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September 29, 2022

Side Table Decoration Ideas And Styling Tips

Side tables are a challenge for many, who are looking for portable living room furniture options. Side tables are more limited than a coffee table, which has a lot of space for creativity.  Side table decor  is essential to any living room, but the placement will depend on what aesthetic you choose to place on top. Your side table can sometimes be a decorative item, such as a location to exhibit your preferred design. Check out this quick guide from Nilkamal on choosing the perfect material for your  sofa side table  to build a cohesive look for your living area.

Side Table Decor Ideas

Maintain the sense of style of your side table's by sticking to simple contemporary interior design strategy. You don't want your  side table  to become the focal point of your space, so make sure you don't overload it with decorations. Side tables are an excellent example of how to allow extra space to be part of your design. Choosing one beautiful, sculptural object over an elaborate tablescape is better than having multiple. It also leaves enough room to place a coaster every once in a while if you need it to do double duty for guests.

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Play with Decorative, Bold Objects

Side tables can be used as vessels for art and decorative objects. The interior designer says that a grouping of art and objects can set the mood and help tell the homeowner's story. A little bit of cheekiness can make a space unique and authentic. These large side tables in the living room show how you can use the rule of three to style a side  table.  It features three different design objects that are varied in height, texture, colour, and shape. It may hold a vase or a decor piece that goes with your decor.

Bring in Nature with a Potted Plant

Popular houseplants are the best for home decor. A potted plant can add colour to a neutral space, but it can also be used to bring in some greenery to brighten up the house decor scheme. 

Add a Colour Point to Flowers

A  sofa side table  can be the ideal platform for fresh flowers if you want to add seasonal flair to your home. Check out vases with sculptural stems, as they are trendy in interior design. Dry grasses or flowers with a longer shelf life are a great option if you want something low-maintenance. Side tables are vital since they can add personality and style to your home. Side tables no longer serve as just a place for random things; the side table is a design feature that should be celebrated. These side tables can be used for purposes other than their intended use but can also be attractive.

Ideal Locations for a Side Table

  1. Foyer: Clutter builds up in your home's entryway. A  wood table  with created drawers and shelves can save you a significant amount of area. You can use a more extended, lower-height wooden side table to provide impermanent seating while shoes are being put on or taken off. Depending on your climate, a wooden table in your hall could be a great place to store your keys, mail, and small potted plants.

  1. Living room :  Most people are familiar with wooden  side tables for living room  decoration. Since the reason and layout of most living areas, a wooden side table is a logical fit. Wooden side  tables with glass tops  are frequently used to make your living space modest and open. Sheesham wood bedside tables are an open design that combines solid wood stability with a simple design. They will work well in any layout. A small side table can be used in living rooms with prominent corners. These tables are often used to store drinks and snacks while spending time with family and friends. You can also place table lamps there, which will improve the lighting. You can choose a rectangular and spherical side table for your living room. They add character and aesthetics to your home. There are so many  side table decor  options for small living rooms in India that we don't have enough of, so be selective when choosing what will give you and your guests a positive vibe every day.

  1. Dining room:  A wooden  side table  can be used in many ways in a dining area. Side tables are an incredible asset to every dining room if they are well-constructed and workable. Wooden side tables with wheels can be used as extensions to a dinner cart, and they can hold cutlery and condiments and larger dishes. This frees up space at your  dinner table  and allows you to pass items between guests with much more ease. A small wooden side table or a bigger table that really can hold cups and glasses can be used to serve water.

  1. Kitchen :  The kitchen is a crucial space in many homes and families. You will want your kitchen to be as functional and attractive as possible, especially if you love cooking. Modest pots and fresh herbs could be stored on a natural wood table. Side tables with shelves can be used to increase counter space and storage. A larger side table might be used to store your spices and other ingredients while you cook. Depending on your kitchen's layout, you might be able to add  stools  with a higher table at the side to allow friends and family to join you while you cook.

  1. Bedroom :  Wooden side tables with drawers or shelves are great for bedrooms. You can use your bedside table in a variety of ways, and you could also place a beautiful coffee table next to you to enjoy a coffee while you relax after completing all your chores.

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Occasionally, all it takes is a slight change to offer your decorating project a fresh outlook, make a fashion statement, and make the result nicer than you envisioned. Browse  Nilkamal furniture,  get your desired side table, and add to your house decor.
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