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May 16, 2022

Tips for taking care of wood furniture and flooring in the rain

There's nothing more soothing than hearing the sound of clouds thundering and the brisk smell of rain falling after a hot and humid day, marking the beginning of the monsoon season. But no one would have thought that the monsoon would bring itself with certain tricks that can destroy or damage any woodwork in your home.  Wooden furniture  alleviates the look of the interiors of your home. It is also prone to absorb moisture content quite easily, leading to dampening of furniture. To prevent your furniture from getting damaged easily during monsoons, explore a set of different DIY hacks and water-resistant furniture in the home furniture section, available only on  Nilkamal.


Let's learn a few simple hacks to prevent any damage to your  home furniture  during monsoon. 


Keep Aside Furniture Made of Wood from the Walls

Leakages are common during the season of monsoon. Keeping all the expensive furniture made out of wood, such as the wooden bookshelves, Wooden showcases, wooden  beds,  and especially the wooden  wardrobes,  away from the walls can prevent any substantial damage to your home interiors. Also, ensure that you keep a certain amount of space between the bedroom and the living room furniture to protect your home interiors. 

Keep Furniture Away from the Windows

Keeping aside furniture from the windows is important to prevent any damage to your precious home interiors during the monsoon season since the problem of water seeping through windows and balconies is common during the rainy season. Cleaning wooden window panels can also help prevent water spillage in any wooden interior of your home. 

Apply DIY Water Absorbents

If you are worried about how to protect your wooden home interiors during monsoon, you can always use camphor balls. Camphor balls can be very useful as they are good water absorbents. Keeping them inside your wooden wardrobes and wooden shelves or wooden showcase units can also prevent termites from damaging your home's wooden furniture.

Lacquer Coating on Furniture

Using a coat of lacquer on the wooden shelves and all other furniture made out of wood increases the longevity and applicability of your home furniture.Lacquer coating can help fill up minuscule pores, which would protect your wooden home furniture from any swelling up with the moisture content during monsoon. 

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring adds to the ethereal beauty of your home interiors. A design for flooring that's popularly in demand and appreciated by most of its users. Wooden flooring, when complemented by a plethora of different designs of wooden furniture, can certainly upgrade your home interior. Buy from a range of exquisite furniture designs made out of wood, available exclusively at  Nilkamal.  Although wooden flooring seems eye appealing to the naked eye, sufficient precautions need to be taken if no damage is caused to the wooden spaces during the monsoon season. 

Sealing of Leakage Points

Leakage spots might develop anywhere near the wooden flooring during monsoon. These leakage spots can result in damaging your exquisite wooden interiors. Sealing the areas where leakage spots have developed might help to prevent dampening or depletion of wooden interiors due to monsoon rains. 

Decoration of Wooden Flooring with High Absorption Mats

Wooden flooring can attract moisture. To tackle this situation, highly absorbent mats can be used as an effective tool for water resistance. You can place the mats anywhere at places of entry to your home or bedroom and also at places where the commotion of the members of your house is more. Placing mats near the bathroom and balcony is an absolute necessity now to tackle the monsoon season. You can check through a list of different kinds of water absorbant mats available and  buy  some of those for your home, available exclusively at Nilkamal.

Tips to Dry Wooden Furniture After Damage by Rains

We have already quoted the different ways in which wooden furniture can be protected from monsoon rains. But here are a few hacks used for drying wooden interiors of your home. We are sure this will help you to protect your wooden interiors from frying up due to concurrent rains:

  • Wipe off any water spillage with a dry cloth, and always wear your hand gloves on while wiping off the water spillage to avoid any disdainful stains
  • Wooden interior parts that get damaged due to the monsoon rains should be kept outside to ensure it gets dried up
  • Ensure that your wooden interiors are properly vacuumed for any water remains caused by concurrent monsoon, which will eventually help in no water remains being affixed to your  home furniture
  • Any wooden cupboard or wardrobe completely drenched or partially damaged by water should be kept in the open for drying purposes
  • Usage of various types of appliances like dehumidifiers will certainly help to dry the water-stained  wooden furniture
  • Application of different kinds of disinfectants on the damped corners, where possible leakages might take place, have to be properly sealed up. 


The lavishness and grandeur that wooden interiors provide to your homes are unparalleled. Although certain precautions have to be taken to prevent any damage during the monsoon rains, it shouldn't demotivate you to add a piece of exquisite wooden furniture from a wide range of different designs available in the home furniture section, exclusively available on  Nilkamal.  Exploredifferent designs of wooden showcases, wooden bookshelves, wooden beds (available in different sizes as per your demands), wooden cupboards and wooden wardrobes, available in different budget constraints to meet the needs of a wide section of people. So sit back comfortably and order different kinds of wooden furniture to add to your exquisite home furniture collection. All orders are conveniently handled, and each and every product will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

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