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April 06, 2022

Sofa Set Trends for 2022

With the beginning of a new year, a new page is also turned in the furniture industry, especially when rather artistic units like sofa sets are concerned. Sofa sets usually take up most of the space in your living room and hence play a major role in determining the overall outlook and ambience of your house.

With every passing year, many new designs and decor options of sofas and sofa set arrangements are being delivered to the customers by the highly competent designers and personnel at Nilkamal. Make sure to explore these new trendy designs for 2 seater sofa and more being updated regularly on the website.

The basic trend

With the passing years, most of the classic and contemporary pattern styles are coming back into the market, including rather simple and sturdy wood-based designs with a rather blunt yet strong framework.

Designers and trained professionals spend hours upon hours trying to bring the best possible designs and trends within your reach. This is done through online platforms, allowing customers to buy 2 seater sofa while in the comfort of their homes.

Solid designs

Most of these designs hold a significant amount of wood which is equally matched to the amount of fabric involved. In other words, these sofa sets come with an overall framework that is simple and strong, with a sturdy wooden frame that is relatively thick and is supported on the sides as well. This is topped off by comfortable cushioning on all required aspects.

These sofa set designs are the go-to options for setups that call for a sense of comfort while maintaining a level of professionalism and integrity. The best possible locations for such sofas would be a classy meeting room or a lounge in your office, or even your home office where you might be meeting professional buddies or clients occasionally.

The best part about these designs is that they are the easiest to manage and can withstand a high degree of adverse conditions. With minimal expenditure and care put towards the unit, these sofas tend to handle it all.

Elegant yet woodsy

This follows along the lines of the patterns mentioned previously, with the only difference being an increased level of attention given to maintaining a rather elegant and welcoming vibe to its overall outlook. These patterns are also extensively based on wood, but they make use of rather subtle and welcoming patterns of wood arrangement.

They often come in complete sets but also as separate sets allowing you to buy a 3 seater sofa. These types of sofas could be your go-to choice for furnishing your porch or farmhouse because of their perfect balance between leisure and simplicity. At Nilkamal Furniture, you can buy from a wide variety of sofas that are very comfortable and come with several options of material, colour, arrangement, etc.

Modern curves

To add some spice to the contemporary designs, which revolve around a wooden framework, designers have come up with unique ideas of incorporating rather unusual shapes and curvature into the existing patterns. For example, to an existing plain wooden chair with simple straight handles, making the handle curved inwards or outwards could add an interesting charm to it.

Most of the revamping is directed towards the handles and the armrests in these designs and has been highly applauded by designers all around the world. Still remaining on the simpler side of things, these patterned 2 or 3 seater sofa allow users to achieve a good balance between classic and modern patterns.

Minimalistic designs

With no additional attention or work put into making the 1 seater sofa appealing, the basic woodwork in creating a piece of furniture alone has now gained relative popularity among several sectors of the new generation. With raw designs being the sole focus in these pieces of furniture, the wood itself is highlighted and stands out with its unique charm.

Such simple yet classy designs are often the most sought-after designs when people buy 1 seater sofa online. This is because of the fool-proof yet satisfactory design and quality provided by such classic and reliable variants of sofa sets.

These sets are also becoming increasingly popular for usage in public spaces and restaurants. Many instances have been noticed where such basic frames are made interesting by adding customized cushions and fabric onto the framework, adding a sense of playfulness to it.

Intricate patterns

Lastly, we have the prettiest and most detailed one of all. With complex and intricate patterns carved all along its rims and backrests, such sofa sets constitute the creme de la creme as far as wooden sofa sets are concerned. Especially with the sofa set designs, which include contemporary designs put upon its panels, the amount of attention to detail is enough to blow your mind.

There are also designs that are inspired by the classic furniture from the past, which incorporates pretty tiles and pieces of art into the piece of furniture itself. This can be seen either on the panels of the sofa set supporting the armrests or sometimes on the backrest directly. These options allow the customers to gain a sense of tradition while balancing it perfectly with the high-quality modern workmanship and effort put into its design.


With such classy trends going about in the market currently, it is also important to note that these trends are rather timeless and will still remain relevant through the passage of time for decades altogether. Check out the Nilkamal website for all your future furnishing needs.

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