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April 27, 2022

Soothing Study Room Decorations To Keep You Focused

The study room is a space where we put our thinking caps on and bring new ideas to life. Therefore, it is crucial to design this space in a way that improves our productivity. The overall vibe of the room should be such that we stay focused during working hours.  

The pandemic pushed all of us to create a home office but installing  computer chairs didn’t do the trick so designing the study room became quite essential. If you want to look at some  trendy furniture for your study room,   check out the Nilkamal website.    

Before getting into the nuances of space design, it is crucial to clear some fundamentals. First, choose a space that is separate from the rest of the living area, so you don’t have people walking in and out.  

Second, choose a design that is motivational and not cosy. A warm and cosy design can put your mind to rest, which is not good for efficiency. Lastly, choose colours that are subtle and soothing to the eye. In this article, we will further discuss the  study room design ideas to keep you focused and motivated. 

Prefer subtle decorations

The study room is not limited to working professionals. Everyone has some utility for these spaces. Therefore, it is crucial to design the study space in a manner that doesn't catch too much attention.  

In this part of the article, we are focused on a study space that is located in the bedroom. The bedrooms usually have an entertainment centre. So, you can design your study space around this centre.  

You can use a white undertone for the furniture with wooden tops. White colour represents minimalism, and wood represents earthy nature. Overall, this combination creates a soothing experience. You can use the wooden work for  the computer table, TV panel, and flooring.  

Next, you can install whitish curtains on the windows to complement the design. You may also throw in an open shelf near your study table where you can assort your documents. Most of the  computer tables today come with ample drawers so you can keep the desk clutter-free.

Modern decoration ideas

If you are looking to design the room in trendy ways, you have to go the millennial way. Imagine the view of the ocean on a clear day with a beautiful sky. This view easily puts a hold on all your thoughts and helps you focus.  

You can create the same ambience in the room by using a combination of white and blue. This design idea is also minimalist in nature, but that’s ideal for a study space. If you have the personality of an explorer, you can also go ahead and hang an abstract world map near your study table.  

You may also put up some contemporary artwork to complement your personality. Additionally, if you are a sports fan, you can try some thematic furniture like a football-shaped bean bag. Also, you can add a single bed with a white frame to this setting.  

Although, remember to maintain the blue undertone to maintain the breezy vibe of the room. You may also use a wooden top for the  computer table for the earthy tone. Woodentops are also spill-proof and easy to maintain. For good-looking and durable  work tables,  explore the Nilkamal website. 

You can go for a green colour combination

The design that we are about to discuss is ideal for school-going kids. Here, we use a green and white combination, with green being the undertone of the theme. You may use a zig-zag-shaped wallpaper to induce innovation in your kids.  

However, keep the design subtle to create a spacious vibe in the room so the kids can feel free to play around. The greenish theme also represents nature, which automatically adds a calming tone to the room.  

Such design is helpful during stressful exam days. You may also add a whiteboard on a free wall so the kids can pour their hearts out with their creativity. Lastly, add trendy storage furniture to add to the minimalistic design.  

For this reason, invest in a floaty style shelf design with semi-open cabinets. Such space is good for storing school supplies, books, and stationaries. Overall, this is a good design for growing up kids.

A creamy colour combination is all you need for your child

If you are designing a study room for your child, you cannot be too formal with the setting. You have to be innovative with the colour combinations and furniture designs. The room should be interactive in nature so your child can develop skills that are beyond the books.  

For this reason, you can choose a peach and white combination for the interior, with peach being the undertone. The peach colour is subtle in nature and is soothing to the eye. In the furniture department, you can opt for an adjustable bucket  computer chair to keep your child comfortable.  

Next, you can install a  ladder-shaped shelf near the computer table so your kid can access all the things he needs. Near the table, you can also put an open book rack, so the table remains clear of all the mess. Lastly, put a notice board on the front wall so you can post important notices and schedules. To top everything off, put a funky-looking lamp on the table.


The study room should be designed carefully because it is a space where you come to work and think. If you want  modern  work furniture to complement the interior,  visit the  Nilkamal website now. 

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