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February 02, 2023

Tips To Beautify Your Home This Maha Shivratri

The northern hemisphere of the globe is in a position on this day that encourages a natural amplification of energy in people. As a result, it is said to be a significant ritual during Maha Shivaratri to remain awake the entire night with a vertically upright spine. Other customs include observing a full-day fast and giving Lord Shiva a milk bath. Therefore, we are providing you with some straightforward yet lovely decoration ideas. Boost the good energy in your house and decorate it to celebrate this auspicious spiritual occasion.


Some people also think that Lord Shiva wed Goddess Parvati on this day, while others believe that Shiva faced off against all his foes. Since Shiva united with Mount Kailash on this specific day, many followers observed it as a night of silence. Whatever your religion, these Shivratri decoration ideas will bring positive energy to your home and raise its spiritual value.

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Add flowers and lamps to decorate your Pooja room for Shivratri at home.

When adorning your home for traditional festivities, fresh flowers and oil lamps are a surefire hit. On this day, your pooja room is the centre of attention and merits royal treatment. A havan kund and some incense sticks are optional additions to your house's pervasive fragrance. For a calming holiday atmosphere in your contemporary home designs, hang wreaths and fairy lights throughout your house. You can also use the  center table  to keep your puja accessories.

Shivratri Decorating Ideas for Your Home's Entrance

This modern Shivratri decoration concept for your home's foyer adds a traditional and joyous atmosphere. All you need is a Shiva-Parvati mural and a rangoli with a Maha Shivaratri theme. To spruce up your house for the event, decorate the entrance area with flowers, garlands, and oil lamps. You can choose rangoli stickers if creating a rangoli is challenging or requires more time.

Purchase Shiva-themed wall art to use as this year's Maha Shivaratri decorations

Decorating for Maha Shivratri is about bringing spiritual energy into your home and life. So, add some energy by using a calm wallpaper or wall art to the accent wall in your  living room.  On this beautiful day and every day after, this will assist you in relaxing your mind and practising meditation. The wall art combines aesthetics and modern modular furniture, enhancing the style statement. Place floating lamps and a bowl of flowers on the  center table  to complete the celebratory look.

Shivratri Decoration at Home to Create A Calming ATips To Beautify Your Home This Maha Shivratri

mbiance On Your Balcony

This Shivaratri balcony decoration idea is ideal if you have guests around to celebrate the occasion. On top of the side  cabinet,  you can set your Shiva statue. The area can then be embellished with lamps, fresh flowers, and incense sticks. To improve the appearance of the pooja area:

  1. Utilise a flowery backdrop.
  2. Purchase it from the store or create a DIY floral backdrop with your preferred flowers and leaves torans.
  3. Provide some floor cushions or low-lying seats for a comfortable meditation session on this auspicious day.

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Urban Couples' Minimalistic Shivaratri Decoration Ideas

Suppose you need more time or space to go for extensive Shivaratri decorations at home because you are too busy managing your hectic lifestyle. In that case, you can choose a modern yet straightforward design option. Put the idol on a floats shelf, then use eye-catching wallpaper to draw attention to the area behind your living room  sofa.  It instantly improves the appearance of your house and gives your walls definition. For more storage, you might use  chest with drawers.  If you choose, you can add some lamps or candles, or if minimalism is your way of life, keep it straightforward. This layout is simple to use in your modular home and has a calming aesthetic.


Here are some inspiring ideas to update your  bedroom  and  living room furniture:

A headboard in wood

Don't throw away any old wood you may have lain around; instead, use it to make a  cabinet  for your bed. The board's worn-out appearance will give your bedroom the ideal rustic vibe, making it feel cosier.

Have some mirror fun

A mirror can be an effortless yet effective technique to make your room appear larger and deeper. The mirror can be small, large, or a combination of several sizes, and you can add mirrors with cute frames to make it appear even better! By reflecting light from the window or the in-room lighting, mirrors in the room can also increase the amount of natural light in the room. Choose  wardrobes  with mirror fronts if you enjoy the notion but need more space to add mirrors. 

Fill those empty walls

You can add more personality to a room without necessarily adding paintings by using posters, photo frames, frameless photographs, or prints of patterns and designs. For a more retro vibe, it's simple to make a chic gallery wall or hang a giant poster above your headboard. You may always decorate your wardrobe online and the doors and shelves in your room if you have a few free walls. 

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These easy Shivratri decoration ideas will help you make your home feel festive and bring you joy and contentment. Book a free consultation immediately if you're seeking customised interior design ideas to improve the appearance and use of your home. Your space-saving and modular home interiors will be customised to meet your needs and budget by one of our designers. We wish you a happy Maha Shivaratri and a spiritual awakening that will enable you to live a fulfilling life.

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