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May 16, 2022

Guide To Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas For 2022

Our houses are the most precious entities we buy in our lives. We live there, and it is the start of many new beginnings. Every little part of our house is important to us, be it the modular kitchen or the 2 Door Wardrobe. Wardrobe design has seen a lot of innovations, and it has resulted in an amazing product called the sliding wardrobe. If you are fascinated by sliding wardrobe designs, check out the wardrobe collection on Nilkamal Furniture.

This article will help you choose what kind of sliding wardrobe you can use for your bedroom. A good suggestion before reading this article would be to have a good idea of the aesthetic you are trying to go for. Let's dive into the designs now.

Glass Sliding door

To start the list, we have the glass sliding door. It is simple and elegant; this form of sliding door is one of the most common designs used in houses. They have a clean and classy finish that inspires beauty in your bedroom. One important point to note is that glass sliding wardrobe doors have the unintended effect of expanding the room's space, making the room look open and spacious.

Glass sliding wardrobe doors are a good choice if you can maintain them. You need to be wary of stains and realize that glass is fragile. Stains make the glass look dirty, and the beauty of the bedroom diminishes. No matter the era, glass doors will always remain in style; they are a good investment in your house. They make sure that your house will look chic and admirable even ten years from now.

Frosted glass door

Frosted glass is one such material that has the same properties as glass but at the same time deals with the issues that glass has. It is stylish, its contents are somewhat visible, but it is not as fragile or easy to stain. It looks modern in all bedrooms, while normal glass is a better choice for those who want to make their bedroom look minimalistic. Frosted glass is a good option if you don't want to display the contents of your wardrobe.

You can use this material for 3 Door Wardrobe or 4 Door Wardrobe if you want, and it is very easy to maintain. The stains that you might get on frosted glass do not look as bad as they might look on glass. It is also easier to clean, as you just need to take care of the outside; the inside just needs a little polish.

Explore the collection of frosted glass sliding wardrobes on Nilkamal Furniture.

Mirrored sliding door

Mirrors are objects of magic and awe; they always have been that way since their inception. What do you think making the sliding wardrobe doors out of mirrors does? Put simply, it makes your bedroom look spacious and magical (for the lack of better words). Mirrors have always been objects that inspire style and mystery, two things that seldom go hand in hand. However, these doors are prone to stains; even the smallest stain can be spotted easily on mirrored doors.

Mirrors go well with a black and white or a metallic aesthetic. This propagates a sense of rugged aesthetic that looks really good and really cool. Mirrors are definitely an option if you are trying to get a modern look in your house. These are usually 3 Door wardrobes or 4 Door Wardrobes.

The cool sliding door

This is for the young generation. If you have a kid in their teens, they will throw tantrums if their room looks traditional or uncool. Thankfully, there is an easy way to deal with this. Sliding doors are chic, and to make them look even cooler, you can go for a bright colour. These colours can include red, green, ochre, or blue. This helps a room look more spacious, vibrant, and beautiful. Anyone who comes into the room is bound to like it.

However, it is not merely for the looks we suggest a sliding wardrobe door. It also helps the room incorporate more space for your child's increasing number of clothes. Teenage is the time of a person's life when they have a bunch of unused clothes but need all the space for them. Sliding doors are a perfect answer; they look aesthetically good, too, as the cherry on top. These are usually 2 Door Wardrobes.

Aesthetically fitting door

This is a pretty simple choice. Sliding doors, as mentioned above, let you get more space for your wardrobe ideas. This means you can store a lot for the same space without mismanaging its contents. Looks do matter when it comes to the aesthetic of your house; you should always try to match it. One such aesthetic is fulfilled by the sliding wardrobe door you use for your bedroom.

If you are going for a modern look, try frosted glass sliding doors or modular sliding doors. If you are going for a metallic, rugged aesthetic, try for mirrored sliding doors. There are several options available in the market; it all depends on the amount of research you are willing to put in and your aesthetic sense.


In conclusion, sliding doors are the new trend, and you should jump on them while it is still a new idea. Some styles tend to become common throughout the world due to their use and looks; sliding doors are one such trend. Feel free to visit and check out sliding wardrobe options on Nilkamal Furniture.

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