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January 28, 2023

Space-saving Bunk Beds to Convert the Guest Room Into a Kid's Room Conveniently

If you want to convert a guest room into a children's room, adding a bed with a bunk feature can do the trick nicely. Add a touch of  bedroom furniture  for kids, like a desk and a swing, and you have a complete makeover rather effortlessly. You can even enhance the bedroom look by painting the room with a light and attractive colour. 

Points to Consider When Buying Bunk Beds for Kids


  • Use General Themes

Since kids overgrow and seem to outgrow every detail, from clothes to preferences, it is essential to use general kids' themes in the rooms. Crafting a berth bed in a particular cartoon shape will be meaningless for the kid in a few years. So go for a general  bunk bed  design with a simple structure.


  • Durable Bedroom Furniture

The durability of the  bunk bed  is among the most crucial factors to consider when it comes to kids. You do not want your kid harmed due to a weak bed frame. So opt for a sturdy material in the beds that will be durable too. Metallic bed frames like stainless steel and wrought iron are good choices for  childrens bunk bed. Solid wood like teak and rosewood are also durable materials for a  bunk bed for kids


  • Fun Accessories To Go With

A simple design in the berth beds does not mean there will be no fun on the bunk. You can always accessorise the  bunk bed for kids  with attractive colour combinations in a favourite texture and finish. Boys or girls can make the most of the bed using fun themes that may be attached and removed when they outgrow them. Some ideas include space concepts like heavenly bodies in a glow, favourite cartoons like the Frozen fairy, Marvel heroes, Spiderman, minions, Mickey, Superman, etc. Also, enliven the mood with fun hangings like arts and crafts that are removable at any time. 


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  • Separate Zones

Whilst some berth beds are available with a rack system between the two  beds or under every climbing stair, others may have to be customised for the same. Also, adding a drawer system under every side stair is a smart idea for the kids to store everyday school materials like books or stationery. A single or double rack system under the upper bed along the wall is another innovative idea for stacking toys and other items used by the kids in the room. The sides of the bed may be customised, too, for a separate storage area for the kids using the bed. And, of course, the lower bunk area is a huge boon as it may be converted into a drawer system for storing clothes, bedding materials, etc. The kids will learn organisation early due to the excellent segregated zones available. No more clutter in the room with the practical storage zones created due to the berth bed system. They may store the toys in an organised manner after playtime and make the most of their beds. Kids can have their separate little worlds right in their sleeping areas for a cosy slumber every night. 


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  • Safety First

A safeguard railing along the berth beds is crucial to avoid any injury to the kid sleeping, especially at the top berth. It may be a single-rung, double-sung, or plank system. But make sure there is a guardrail along the sides of the beds to avoid any medical emergency. Kids tend to move about during their sleep time, hence the need for the guard railing. 


  • More Play Space

When two or more kids use the same bedroom, having separate beds for each child leaves them smaller playing areas. So having a berth bed system that combines the floor areas of all the beds in one spot is an ideal way to make more space for play. Also, an extra spot for reading times may be created, like a cosy nook or a hanging swing. Multi-functional play spots can be created within the room, too, like a tent house placed up, a foosball table, etc. 


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  • Reason for Sleepovers with Friends

One of the practical advantages of having a berth bed system in the kid's room is that sleepovers with friends are now a great way to enjoy. The ample bed space available can be utilised for an extra person to sleep over. Kids can now have their friends come over anytime for a fun occasion. 


  • Size of the Bed

Choosing  small bunk beds  or larger ones depends on the child's age. As the child grows, they will need a bigger bed. Whether the kids will use the same bed until they are older is also to be kept in mind when buying the beds. Some parents prefer the older kids to have separate bedrooms when they are older. 


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After knowing what to consider when you buy a  childrens bunk bed,  the rest of the room may be decorated accordingly. Livening wall paint or wallpaper is an excellent way to start. Wall hangings of favourite role models or cartoons may be hung up too. A rockingchair for reading or a separate playpen within the added space can be practical additions too. Explore the  small bunk beds  available online and pick from the stock. Scroll through the different designs and choose a rung-type climbing system or a stair-type one for the bunk bed as desired. Also, select the material for the bed, whether metallic or wooden. Buy bed online in  bedroom furniture  from  Nilkamal Furniture  and make the best of the guest room now converted into a  kids' bedroom.

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