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September 30, 2022

The Most Suitable Chairs of Different Features and Design For Living Room 

The chair is an essential part of the furniture in our living room. Your living room is incomplete without a set of comfy and stylish chairs. Although we tend to focus more on the sofa, a chair is equally vital in the living room. When you buy living room chairs, you should be familiar with their style, design and functions. Only a stylish  chair  will not do the job if it is not comfortable at all.

In the same way, only a comfortable chair that does not suit your living room and may diminish the room's beauty if not adequately matched with the aesthetics. Therefore, look for a suitable chair that you think is fit for yourself by allowing the ambience of your living room to remain intact.


Type of Chairs Suitable for Your Living Room

There are different types of  living room chairs  to fulfill your needs. You can go through the following types of chairs to understand their distinct design, pattern and features.


  • Club Chair


Club chair  originated in France and was known as fauteuil comfortable, which refers to the comfortable armchair. This armchair is covered in leather and allows you to immerse yourself in the ultimate comfort. Although the chair is featured with a classic design, it is still relevant today. There is no evidence of naming it as a club. But it is assumed that the word club has been added to refer to the gentlemen's club. With time the chair has become more elegant and charming. 


The club chair's crafting, design, and upholstery are the main reasons for grabbing the attention. 


  • Papasan Chair


The Papasan chair is an oversized round chair with an adjustable angle. The chair is designed with a bowl-like frame made of wood. The cushion of the chair is featured with velvet clothes and cotton fluff. Traditional Papasan chair has removable cushions.


  • Wingback Chair


A wingback chair or wing chair is a chair with wings that surround the side of the chair. It is one of the fashionable chairs that can add a fantastic aura to your living room space. Its timeless design is suitable for any living room that can fill the space with grandeur. This chair will make you feel comfortable while carrying out any activities, including reading books, watching television or feeling relaxed. Earlier, these chairs were used near the fireplace as they were suitable for trapping the heat.


If you are looking for wooden chairs ,the wingback chairs can fit the bill. Such chairs are upholstered fully with exposing wooden legs. They originated in England in the 1600s, and their basic design has remained intact since the period of origination. There are different wing chairs, including flat wing, scroll wing, butterfly wing and more.


  • Lounge Chair


Eames  Lounge chair  and ottoman were introduced in 1956. Charles and Ray Eames designed these chairs for a reputed furniture company Herman Miller, and Eameses designed the chair with premium features of modern design. This  living room lounge chair  perfectly blends three plywood shells and veneer. One of the unique features of these chairs is that their seat cushions are of similar shape and design. These chairs are more comfortable as their back and headrest are of identical proportions. Although the products used to make these chairs have changed over time, the basic structure is still similar. 


Lounge chairs are suitable for comforting your back after a tiring day at work. You can even take a nap in this chair. Its appealing look enhances your living room's beauty apart from allowing you to experience alluring comfort. You should search online for a  living room lounge chair  of fantastic design and shape.

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  • Barrel Chair


The significant feature of the barrel chair is its rounded back and large size. The product's more petite frame is distinguished from other chairs. Its padded back and arms will allow you to experience comfort once you sit after feeling tired. Due to their shape, you will feel like it is holding you from the back. The antique barrel chairs were constructed with authentic barrels. Till now, some antique barrel chairs have been formed using upholstery for the seat and back areas.


  • English Rolled Arm Chair


The English rolled  armchair  is popular because of its soft and deep cushioning, providing ultimate cosiness. Its rolled arm represents the traditional design that fits any living room. Its angled back with large cushions allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable. It is created with solid wood and a tight back.

This armchair is suitable for doing any activities like reading books, watching TV, and sitting to feel relaxed. Due to being comfortable, you can spend hours sitting on this chair.


  • Slipper Chair


A slipper chair is a perfect example if you prefer an  armless chair.  This armless chair became more popular in the Victorian era. During this era, slipper chairs became a favourite of upper-class ladies, resulting in popularity. 

It is a chair of a unique design with a high back and a low seat. Some slipper chairs are identical to the accent chair due to the design, colour and pattern. Due to being an armless chair, these are suitable for living rooms with small spaces. 


  • Lawson Chair


The style of Lawson's chair is a blend of traditional and mid-century modern design. It is considered a reading chair that allows you to rest your elbow at an ideal height. This chair is distinguished from others due to its rounded or square arms. If you are an avid reader looking for a comfortable reading chair, pick the lawson chair. Its standard design and style compliment any living room.

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There are many chairs with a myriad of colours, patterns and designs. But only a few popular living room chairs have been listed here. You can choose any of them that complements the space of your living room as you have gone through their different features. To explore the chair for your living room, you can visit  Nilkamal Furniture.
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