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June 22, 2021

How to choose the perfect wooden furniture for your home?

Are you looking for ways to clean plastic chairs or how to make plastic chairs feel more comfortable? If yes, you’re in luck, because we’ve dedicated this blog to plastic chairs. There are many people who love plastic chairs. And why not, they look stylish, are light weight, and above all, affordable.

But just because plastic chairs are more economical doesn’t mean you should discard them or throw them away if they start looking old. If you have some old plastic chairs stacked in your garage or backyard, this blog is for you.

1. How to clean plastic chairs?

Cleaning plastic chairs is easy.

● You could keep plastic chairs clean by regular dusting and wiping them with a wet cloth.

● For deeper cleaning, use soap, water and a brush.

● Ensure you do not keep plastic chairs exposed to dust. If you’re not going to use the chairs for some time, it’s better to cover the chairs with a cloth.

2. Which is the best plastic chair cleaner?

You can find many products in the market for cleaning chairs. Using these products definitely brings a shine to plastic chairs kept outdoor. Most of the plastic chair cleaner products are similar and their application is easy.

You could buy plastic rejuvenators and other such solutions available in the market. You can also use cleaning products that are interior cleaners. The usual mild abrasive household cleaners are perfect for cleaning plastic chairs.


3. How do you remove oxidation from plastic chairs?

Plastic chairs look shiny and sparkling when they’re new. However, over time, with use, and exposure to sunlight and dust in the outdoors, the chairs will become oxidized or chalky. We’re talking about the white stretch marks that you’ll see on the chairs. But oxidation of plastic chairs is nothing to worry about. You can fix it easily.

Follow these steps:

1. Wash away dirt from the plastic chairs. You can do so with the help of soap and water as well as a brush. Don't use a hard brush as it may leave scratches on the chair. Rinse away the soap and then use a dry cloth to wipe the chair.

2. Next, you should remove mold from the plastic chairs. Use a solution of vinegar and water to do this. Here’s what you do: mix vinegar and water in a bowl, apply it on the chair, keep it for about 10 minutes and then wipe it with a dry cloth. After this, splash water on the chairs and rinse them.

3. Then, you must remove any stains from the chair. To do this, you can use a mixture of baking soda and wax. Take a sponge, a bowl of warm water and sprinkle some baking soda in it. Now using the sponge, wipe the chair with the warm solution. Rinse and wash the chair with clean water.

How do you refurbish plastic chairs?

Refurbishing plastic chairs is not rocket science. It is easy and you can do it at home with a few simple tools.

You will need:


● Soap and a scrubbing brush to wash the chair

● Fine sandpaper to remove scratch marks

● Plastic spray paint

● Vinyl spray paint

● A paint brush

● Some old newspaper to spread under the chair

Let’s get to work:

● First, wash your old plastic chair with soap and a scrubbing brush. Make sure you remove all the dirt and stains. Plastic chairs tend to get sticky if not used for a long time. So remove all the oil, grease or any dirty stuck to it.

● Next, identify spots that need refurbishing. Is there any spot that has scratches? Any part that is completely broken and might need to be stuck with adhesive? Based on the damage to the plastic chair, decide the treatment it needs and gather the material for that.

● Then, once you’ve sorted out the damage, it’s time to repaint the chair and make it look fresh again. Spread the newspaper under the chair and using the brush, apply a few layers of paint.

● It’s better to paint the chair in the same color or a shade or color that’s darker, so as to hide any damages.


5. How do you make plastic chairs more comfortable?

The comfort of plastic chairs depends on its shape. Some chairs might be more comfy compared to others depending on features such as whether the chair has a hand rest, whether it has a long back or a short back, the angle of its backrest, etc. But you can make plastic chairs more comfortable with your creativity. Do this:

● Throw in a cushion to provide extra support and cushiness to your back. This will make the plastic chair more comfortable.

● Cover the plastic chair with a fabric cover. It will not only make it look nicer, but also cleaner and more comfortable to sit on.

● At times, some plastic chairs might become crooked when old. You must ensure you place chairs on a flat surface, even if it’s in the outdoors in your garden.

Now you know how to clean plastic chairs and make them look brand new again. All you need is a good plastic chair cleaner, motivation and creativity. We’ve given you five amazing tips to refurbish plastic chairs and make them shiny and sparkly again.

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