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July 26, 2023

Tips for Installing and Maintaining Sliding Wardrobes


While buying a  wooden wardrobe  for your bedroom or kid's room, you should consider various factors before buying. Having a spacious  wooden wardrobe  that complements the aesthetics of your bedroom is quintessential. In this blog, let us explore the utility of  sliding wardrobe- installation, maintenance and how they differ from a  single wardrobe.  According to your space requirement, convenience, and usage,  buy wardrobe online,  available in different styles customised to fit your space.

Reimagine Your Room With  Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding doors are a worthy alternative to give a sophisticated look to your  bedroom  space. The innovative sliding  wooden wardrobe  doors are movable doors that glide horizontally on metal tracks attached to the top and bottom. A  sliding wardrobe  is famous for its sleek and minimal designs while maximising space in your bedroom. 

A  sliding wardrobe  door has rollers for smooth functioning, top and bottom tracks, and shielded bearings. A sliding door  wardrobe  is a wise choice for confined spaces without requiring more room space in front of them. A sliding door offers a bespoke storage solution with a twist of style. Shop for an exquisite variety of  wardrobe  ranging from mirrored, kid sliding, corner, wood sliding and contemporary ones.


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When to Choose a Single Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

In a  single wardrobe,  the door attaches to two or three hinges. It opens outwards, giving maximum visibility. A  single wardrobe  work with style, functionality and elegance if you have a spacious room. It enables ease of tackling the morning hustle allowing you to pick your favourite dress on the go. Aesthetically, a single  wooden wardrobe  takes a back seat offering a more traditional look and wouldn't support heavy work mirrors.


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Make a Worthy Comparison of Single Wardrobe vs Sliding Wardrobe Before Buying

Let us explore  single wardrobe vs sliding wardrobe  advantages to help you make a wise choice:


  • Space - Asliding wardrobe  slides from left to right, offering additional space. Installing a hinged door takes up space because they swing outwards. But you get more hanging space to stow your clothes and accessories in a  single wardrobe.  The sliding door favours expansive spaces and is ideal for a lengthy  wardrobe  with plenty of room for cosmetics, hideaway luggage, clothes and accessories.
  • Smooth Movement - Sliding doors are easy to operate with a smooth flow, especially for kids and older people. Hinged doors operation may be a challenge for older people needing to pull with extra energy.


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  • Neat Finish - Have you experienced multiple doors hanging out and hitting you on either side? It is possible in a  single wardrobe  with many doors. Sliding doors give a complete look and neat finish with mirrored, laminated or routed shutters.
  • Visibility - One of the few glitches of owning a  sliding wardrobe  is limited visibility of one side's contents. Sliding doors are still a better option if you want to make a  single Wardrobe vs Sliding Wardrobe  decision because they don't hinder the traffic flow, eliminating the need for additional storage. 
  • Maintenance - You must keep your tracks and rails in good condition by cleaning them regularly for their top-notch performance. Also, take proper care to lubricate the rollers. Single Cupboard requires little maintenance and oiling for cracking sounds.
  • Handling -Sliding wardrobe  needs gentle handling without hampering panels and door alignments.  Single wardrobe  design can tolerate rough handling.


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Maintenance Tips for Your Sliding Wardrobe

Here are quick maintenance hacks for your go-to  sliding wardrobe:


Self-clean the Tracks

Clean the track from debris or dust buildup using a toothbrush or running the nozzle attachment from your vacuum gently up and down your tracks. If the sliding doors get stuck, apply aerosol lubricant to facilitate smooth door movement. Spray furniture polish on the rolling tracks for more smoothness.

Clean the Glam Mirror

A smudged streaky glass door can be problematic and spoil the room ambience. Use the age-old vinegar water solution to wipe away the smudges, smears and finger marks on your mirrors. Use soap and water before the vinegar-solution mix and wipe with a micro cloth for a grimy glass.


Tracks and Rails Maintenance Hack

Use a silicone spray and clean them with a lint-free cloth to maintain the glide of your rails. Wipe off metalworks with a soft clean cloth dipped in warm water. Do not leave standing water at the joints or steel metalworks to avoid corrosion.


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Refrain From Using Abrasive Cleaning Products

Always use a mild detergent with a micro-fibre cloth, and avoid using abrasive products that can damage your  sliding wardrobe  doors. Refrain from using coarse and abrasive cloth/sponges to prevent scratching or discolouration. 


Replace Rollers

If you find misaligned rollers, replace them or realign them by seeking assistance from an engineer or carpenter.


Perform Thorough Cleaning

Clean thoroughly on inside and outside surfaces to prevent dust accumulation from bottom to top using mild washing liquid mixed with warm water.


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Daily Care Suggestions to Make Sliding Wardrobes Last Long

A  wooden wardrobe  with sliding doors shouldn't be a recurring expense. While you can  buy wardrobe online  with reliability and top-notch quality, you should maintain them regularly to avoid recurring furniture expenses. Below are daily care suggestions to extend the life of a  sliding wardrobe:


  • Do not overcrowd your  wooden wardrobe  to prevent panel movement blocking due to excess sticking fabrics.
  • Vacuum the tracks regularly to keep dust and debris at bay. Make sure the bottom is free of debris and dust. 
  • Clean the mirror that can elevate your room decor with a vinegar-water solution.


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Summing Up

Before purchasing a new  wardrobe,  compare your needs with the benefits of a  single wardrobe vs sliding wardrobe  to make a perfect decision for your bedroom furniture. Nilkamal has many unique designs ranging from simple hinges to premium sliding shutters.  Buy wardrobe online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  to taste different  wardrobe  styles and reap discounted advantages and hassle-free delivery.

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