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June 13, 2022

Wardrobe Buying Guide: How to Buy a Perfect Wardrobe

Wardrobes are one of a home's most fundamental requirements. Wardrobes, which house your favorite items and are frequently found in bedrooms, are the most significant pieces of furniture in your home. As a result, while selecting a wardrobe, you should consider your long-term demands and usage. So, what should you think about while purchasing a wardrobe? Is your  wardrobe's price  reasonable? Which questions should be addressed so that you don't have to live with the consequences later? Now, let's get into the specifics of the outfit decision that you're curious about.

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Storage space

Your room's requirement may be big or small, and selecting a  wardrobe  that leaves you with too much or too little space will not serve the goal well just by thinking out the closet's layout. A good hanging area is required if you have a lot of clothes that have to be hung.

You may wish to include shelves for additional clothing, footwear at the bottom, purses, cabinets for cosmetic products and accessories, and a safe for your valuables. If your needs are relatively simple, you may skip the drawers and only have what you need.


Style of Wardrobe

After determining the type of closet space, you require, you must decide whether a freestanding or completely fitted unit is ideal for you. Although freestanding wardrobes are effortlessly moved, they may not offer as much storage as a completely fitted wardrobe. Another thing to think about is whether you want door panels or a  sliding door wardrobe.  The door panels are common designs with divisions.

They can be placed in reasonably sized rooms. Sliding doors, on the other side, are quite popular these days since they can be fitted even in small places. Some individuals also like to have a mirror with one of the closet doors since it helps them make extra space.



You will have spent some time considering the concept of the room while selecting a wardrobe. If it doesn't concern you, no damage is done; nonetheless, a wardrobe that compliments other bedroom furniture is always a plus. Again, there are other different options to consider, such as the type of wood.

Solid wood is the most common type of wardrobe, but you may also pick particleboard. The board may have a matte or a high gloss surface; consequently, you should consider which one would look best in your space. Also, make sure it's lightweight and long-lasting. When designing children's clothing, don't forget to seek organic and non-toxic materials.



It is really easy to get distracted by wardrobes with incredible construction. You may believe it will easily suit your space and purchase it without hesitation, only to discover after delivery and installation that it does not. Examine the wardrobe's measurements as well as the dimensions of your room. Set aside a space for the piece of furniture and see if the wardrobe fits. Otherwise, you'll be squandering space or leaving no room for anything else. If you choose a completely fitted wardrobe, the entire job will be done within the room and you will be well familiar with the measurements. Check out an array of designs from  Nilkamal  today!


The wardrobe's external look

Finishes for wardrobes used to store clothing include laminate, veneer, acrylic, paint, mirror, and coloured glass. The outside look is important since it is one of the key pieces of furniture that attracts attention to the room design. It conveys and improves the aesthetic of the room design by personalizing the area. The layout, dimensions, colour, surface, texture, hardware, number of panels, and exterior finishing of the wardrobe all work together to create a sophisticated overall appearance. You don't need any other design aspects in your room if you have an eye-catching wardrobe design.


The Internal wardrobe layout

As the saying goes, what matters is invisible to the eyes., and don't buy a wardrobe solely on how it looks without seeing what is inside. The interiors, which include footwear shelves, sliding shelves, closets with/without locks, shirt/saree hooks, hinges, mirrors, and knobs, define how you may organize your clothing, luggage, and other belongings to maximize space. Also, consider a closet depth of 24 inches rather than 18 inches. A separate protected safe, shoe rack, upper cabinets, valet rods, full-length mirrors, and ironing board, may be included in a walk-in closet.


The wardrobe's functionality

Much depends on how many and what types of garments you wish to have in your closet. If you have a hundred sarees, hanging space may be more important than drawer space. If you are searching for a  wardrobe  for children, you may need one with numerous drawers to store their various kinds of clothes in distinct parts. We realize how valuable items that suit various purposes while saving space are for everyone who lives in a small place. Choose wardrobes with mirrors on the doors if you want a full-length mirror in the room. Also, don't forget that the mirror is a superhero that boosts the depth perception of the space, making it appear larger, and is frequently used in home decor. If you desire a mirrored wardrobe, you may also make your room appear larger than it is! Finally, your bedroom wardrobe ideas and designs must strike a balance between aesthetic and utility.


The wardrobe price

Aside from wardrobe size, design, and quality, price is an additional important factor to consider. Keep the entire budget in mind while creating a new room or modifying an old one. Then, determine how much you can spend on buying the ideal wardrobe for your home without going over budget. Choose the finest option based on your room design's beauty, functionality, and cost.



We have sleek and stylish wooden wardrobes available at Nilkamal that are suitable for all families. We employ high-quality MDF, rubberwood, and engineered wood that is strong and long-lasting. The nicest part about these wardrobes is that they can be dismantled and reassembled if you need to move them. So, what are you waiting for  buy wardrobe online  from  Nilkamal.

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