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March 09, 2022

Ultimate King size bed Dimensions Guide

One of the toughest parts about going for bed shopping is choosing which the right size of bed is for you. There are many standard bed sizes in the market, including twin, queen, full, and more, but one of the most popular types of bed sizes that people want to go for when they have enough room space is the king! A king size bed is spacious and large and might be the perfect option for you. Here is your ultimate guide to king size beds.

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King size bed dimensions

The standard dimensions of a king size bed are 80 inches tall and about 76 inches wide. The height of a king size bed usually depends on the brand, but it is usually within a range of 8 to 14 inches. King size bed dimensions provide enough space for anyone sleeping on the mattress and might be the perfect fit for a spacious bedroom.

Types of king size beds

Many people might think that king size bed come in standard sizes. However, there are many types of king size beds with different dimensions that you have many options to consider before picking one. A few popular types of king-sized mattresses are:

1. Regular king mattress

The regular king size mattress is the most popular type of king size bed in the market. This king size bed size in feet is 6 feet (76 inches) wide and 6.5 feet (80 inches) in length. If the queen is not spacious enough while your room cannot accommodate a huge bed, then a regular king size bed would be the best option! The benefit of getting this bed is that since it is a very popular option, you will easily find beddings for the mattress. The only con is that this is wider than the queen, while the length is similar for both. Therefore, if you are looking for a longer version of the queen-size bed, the regular king size is not for you.

2. California king mattress

If you want a longer version of the queen-sized bed, then a California king mattress and bed is exactly what you are looking for. The bed is slightly longer, with dimensions 72 inches by 84 inches. However, people looking for a wider and longer bed will have to look for a different version. Also, if you are switching from queen-sized to California king-sized bed, do not forget to ensure enough moving space between your other furniture and the bed because of an extension in length.

3. Alaskan king mattress

When you want the largest and the best king size bed dimensions in your widely spacious room, the Alaskan king bed would be ideal! These are massive beds with sizes of 108 inches by 108 inches, meaning that there is so much space for people to sleep in. but before choosing an Alaskan king bed, make sure you have enough space in your room to accommodate it.

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King size mattresses to consider

The quality of the bed is as important as the dimension itself, so before choosing a mattress, it is important to think about the material of the mattress. A few popular ones include:

  • Innerspring: This is the most popular type of mattress since it is the most affordable and provides enough comfort for sleepers.
  • Futon mattress: Futons are cotton filled mattresses that offer people a supportive and comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Water mattress: Water beds are another popular type of mattress that comes with many medical benefits. Many people are now considering water beds because of how comfortable these are.

Benefits of king size bed

King size beds are not just about the space; it also comes with many health benefits. So many people suffer various sleeping disorders because of how uncomfortable their beds are, and that might stop when you switch to king size beds. A few benefits of getting yourself a king size bed are:

1. The extra comfort

King size bed dimensions are really large, providing individuals more comfort than any other mattresses out there! The bed is a great option for sleeping people, stretching their legs and arms and taking up sleeping positions with more space. An active sleeper is provided with much more opportunity to rest in their king size bed while smaller beds do not provide this comfort.

2. Less disturbance

A king size bed can be an amazing option for people with various health conditions like joint injuries that would require enough space to rest and change positions while sleeping. This way, even the person sleeping beside will not get disturbed or be woken up accidentally!

3. Easier breathing

While sleeping, if you are pressed against someone else while having no space to change, your respiratory systems might start having problems. You can avoid this with a king size bed and have enough space to breathe and sleep.

4. Firmness difference

King mattresses now also come in split king options, meaning that you do not have to worry about your partner’s firmness preference when choosing a mattress. This type of king size bed allows people to sleep on their preferred firmness while not compromising and having an uncomfortable sleep.

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In Conclusion

Shopping for king size beds is no easy task since many factors are to consider. However, since there are a wide variety of options, you will always be able to find the mattress you love in the king size bed dimensions with Nilkamal!

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