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July 25, 2023

Bring Elegance and Style to Your Bedroom With IFFs At Nilkamal Furniture


Monsoon is a dampener letting gloomy skies and musky smell inside your home. While the petrichor and tea aroma brings excitement during monsoon, moisture can harm your  bed.  Excess monsoon moisture can pave the way to mould growth and bury a hole in your pocket. Explore trending  bed  designs to replace your damp  bed  or  buy bed  to upgrade your bedroom. 

Spruce up your bedroom with trending design types of this blog and enjoy a vibrant monsoon. If you have planned for a  bedroom renovation  this monsoon, explore Indian Favourite Furniture Sale and avail yourself sixty per cent off on your bedroom furniture.


What Should You Know Before You Go For a Bedroom Renovation to Create a Sleep Paradise?

Keep the below factors in mind while giving a  bedroom  makeover this monsoon:


  • Plan extensively and decide whether you want to invest in  king size bed  or  queen size bed.  Proper planning can help you make the best  bed  design choices.
  • Determine the functionalities you need and the space requirement of your bedroom.
  • Decide on the style you want to contemplate, whether you want a cosy feel, a bohemian vibe, a sleek look, other aesthetics you prefer or the colour you want to try. 
  • Browse trending decor designs on social media channels and incorporate styles that complement your personality.
  • Assess your budget and set aside extra funds for unexpected expenses.
  • Decide on the material of the  bed  to narrow down and pick a few adorable pieces for your bedroom.
  • Remodelling a bedroom and giving it a complete makeover is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Measure your space and draft a detailed layout.


Revamp Your Bedroom Space With Creative Bedroom Ideas For Monsoon

Here are some creative bedroom ideas for monsoon: 


Revamp Your Walls with Vibrant Hues

Monsoon brings gloominess and laziness. To revitalise your bedroom, go for a wall makeover and coat it with fresh paint. Try bold and bright colours out-of-the-ordinary to combat monsoon blues. 


Accentuate Your Walls with Removable Wallpapers

Try to make a style statement with an affordable wallpaper design. A removable wallpaper gives a quick accent wall and is replaceable according to season. You can change it according to your will without the pressure to retain it until the next painting 



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Add a Distinct Vibe to Your Bedroom Ceiling

Invest some amount in painting the ceiling while renovating your bedroom to jazz up during the monsoon.


Refresh your Bedroom Furniture from Nilkamal

Consider buying a new  king size bed,  mattress,  and  bed  frame to spruce up your bedroom. Monsoon changes the climate outside, and if you want a cosy sleeping experience, try the below  king size bed  or  queen size bed:


Nilkamal Mozart King Size Bed (Walnut)

This  king size bed  is ideal for a modern look and a cosy bedroom feel. It has six under  bed  compartments housing ample storage space to tuck your  bed liners and clothes.

It provides reliable support with a precision-engineered wood structure. Moreover, you can utilise the headboard of this  king size bed  to keep your essential items like books, torches, medicine, or showpieces for easy accessibility.  Buy bed online  and experience a heart-warming walnut shade inducing serenity and bedroom cosiness during monsoon.


Nilkamal Arthur Queen Size Bed without Storage

This Arthur  Queen Size bed  is a go-to option for monsoon with a minimalistic design. An elegant  queen size bed  with no storage exemplifies a simple yet sophisticated decor. It offers a comfortable sleeping space and room for adding creative decor elements on the wall/ceiling. You can vacuum, sweep, or mop beneath the  queen size bed  hassle-free for a flawless look.  Buy bed online  without much ornamentation, perfect to sip that chai around a creative space during monsoon.


Elevate Your Window Dressing With Colourful Curtains

Window curtains play a vital role during monsoon. Try replacing the old dark curtains with warm and pastel tones to bring fresh and inviting vibes for the monsoon. 


Try Pillow Talk with Stylish Cushions and Throws

Add spongy and  soft pillows  to your bedroom to enjoy pillow throws with your loved one for the monsoon. You can add a tinge of personality with bright bedding and pillows. 


Add a Bit of Sophistication with Bedroom Lights

Does your bedroom have a ceiling light fixture, a simple ceiling fan or a flush-mount light fixture? Replace the existing light fixtures with a statement piece to elevate the room decor. If you only have a ceiling fan, brighten your room with vibrant LEDs according to your preference.


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Creative Bedroom Wall Ideas

Apart from removable wallpapers, try painting them if you are high on budget. Create a mural or accent wall blending texture, tone, and colour. Try a photo collage wall for an enviable wall, a stunning stone wall, fabric patchwork, or a panelled panache. Try warm colours to bring energy to your bedroom and revitalise your mood. 


Introduce a Sitting Area

A seating space alongside your  bed  can help you track everyday expenses, do office work, enjoy late-night tea time, speak phone calls, or study. Transform your sleep-only space into a functional one to enjoy the monsoon.


Add Luxe to the Bedroom Flooring

Try adding rugs to ooze luxury or replace the wooden flooring with more unique ones. A soft rug underneath the  bed  can protect you from the monsoon cold and keep you warm throughout the night.


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Remodel your Closet

Opt for a walk-in closet, or use the vertical space with shelves, nightstands, etc. If you want a contemporary take, try stylish  wooden wardrobes.


Go Rustic with Sliding Doors

Upgrade your bedroom doors with a sliding door and enhance your privacy plus styling element. A sliding barn door can create a chic focal point letting you enjoy a rustic vibe this monsoon.


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Summing Up

Bedroom renovation  to combat monsoon can be smooth if you house creative decor ideas.  Buy bed online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  and utilise the Indian Favourite Furniture Sale to avail attractive discounts and save big.

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