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June 22, 2022

Amazing Wooden Side Table Decor Ideas For Every Room

If you are planning on decorating your new home or renovating your old house, you should add wooden side tables to your decor. They are visually appealing and do a great job as functional items, and they are great at adding to the aesthetics of your room.

Even though we tend to consider wooden bed side tables only as a bedroom item, every room of your house deserves the perfect wooden table to elevate the room's sophistication. A solid wood side table can serve practical purposes which other furniture can not and yet be eye-catching.  Explore  @Nilkamal furniture  to find te best furniture for you.


Ideal Spaces For Wooden Side Table

Here are some definitive ideas on decorating your rooms with wooden side tables.


1. Foyer

The entry space of your home is the primary area where most of the clutter accumulates. You can easily save the mess, declutter and save up on space if you place a wooden side table with a drawer and built-in shelf features. You can use a wooden table for multipurpose if you choose a table that sits lower to the ground facilitating a seating arrangement while taking off your footwear. You can also decorate your wooden side table in your entry area to keep your mail, keys and low-maintenance potted plants.  Check out  the  Nilkamal Rowan Shoe Cabinet/Rack  that can ideally be used as a cabinet to store your essentials. 


2. Living room

The natural space, design and purpose of living rooms make them a perfect fit for placing a wooden side table. You can choose a wooden side table that is marble top or glass top to add to the minimalistic vibe of your living room. You can also find minimalistic design  wooden side tables  that can serve the purpose without bringing down the look of your room. 

You can place small side tables in your living area's empty yet noticeable corners. Use it to hold snacks and drinks while chit-chatting with your friends and family. You can change the ambience by placing decorative table lamps on the tables. You can choose any shape of the side table, which will promote sophistication and commendable taste.

Amp up your living room with this designer  Nilkamal Melbourne side table.


3. Dining Room

You can purposefully place the wooden side tables in dining rooms. If you have an eye for decor, you can find suitable designs and styles of wooden side tables that can elevate the ambience of your dining room. A wooden side table with wheels can be an excellent choice as it can be used as an extension to the dinner wagon and carry condiments, cutlery and larger dishes. It will help you clear up your dining table and create space between people for experiencing a seamless dining experience. You can invest in a wooden side table to hold cups and glasses and serve as a permanent drinks table. The  Nilkamal Barron Coffee Table (New Wenge)  is an ideal pick to light up your dining room.


4. Kitchen

For many households, the kitchen is a space where they spend most of their time. Especially if they have a knack for food and love to cook, you must ensure that their kitchen space is appealing, organised and versatile. You can opt for a solid wood side table to hold small necessary items for everyday cooking. You can place small pots for storing spices, fresh herbs and other ingredients. You can also look for slightly larger tables with shelves for additional  storage space  and utilise this table for chopping vegetables while you cook. As per the design and layout of the kitchen, you can include stools with side tables to help your friends and family keep you company while you exercise your culinary skills.


5. Office

You can always use a small wooden side table for office room layouts. You can opt for side tables in your work-from-home set-up, studies, or even at your office. Especially if you have a lot of meetings to attend, a side table will always be a great choice to organise your projects, and your workplace will seem more inviting and put together for your clients and colleagues. For students, a wooden side table makes their space more practical and cohesive. The side table can hold a handful of notebooks, books or even a lamp.  Nilkamal Recardo Office Table (Black/Walnut)  can be used as a side or the main table to arrange your tasks at the workplace. You can store your necessary items and even your computer on the table to work with ease and full functionality.


6. Bedroom

A  wooden bed side table  is essential for any bedroom. Generally, it comes with a drawer or shelf feature, and you can place it on either side of the bed. It is a great purchase if you do not have any attached shelves on the headboard of your bed. In modern houses, multipurpose bedside tables are becoming practically mandatory. Choosing a bedside table depends upon the room's texture and mood. Determine the available space and choose a convenient table to reach out to during nighttime. The difference in height between the  mattress  and the table should not be more than 2 inches. You can put a lampshade on the side table to create an ambience. You can also tuck your necessary items on the shelves. Choose a bedside table that complements the walls and furniture of your room. Darker wooden bedside tables create an eye-catching contrast, upgrading the bedroom's decor. The  Nilkamal Istanbul Side Table  in the attractive bronze shade can perfectly serve as a minimalistbedside table and upgrade your decoration.


You can choose minimal, glass-top tables to add a classy touch to your home decor. Wooden side tables, no matter how simplistic, serve a great deal in regular households.  Buy  your favourite wooden side table at  Nilkamal  today!

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