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November 19, 2022

Spread Light On The Difference Between Foam Mattress and Spring Mattress

Before even considering the countless specific options, a distinction must be established when selecting a  mattress:  foam or spring. These two groups encompass all mattresses, and each has advantages and disadvantages. 

Two of the most common types of mattresses on the market are foam and  spring mattress.  Depending on the materials used in their construction, each offers a unique mix of advantages and disadvantages.

A  foam mattress  has foam layers that conform to the body, and foam adapts to each person's body type. Metal coils with a cushioning layer on top make up  spring mattress,  which provide a bounce.

All about Spring mattresses

One of the most straightforward and cost-effective beds on the market,  spring mattresses  are renowned for their classic feel. In 1857, the first steel coils were created. But the world's first innerspring mattress was created in 1871 when German inventor Heinrich Westphal employed steel coils in a  bed.

Every style of sleeper enjoys the support, bounce, and spinal alignment that spring mattresses offer, thanks to their intrinsic response. The high-end innerspring mattresses currently available on the market strike an almost ideal balance between comfort and support.

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Components of spring mattress

  • The Comfort Layer: Since sleeping on coils alone is impracticable, the core includes a thin cushion layer on top typically constructed of soft materials like foam or fibres.
  • The core: The mattress' central core is where steel coils are positioned for comfort and support. Each mattress has a unique set of coils in terms of quantity and size.
  • The Foundation: The bottom layer often consists of a thin foam layer or wool padding to support the coils.

The springs used in the  mattresses  are of different types. The Bonnell coil, offset coil, pocketed coil, and continuous coil are the four primary types of springs. Hourglass-shaped Bonnell coils are strung together to provide reaction uniformity. Similar to regular coils, offset coils feature one straight side so they can be laced closer together. Because each pocketed coil is uniquely covered in fabric, they each function independently. As a result, the mattress may feel more "hugging" to the body. The continuous coil uses one metal piece to cover all the springs. For bed partners, it can mean more motion transfer.

All about Foam Mattresses

Although spring mattresses pre-dominated the mattress industry due to their accessibility and durability, they do not offer contoured support or padded comfort. Many people prefer foam mattresses because they provide the best pressure relief and spinal alignment.

The foam was employed as a primary  mattress  material in the 20th century. With the development of visco-elastic foams in the second part of the twenty-first century, the market for  foam mattress  saw a dramatic increase.

Components of Foam mattress

A standard foam mattress typically has the construction style as follows:

  • The comfort layer offers a cushioned sleeping surface and is constructed of softer foams. In high-end mattresses, there may be more than one foam layer for insulating and transitional support, as well as perforated foams on top for immediate comfort and stress relief.
  • The support core is the mattress's base and is often built of high-density foam to keep the mattress from sagging and prolonging its life.

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Key Difference betweenfoam vs spring mattress

The differences between a  foam vs spring mattress  are substantial, making the decision difficult. Depending on the most critical factors to the buyer, each option has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the various categories where the contrasts between the two stand out.


Foam mattresses are traditionally thought to be more robust and long-lasting, which is usually reflected in their lengthier warranties. While spring mattresses can also endure a long time, there is occasionally a loss of comfort as the springs wear down over time and become less consistent, making them more prone to poking and drooping.

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A memory foam mattress is typically recommended for people with severe back discomfort. Memory foam maintains the alignment of the spine and preserves its natural curvature.

Innerspring beds still have the most bounce to them. Since foam mattresses are more shock-absorbing than spring ones, they return to their original positions comfortably instead of quickly springing back. There is a lot of variation in the bounce of various foam mattresses, and latex foam is far more springy and responsive than memory foam.

Movement Absorbency

A spring mattress may cause problems if you share a bed with a restless sleeper. The springs will probably bounce back when they move, making you move along with them. A foam mattress can typically absorb movement better.

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One of the main criticisms about foam mattresses is that they have trouble maintaining a consistent temperature. Because memory foam depends on body heat to become more pliable, it is particularly prone to trapping heat. It then traps this heat, which can be highly uncomfortable for people with body temperature control problems or those who live in hot climates. Although there are several foam and hybrid alternatives with features expressly designed to keep the sleeper cool, spring mattresses are still typically a cooler option than foam.

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Foam and spring mattresses have developed to satisfy our ever-evolving sleep needs. This comparison of spring and foam mattresses will assist you in selecting the mattress that is most suitable for you. But today's market is filled with hundreds of foam and spring mattresses, each of which makes an exceptional promise. Check out  mattress stores near me  to find ideal.

So the next step would be to concentrate on your spending limit and sleeping preferences and identify a  best mattress  that fit that description.
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