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March 17, 2022

Choose Between A Free Standing Or A Built-in Wardrobe

The first step is to decide whether you want a freestanding 3 door wardrobe with mirror, sliding wardrobe or a built-in 4 door wardrobe with mirror. With several options that you can choose from, look out for a wardrobe that meets your specific requirements. Freestanding wardrobes can be easy to move if you need to shift them to another room or a new home. If you have your own house, the better option would be to install your custom-made sliding wardrobe. Built-in wardrobes are not portable and may take time to design and build. Still, you can design one that suits your taste, and you will have the freedom to customise the size, material, colour, finish and storage accessories according to your liking.

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Size Is An Important Factor When Selecting A Bedroom Wardrobe

This would be the next step in choosing the right sliding wardrobe for your bedroom. Make sure you measure the size of the floor space available in your room and the height from the floor to the ceiling before you select a wardrobe. We generally overlook it, but you will also need to check the height of the clothing rod to know whether you can hang clothes without them getting crumpled. A height of 45 inches is usually good for blouses, skirts and pants and children’s clothes, a height of 30 inches is suitable. You can also choose a sliding wardrobe with deeper shelves to store more items. The ideal measurement for a deep shelf should be about 15 inches so that you can easily access your clothing or other items. It is also advisable to maintain adequate space between the sliding wardrobe and the other furniture in your bedroom to help with easy access and movement.


Match The Style Of The Wardrobe To The Other Bedroom Furniture And Decor

If your bedroom already has a fixed theme and colour scheme, it makes sense to get a 3 door wardrobe with mirror that goes well with the existing theme. This could include the type of finish, colour, detailing and material of the wardrobe and the other furniture in the room. A 3 door wardrobe with mirror and decorative doors will go well with ornate or ethnic interiors. You can go for a stylish open wardrobe without doors for a simple look. This is suitable for a smaller room as it can make the room look more spacious and you don’t have to worry about a door opening into other furniture. If the design theme of both your wardrobe and bedroom complement each other, it can be visually appealing as well.


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The Perfect Bedroom Wardrobe Should Have The Perfect Storage Options

Choose a 3 door wardrobe with mirror that goes with the type of clothes you own; for example, if you own mostly dresses or formal wear such as sarees or suits, then make sure there is sufficient hanging space. If you own a lot of accessories, then go for a wardrobe with multiple drawers, which can help you organise different kinds of accessories in separate drawers.


Choose Unconventional Wardrobes To Enhance The Decor Of Your Bedroom

Modular wardrobes may seem unconventional but can be a good option as they are made of engineered wood and are extremely functional. A modular 3 door wardrobe with mirror is a good choice for contemporary interiors and can add a bold aesthetic look to your bedroom. Some modular wardrobes have doors fitted with frosted glass, which lends a chic look to your room. You can also choose from a variety of trendy yet space-saving styles, such as a sliding wardrobe or hinged 4 door wardrobe with mirror or folding door wardrobe. Modular wardrobes can store many items apart from clothing, such as accessories and seasonal clothes to bulky suitcases. You can also customise a modular 4 door wardrobe with mirror to suit your room size and other specifications.


Customisable Closets Can Be Perfect For Any Bedroom

Walk-in closets are good options if you have a spacious master bedroom. But are quite convenient and have dedicated shelves for clothing, accessories and even makeup. Some homes come with an in-built shell that you can customise to suit your design preference, or you can transform a small room into a closet space as well. If you don’t have a large enough room for a walk-in closet, then a reach-in wardrobe style is another option that also has ample room and can be made with lesser effort. Many apartments now come with a dedicated space to install reach-in wardrobes. If there is an existing wall cavity or a corner that seems to be a waste of space, it can be turned into a 4 door wardrobe with mirror by installing sliding or hinged doors, according to the space available around it. Reach-in wardrobes can accommodate various customisable fixtures, such as an overhanging loft to store luggage or other items that are rarely used. Customising a wardrobe to have an overhead loft is a great way to make good use of space creatively.

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To Conclude

Rather than just having a plain wardrobe, you can enhance the look of the wardrobe by using lighting. LED bulbs are useful for adding light to dark interiors. You can also go for a 4 door wardrobe with mirror to save wall space, and you will not require a separate dressing table or mirror. If the wardrobe has extra storage, either with drawers on the lower level or a loft above, you can keep away items like seasonal clothes and other odds and ends that might be sitting on a shelf or table unused. Keep all of these steps and ideas in mind before choosing a bedroom wardrobe.

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