space Saving - When your tv is mounted on a wall, you have a lot of floor space saved. You can utilise that space for some other furniture. Wall-mounted tv is perfect if you have a small home. Also, with a wall-mounted tv, your living space looks larger and more spacious. 
  • Safe Tv- When you have little kids or pets in your home, then a wall-mounted tv is advantageous. It keeps your tv put-of-reach of kids and pets. So they cannot accidentally hit or knock it when the tv is at a height. This keeps your tv safe from toppling accidents. 
  • Sleek Set-up –When you have a small  living room,  a wall-mounted tv not only saves floor space but also makes your living space look stylish and aesthetically appealing. 
  • Flexibility of Viewing Angles- With a wall-mounted tv set-up, you can decide the place, height, tilt or positioning of your tv. You can mount your tv at any place on the wall, place it at any height suited to your sitting, or tilt it at your convenience. 
  • Ease of Changing tv- It is easier to do so with a wall mount set-up when you want to change your tv. Whether you exchange your existing tv for a bigger or smaller tv, you don’t need to worry about it fitting into your tv unit.


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Here are some drawbacks of wall-mounted tv set-up:


  • Installation - Wall mounting your tv will require installation from an expert. You cannot do it yourself. It has to be done correctly to ensure the wall brackets are secure and can bear the weight of your tv. 
  • No Storage - With a wall-mount tv set-up, you don’t have any storage. So, if you need to keep your game console or speakers, you need an extra shelf, fixture, or table.
  • Visibility of Cords - When your tv is hung on the wall, all the cords, cables, etc., attached to your tv are visible. It is tricker to hide them so that they may look messy and cluttered.


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Entertainment Units (H3)

Entertainment units, also known as tv units or tv cabinets, are the modern version of tv stands. They are stylish and have space for all your entertainment devise and your tv, which is why they name entertainment units. 


Here are some advantages of entertainment units :

  • Design Versatility - Entertainment units come in various designs, colours, sizes and shapes. From floor entertainment units to  wall mounted tv unit designs,  you get a wide range to choose from at Nilkamal as per your aesthetics and preferences. 
  • Safet- When you keep your tv in an entertainment unit, your tv is safe from accidental toppling, outside dust, etc. 
  • Space For Everything - An entertainment unit provides space for everything from your speakers to your DVD player and your cable box to your gaming console. All your entertainment and gaming devices are organised in a single place. 
  • Storage - Apart from a place for all your devices, an entertainment unit can also have additional storage space to keep other stuff, such as books, magazines, and decorative items. 
  • Clutter-free Arrangement - With an entertainment unit, all your cables, wires, and cords are hidden behind the panel and organised. This gives a clutter-free look to your living space. 
  • Display - Your entertainment unit is for more than just keeping your tv. It is also a display unit for your living room. You can display your souvenirs, family pictures or other collectables on it. 


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With so many advantages, Entertainment units have a few drawbacks too. They are:


  • Occupies Space - An entertainment unit occupies floor space. The floor space can be small or large, depending on the size of the  tv and entertainment units.  If you have a small living space, then it may make it look cramped. 
  • Less Customisation Of Viewing Angle - An entertainment unit has a fixed height and base. So, you cannot customise the height or tilt at your convenience. 


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Both wall mounts and entertainment units have their advantages and shortcomings. You need to choose per your preferences, living room space and aesthetics. Whatever is a better fit for your home and needs is the best for you. However, to get the best of both worlds, you can always opt for  wall mounted tv unit designs.  Check out the stylish tv unit collection at  Nilkamal Furniture  here. Whether you want to purchase a simple tv unit or an elaborate  tv cabinet online,  Nilkamal Furniture has it all. Whatever your requirement is, you will find a  tv unit design  that suits it perfectly.

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