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April 28, 2022

Stunning Outdoor Designs For 2022

When we buy a house, we take note of the plumbing, wiring, paint, etc. Next, we move on to the living space and design it per our taste. We make additions, renovate certain areas, add sleek-looking furniture and whatnot. However, it is very common to ignore the outdoor space where we can add  garden swings and chairs and make it attractive instantly.  

Most of us roll down a lawn and forget about everything. Occasionally, we will put a couple of foldable seats, but that’s it. It is crucial to remember that you cannot ignore outdoor space because it is important to get fresh air once in a while. Moreover, an intelligently designed outdoor space can also serve as a space to host guests.  

You can host small parties and events in this area without creating a mess in your house. You can even  explore the Nilkamal website and find  sophisticated furniture for your lawn. Therefore, if you are keen on revamping your outdoors, we bring the perfect article that will list different designs and their utility. 


Design your outdoors using Rattan

Rattan furniture has been around for a while, and they are usually the first choice amongst people who decorate their outdoor space. Rattan is a fibre derived from palm, and it gives a certain woody tone.  

If you have plenty of space in your garden, you can build a small deck in the centre between the woods and install the rattan furniture.  

Rattan sofas and light chairs are very popular currently. You may even add a rattan  garden swing where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite book. Overall the black undertone to the woody texture gives a very earthy and welcome feeling. Therefore, you can use this space to hold a Sunday brunch, tea party, etc.


Why not take some inspiration from the sea

What do you imagine when asked to think about an outdoor place that makes you happy? I bet most of us would be thinking of crystal blue seawater on a clear day with a fresh breeze blowing over our faces.  

You can recreate this memory when designing your outdoor space. First, start with a blue and white colour combination for all the furniture, such as  chairs for the balcony, garden swing, coffee table, etc. 

Next, put some fresh plants on the coffee table to give an earthy tone to the space. If you don’t have a lawn, you can install some luscious plants in a pot and place them near your furniture. Overall, this will make a great space for a cocktail party on a warm summer evening.


Living in a bustling city? No problem

Most of the millennials live right in the heart of the city. Therefore, unlike the countryside, there is very little outdoor space. Moreover, living in the city centre means you are most likely to live in an apartment so you can’t put down a lawn.  

But there is no reason to curse your job that keeps you in the city. You can still enjoy a good view with some careful design. If you live on higher floors and you have a balcony, you must get a good view of the horizon and the city. However, the pre-designed apartments come with a concrete railing that blocks the view.  

Therefore, you can install a glass railing and cover the open space with a glass ceiling. You can use fibreglass, which is durable as well as transparent. Now, add some comfortable  chairs for balcony and enjoy the sunset with a warm cup of tea. If you want to decorate your balcony with some more  outdoor furniture,  check out the Nilkamal website. 


Why not sleep outdoors?

When we imagine an outdoor space, we often think about playing some board games, enjoying a good barbeque, and drinking some evening tea. However, we fail to visualize the possibility of having a good sleep on nature’s lap. 

This idea is for people who have a good amount of space on their lawn. If you experience maritime weather in your area, this idea is even better for you. You can install a swinging bed in your garden. 

You can add your favorite pillow, install some speakers and sleep on nature’s lap. If you love the leaves rumbling when the wind blows, or birds sing, this idea is perfect. Have a heavy brunch on the weekend, and lie down on your swinging bed for a good nap. Additionally, you may also buy  garden chairs and tables in case you have company. 


Nothing works better than a swing

If you have a wide outdoor space, you can install a rectangular deck over the lawn. On the deck, you can partition the area depending on the climatic conditions. So, you can leave an open space for sunbathing, barbeque, etc., during winters, and you can add shade to the other portion.  

You may also choose to build the deck in nature’s lap to get the natural protection of the trees. In the open space, add some rattan furniture that could seat 7-8 people.  

In the shades, install a broad swing with a wooden frame, which could provide you with some private time with your friend. In this setting, you can even add a carpet, a  garden chair, and an ottoman with some subtle undertone.


Designing outdoor space is not difficult because everything boils down to the choice of furniture. Therefore, you can only rely on the best business. If you want the best  furniture for your lawn,  visit the Nilkamal website.

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