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March 18, 2022

A Mix Of Old And New Wardrobe Designs

Vintage and modern designs have unique features and can fit into any home, depending on the existing interiors. The vintage look on 3 door wardrobe online may suit a home with traditional furniture and décor, and a more contemporary styled wardrobe will suit a modern home. A mix of designs can also work according to how the rest of your home or bedroom is arranged. A lot depends on the colour scheme of the walls in your room, the other furniture, curtains and bedsheets etc. Vintage style and modern 3 door wardrobe online are quite different in terms of colour, finish, size, number of doors and shelves and other details. Therefore, try to find out specific details of each design before you decide to buy one.


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Custom-made And Multi-functional Wardrobe Designs

If you happen to have a large master bedroom and a blank wall that is not being used for anything else, you can install a customised 3 door wardrobe online by using the entire wall space. This is especially useful if you require large storage space. A multi-functional 3 door wardrobe online design will be ideal. You can get a carpenter to easily build several storage units as part of the wardrobe, including a TV unit and drawers to store valuables and other accessories. A custom-made 4 door wardrobe with mirror design can free up space in the rest of your room, and you don't have to worry about unnecessary clutter.


A Floor-to-ceiling Sliding Wardrobe Suitable For Small Bedrooms

There are a few options for small bedrooms that are quite modern and space-efficient. A plain white 4 door sliding wardrobe with mirror panels on the doors can make your room look spacious, and you will have enough storage space as well. You can also go for a sliding wardrobe design which is convenient when you have limited space. Most floor-to-ceiling 3 door wardrobe online designs come with in-built lofts, which provides extra storage.


Stylish Wardrobe Designs For Kids Bedrooms

Nowadays, even kids can be catered to design and aesthetics. There are simply two or 4 door wardrobe with mirror that can be designed with patterns on the exterior, such as a race car, ponies, rainbow patterns and other fun and quirky designs with bright colours that kids will love. Most kids' wardrobes have sufficient space to store all their clothing, toys and other accessories. You can also get a multi-functional almirah design with a study unit built into the sliding wardrobe. This is a great idea if there is limited space in the room.


Wardrobes That Don't Have Door Handles

Some 3 and 4 door wardrobe designs are made in such a so don't require door handles. Wardrobes are now designed with push-to-touch doors to give a more seamless and streamlined look. These wardrobes are usually floor-to-ceiling length, so this is also a space-saving option. Handleless sliding wardrobe are a current trend these days, and with neutral colours, they can have a very minimalist look.


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Wardrobe Designs That Have Built-in Dressing Table Units

As most people live in apartments, it is difficult to accommodate bulky 4 door wardrobes. There are designs to suit this need by customising wardrobes with a niche for a dresser unit. Many homeowners are now opting for the in-built dresser unit as it is space-saving and affordable, and you also don't have to spend extra on buying a separate dressing table and mirror.


Top 5 Upcoming Wardrobe Design Trends For 2023

  1. Mirror Wardrobes

The incognito bedroom 4 door wardrobe with mirror design is a design that is convenient for smaller rooms. With more and more people living in apartments, the rooms can be much smaller than an independent house. The incognito design means that the outer door or panels of the wardrobe match the bedroom walls, which creates an illusion of space. You can match the colour of the panels to your bedroom's surrounding wall, which will make the wardrobe completely blend into the wall. This is also a great space-saving and trendy design idea.

  1. Neutral Hues

Neutral hues make for great wardrobe design ideas. Colours such as white and grey, and other neutrals can radiate positive energy and make your bedroom seem more spacious and inviting. This is ideal for small bedrooms. Neutrals colours also match easily with other colours and décor themes and add a touch of class and elegance to your bedroom.

  1. In-wall Sliding Wardrobes

The main wall sliding wardrobe design is another design idea suited for small bedrooms. The 4 door wardrobe with mirror shelves and compartments are built around the main wall behind your bed with the bed as the centre. This design frees up space for the rest of the bedroom, and you can decorate your room with other furniture and fixtures that match the wardrobe's colour and theme. This wardrobe design can be a real style statement as the bed is highlighted with the shelves acting as a frame all around it.

  1. Walk-In Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes have been a trend for some time, but most people feel it takes up space. But you can customise current designs and colour schemes for a small bedroom. With options of neutral shades and simple patterns for the doors and panels, this might be one of the best wardrobe designs ideas to look out for. Walk-in wardrobes also come with lighting inside that add to the style.

  1. Glass Door Wardrobes

Another trend is the sliding wardrobe with see-through glass doors, which can be a 3 door wardrobe or sliding wardrobe. This is helpful to see your clothes even if the doors are closed. This design will also ensure you keep your clothes and other items in the order.

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To Conclude

Follow these tips and ideas to stay updated with all the latest trends in furnitureCheck out Nilkamal's online website for an exquisite and luxurious range of furniture and 4 door wardrobe with mirror at affordable prices.

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